Sink Skirt from Vintage Tablecloth for Mtnrdredux

kswl2May 7, 2014

Today's Hooked on Houses features a Mary Englebreitish home with a skirted kitchen sink! The skirt was made from vintage tablecloth goods and looks perfect in its setting. I thought it might give you some ideas to look for on eBay, where all cool vintage print linens eventually end up.

Another fun feature......the daughter's room has an interior wall with fish scale siding painted white that is just darling, in case your plans for the upper storeys of your Maine house are not set in stone.

Here is a link that might be useful: Skirted sink and fish scale siding :-)

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Love that place!

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Holly- Kay

Thank you for posting this. What a beautifully charming and delightful home. It would make me happy each and every time I walked into it.

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What a tour-de-force. The attention to complex details is really remarkable.

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Thanks so much for posting! What a wonderful home. I love it. I will look more closely for ideas to steal, and definitely look for vintage tablecloths! Great idea.

You DO know that i got my kitchen from Mousehole, which you posted for me? I owe you a finders fee. Maybe lunch sometime!

Those fishscales are sooooooo cute! We are already have beadboard ceilings and wooden floors, so, alas, we can't.

Two nits about the house posted. Windows make great headboards, as long as you are always prone in bed ... else where do you lean?

And the work area she made for DH? Is he a lil' Hobbit? I cannot see any man calling that lil' chair and kid size desk a work area. DH would guffaw.

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Yes, there were a few things that are that house. The window headboard is a spectacularly bad idea, you'd need a blackout shade a la WWII London in the blitz to sleep in the morning. The work areas do look like they're for show. One commenter said she wished her office was incorporated into the family room as well and I couldn't help but wonder what people have against doors??

I love the Mouse Hole village and houses, they are so serene! I thought I wanted to emulate that calmer color scheme and vibe in our basement but just couldn't do it, in the end I will have another floor of color and pattern. I'm glad your kitchen will channel that quiet.

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Thanks for posting. Very fun. I really did love the fish scales as well. DD would have loved that room as a child.

I am saving it for tonight to look at when I have more time.

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Love this house - and the colors (turquoise is one of my favorites!!!). I saw this recently but cannot remember where. I'm thinking there has been a recent magazine spread featuring this house???


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