RECIPE: recipe help needed please

marricgardensAugust 14, 2009

We were at a French restaurant the other night and DH had the baked brie with caramelized onions. I've never had brie before, does it have a crust? The one he had was only about 1 1/2" across. It didn't appear to have a crust. It was topped with a sauce, I think some kind of red wine sauce and then the onions. I tasted the sauce and it definitely tasted like wine. Any ideas how to make the sauce? I went and promised him I'd try to make it. HELP!!! Marg

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Brie has a white rind-like coating. Did it have a puff pastry crust? The recipe below uses white wine but red could be used. Was it sweet? It could have had fruit or jam in the sauce as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Baked Brie w/caramelized onions

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Hi. There was no crust on it. When they brought it, they brought out a large plate with the small brie on it. There was a sauce and the caramelized onions on it. The sauce tasted more to wine than any sweet jam. No, it wasn't really sweet. Can you eat the rind? This wheel of brie was just about 1-2" across. Come to think of it, the sauce was a little thick, reduction perhaps? Anyway, DH loved it. Marg

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You can eat the rind but some remove the rind on the top depending on the recipe.

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