Diamond Snow

K8OrlandoJuly 22, 2012

You know I like to name all my quilts. This one is called Diamond Snow, after that beautiful snow that falls so softly it doesn't break up or pack down too hard; when the light hits it there's a reflection that sparkles like diamonds. I surrounded it with a border of Northern Lights, including a 1" border of pieced metallic fabrics. I haven't quilted it yet, but I'm planning to do something that looks a little like falling snowflakes - a sort of a meander with little asterisk marks for snow.


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Kate I love your border of pieced metallic fabrics - that is so pretty and love the colors! It's a beautiful quilt. Your quilts are always an inspiration to me, one day I want to quilt as good as you.

Best to you,

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It's lovely Kate...an appropriate name!

(I hope it's all snow you'll ever see in Florida!)

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Very pretty Kate! If you select a white thread with a beautiful sheen for the quilting, the snowflakes will sparkle. Experiment with some poly threads. I used Glide.
That is how I quilted the Sno Globe Quilt snow flake.
Just like nature, no two snowflakes are alike:)

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I haven't tried Glide. I used IsaCord (IsoCord?) on the silk painting quilt and loved it. High sheen; easy to fm quilt

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Very nice, Kate! I love the metallic border, too. That's a nice quilt to hang in the heat of summer to make you think of snow.


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Really pretty. It's kind of like a poem with your description!

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That's really a beautiful quilt, Kate. It almost makes me shiver looking at it - just like a cold, clear Minnesota winter night. Please post again after you've quilted it.

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Your story makes the quilt come alive! It's very pretty and once again I learn something. I didn't even know there was metallic fabric. LOL

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I first saw the metallics at a quilt show in Jacksonville. Then our guild had a speaker a couple months ago who uses it a lot and she was selling some fq after her talk. You have to iron it to a fusible interfacing before using, but that makes it easy to sew. I've used it for piping on a mini quilt but this is the first I've used it in a larger space.

For my 60th birthday next winter, we're going to Fairbanks Alaska just to watch the northern lights. DH Jim and I both grew up in the northern midwest and miss seeing the Lights. Next year is "solar max" when the aurora should be most frequent and most intense! We've all seen the pictures from this year and if it's like that or even more, then we'll get quite a show!!! My brother and dear sister in law are coming with us. We're VERY excited about this trip!!! The vacation isn't until February next year, but as soon as we get back, I'll be sending them this quilt. (Sssshhhh! Don't tell!) Until then I may hang it on the wall, but I won't really be using it.


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Kate, I love the name of your quilt and also the quilt itself. I've gotten to where I really like various sized blocks in a quilt.

What a wonderful time and gorgeous sights you have to look forward to for your next birthday. Hope you will blog it for us with pictures.


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Kate, I love everything about this quilt, the blue and white, the sparkling borders and the name too.

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