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linnea56August 11, 2007

Should be simple enough, chop up the fruit in the food processor, but I'm wondering about proportions of sugar to fruit, or whether I should use corn syrup instead of white sugar. I'll be using very ripe peaches. I make popsicles from straight juice, and though they taste sweet enough when liquid it seems like they need more when frozen.

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You sort of answered your own question. Read the second from the last response to the request at Chowhound. You can always experiment with a little at a time & freeze to find the best proportions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Peach Popsicles

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Frozen stuff always tastes less sweet than warmer things...
I think I would whirr some sugar in a blender so as to make it really fine ( not powdered sugar as that has anti caking stuff) and then add some to taste to the processed fruit....and don't forget to add some lemon juice...just because.
I just made another batch of peach jam....I keep giving it away as fast as I make it! LOL! Gotta have some for the winter!
Linda C

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CA Kate

Also, You need to make a liquid base of clear gelatin and add that to your fruit mixture. The gelatin will help hold the fruit together while you're eating it. You don't need a lot or it would be like eating frozen jello.

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Thanks for the tips! I'll be making them today!

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mmmm peach jam...please share your secret. I love peach jam but I have always wanted to try to make the home made. I am sure it tastes 1000x better than store bought :)

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