RECIPE: Irish Freckle Bread Question

pink_warm_mama_1August 15, 2008

While I don't know who originally submitted this recipe, I tried it today, and the bread is delicious! However, when it came time to remove the dough from the dough hook and the bowl, I ran into real trouble. The dough literally stuck like glue, and it was a true struggle to finally get it out of the bowl and into loaf form. What in the world caused this unusual problem?

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Hi, I'd post this over on the cooking forum today. It's more active and certainly Grainlady, LindaC, Annie and Readinglady have a wealth of experience!

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Thanks for the good words Ellen.
Was this a yeast bread you made or a soda bread?
And what recipe did you use?
If it was a yeast bread, I suspect you didn't add enough flour.
Linda C

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Can someone repost this recipe I'd like to take a look!

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Sounds to me more like there was too much flour.
It would help if we could see the recipe.

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WHOAaaaaa! I found my error! The recipe calls for 1-1/2c water in which to boil a large potato. BUT! The recipe also calls for only 1c of the potato water to be added, and I tossed in the entire 1-1/2c which surely means I needed more than the 5c flour called for, doesn't it? If I am still wrong, please correct me. I apologize to all you pro breadmakers, and appreciate the help you offered.

This is a yeast recipe, and I wonder how much more than the 1c of raisins called for I could safely add. There are never enough raisins for me.

Thanks again for all your suggestions and replies (and patience).

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In order to give intelligent advice, it would help to see the whole recipe.
Linda C

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Here is recipe: Irish Freckle Bread

1 lg (1/2 pound) potato
1-1/2c water
5c unsifted AP flour
2 pkgs. active dry yeast
1/3c sugar
1t salt
2 large eggs, room temp
1/2c butter or margarine, melted, cooled
1c dark seedless raisins or currants

I. Peel and quarter potato. Cook in water. Reserve 1c water and mash potato. Cool liquid to 120-130 degrees F.

2. In large bowl, combine 1-1/2c flour, mashed potato, yeast, sugar, salt. Beat in cooled cooking liquid until smooth.

3. Cover bowl loosely with a clean cloth and let rise in a warm place until puffy - about 1-1/2 hours.

4. Stir down batter, add eggs, melted butter, raisins. Gradually beat in more flour, 1/2c at a time, until a soft dough forms. Knead dough until smooth, about 10 min.

5. Grease two 8-1/2 X 4-1/2 loaf pans. Divide dough in half and form into balls; let rest 5 min. Pat balls into ovals and place in greased loaf pans. Cover pans loosely with clean cloths and let rise 45 min OR until dough reaches tops of pans. Heat oven to 375 degrees F.

6. Bake loaves 35 min or until loaves sound hollow when tapped.

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PWM, did you ever try making this again adjusting the water?
You said it was hard getting off the dough hook........did you mean it was too sticky or too dry?

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Roselin32 - too sticky. Have not tried making it again, but plan to soon. How would I adjust the water please?

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Actually, the recipe is not very well written. The way I read it, you are only going to use the 1c of that what you used or did you use the 1 1/2c? I read it as cooking the potato in the 1 1/2c of water but using only the 1c that you reserved in the recipe. Then if necessary, I would add more flour until you get it the way you want it.

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