wal-mart quilt of the month past patterns

ImageJuly 24, 2012

I would like to send this message to Latrelle, she had posted that she had all to these wal-mart quilt of the month patterns, if she would send me a note I would be glad to pay for copies of the patterns, would so appreciate it, thank you so much. My e-mail is julie_cassity@hotmail.com

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Latrelle hasn't posted here since about 2008-2009, so I doubt she will see this message.

www.aenathan.com is a website that used to have the Walmart patterns, but I didn't check to see if they still do.

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I'm iso walmart quilt of the month for August 2005 or 2006, all I remember is it's blue and white. I had bought the fabric for my Mom years ago well we had found the fabric but NOT the pattern. Thank you!

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Walmart does not support/keep these patterns anymore.

IF you Google "Walmart quilt of the month" patterns, the first result is the site I posted above. I'm not going to write it out again - just look above.

But I'm really curious - almost every post we get looking for the Walmart patterns are from people who purchased the fabric YEARS ago, but didn't bother to pick up the free pattern at the same time!

I actually think these once or twice yearly postings are a bit spam-like, but I can't determine the point. Maybe to direct people to the site I listed above? It's been the first response from Google for at least 4 or 5 years.

I know I've answered this same question many times - does anyone even READ the posts that come up in their searches?

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I totally get your frustration! It stinks if they do actually do a search, that they don't read the responses and start there. (Worse is if they ask a question before searching.)

But when things like this come up, referencing something so old, I simply don't reply. Sort of forces them to figure it out on their own a bit.


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