Photo's of window treatments over bathtub

bnicebkindMay 21, 2008

Any photo savvy posters who can post photos of window treatments to cover large window over bathtub. I thought the idea of a window above the tub would be a good idea. Now I really need visuals. I have not noticed this covered in magazines. Many thanks!

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Windows in the bathroom are great for the light they let in but I, too, like my privacy ;)

This is an option that I stumbled upon when I was researching what to do with the 2 windows above a jetted tub in our master bath (home to be built next year).

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Oops!! I clicked before I was done. What I wanted to say is that you can get the windows premade or get just the leaded insert. The insert would be shipped to you and then you have it installed in front of the interior pane of you window and trimmed out with molding. There is a big difference in cost and I think the end result would be the same.

The company is glassbyprestige and they're located in Georgia, I think. The man that e-mailed me back and forth was really nice.

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bnicebkind I was typing you a message and my electricity went out. It was just the electrical box. Needs replacing. Anyway, I was going to tell you to be sure to go check out the bathrooms in the gallery section of this forum. There are quite a few bathrooms with window treatments behind tubs. Also, did you search for "window treatments behind tubs" or something to that affect? I know not too long ago someone else posted the same question and I actually posted it a while back.

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I have no pictures because I haven't done it yet, but I have three large windows over my whirlpool bath that looks out onto a field which is a land trust. Never know when someone might walk by. I am going to do cafe plantation shutters. That way when they are closed there still is lots of light on the top part or I can open the slats for even more light and still get the privacy.

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I don't have any pics yet either but I have the same exact problem-need bottom window privacy-want light in through top of window over tub. I'm going with a top down/bottom up blind from Smith Noble. It will stay top down.

redlodger I like that look too!

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bebe, I don't know if you're getting a special fabric with Smith Noble, but if you're just getting a generic white, you might want to try JC Penney. Their prices are so much better than SN. Just a suggestion if you're needing to save money. JC Penney just had a sale recently for 60% off custom blinds and shades. For that matter the sale may still be on, I'm not sure. I know they are always running very good sales.

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I posted a pic. like this but discovered it's not here, so trying again, these valences are poofy, filled with tissue, and match the entire master suite, drapes, beddings etc.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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SusieQ07, I love love the way your window allow light in but give privacy with that touch of color with the pretty valence. Thanks for sharing. I have no windows in my bathrooms but I wish I did for ventiliation and for more needed light.

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Here's some photos ...... hope these help out!


Here is a link that might be useful: Design assistant -- inspiration photos of baths

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I have a problem of having the window over the tub and in the very front of the house. Since we have to have privacy, and I love to let in light, each day I have to climb up on our tub decking to close the three blinds. It has been a pain!

I've though about putting up one long roman shade, so that I only have one string to fool with and can leave the blinds opened. Another option would be remote curtains, but they are expensive.

One problem is that there is another window in the room that would need addressing to match the front window. You cannot see in this photo, but the vanity lighting is just above this window and the window also sits really close to the sink mirror, so hanging an addition curtain or shade in this area may be difficult.

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Newhomebuilder...We had the same window problem over a whirlpool. At DH's suggestion, we got remote honeycomb blind installed. Just what we needed... another remote! :-0

But it sure is nice now to push a button and have privacy for a shower. You can make them stop anywhere in-between all the way up or down.

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I go back and forth on this as well. Currently I have just blinds up and it does work out well. Good luck with your decision!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Here are some horrible photos of ours. We did a roman shade in diamond matlasse fabric. It is actually a deeper ivory IRL. I left the blind up under it and even though it's kind of double duty. We use the regular blind more often to pull up and down. I think it's just easier is why.

Please excuse accesories or lack there of For some reason all the leftover junk gets tossed in the bathroom decor!

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