Faucet reach for Blanco 1 1/2 bowl sink

bedeliaApril 27, 2013

I just read the recent message about location of faucet. I purchased the Blanco siligranit 1 1/2 bowl sink that will be top mounted onto laminate. The faucet hole is lined up with the divider.

I see faucets with enough reach for the small basin, but a 10" reach sounds like it would not reach very far into the large left basin. I feel like whatever I'm washing would be jammed into the corner just so the water would reach it.

Someone mentioned the angle of the faucet - would that take care of it?

I'm looking for either a pull out or pull down faucet. Wondering if anyone has this sink and what faucet they have. Any other opinions would be appreciated.

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I have the low divide Silgranit - you don't want the faucet to be able to rotate past the small sink and land on the counter top.
it looks like the smaller bowl is 9 inches - so draw a radius with your 10 inch faucet reach and you should be just inside the perimeter - Don't worry about it landing directly over the bigger sink hole - some say yes but I am in the camp that it is better to land slightly in front of the hole and allow the water to wash things into the hole (and generally less splash - splash happens when the flow hits uneven surfaces)

Your spray head(either pull out or pull down) will take care of the rest.

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Thanks for your response. I did the 10" radius thing and it looks like it should work.

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Great! I used a coat hanger shaped like my faucet and a cardboard sink to figure out my radius. Then with sink in place, I checked one more time.

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Kudos to you both for checking these faucet sink issues. It's helpful and encouraging to us who are still pre-purchase. Thanks.

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