Weekend plans?

msmeowJuly 23, 2010

What's everyone up to this weekend? Here in central FL we will probably get a little weather from Bonnie. I was just outside and it's fairly windy. They said we'd get rain but so far it's sunny.

I'll be working on my nativity quilt tonight and tomorrow. Sunday we're going over to Lakeland to visit my mom.


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My DS and DDIL are coming for the weekend. It is so hot today that it is hard to breathe when you go outside. I won't get any quilting done this weekend but I am ready for a break!

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Hi Donna, We haven't gotten any rain and hardly any wind from Bonnie. It's brought the temp down a bit but the Heat Index is still 100 or over.

I plan on going back to Howard's Flea Market tomorrow. I found a vendor that has what looks like wrinkle free capri/top sets so thought I'd go back and check them out. I'm working on a Carpenter's Star and would like to at least get the blocks all sewn together. Then I can start thinking about the borders....but I might just put it away and finish it later.

LindaOh, Enjoy your kids this week-end.


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Sharon, did you get any more weather from Bonnie? We had rain for a grand total of 5 minutes last night. Today's cloudy but dry so far.


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So far, I've taken the bigger kids to a birthday party and picked them up. I've run to get diapers from the store...kinda gotta have those!!

I've monitored the little one in our kiddie pool while monitoring DH building on the new playset. I'm waiting for him to give me measurements so I can hem the canvas for the tarp (that's considered sewing, right?)

I got the new Dave Ramsey book yesterday and spent the afternoon reading it....will probably finish it today.

Have no idea what tomorrow will bring. It's HOT here! 100+ degrees not counting heat index. Yuck.

stay cool, jennifer

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I bought a new 24 inch electric hedge trimmer and plan to trim some hedges and build a new compost pile.

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Donna, All we got from Bonnie was a little breeze. It seems like we live in a pocket and when it rains it goes around our house like it's afraid of us. I don't see any rain heading our way today, either.

Heading back to the flea market today. The capri set is really great and want to get another for my trip. Need to get going before it gets so hot I can't breathe.

Jennifer, Did you learn anything from Dave?

Patsy, Have fun with your new toy but be careful.


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I've just returned four teenage grandchildren to their parents, cousins to each other. What a hoot. Flew three here. They did the tourist thing, Alcatraz, Santa Cruz, cable cars, shopping. We had a ball.

Grandma will now relax and try and catch up on a few projects messing up the house. But, I have my sewing area back to myself now.

I miss them already!

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I learned a lot from Dave!! Now I need to see if DH will read the book and get on-board with me!

Sounds like a super busy, super great time! Time for 'you' now!

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Jennifer, I went to a Dave Ramsey class that our church held. Very good information!

We got back from our week long trip to San Diego on Saturday, or more like Sunday morning (1:30am). I was very tired even after sleeping in, but tried to keep busy. I did get my 2 lotto blocks stitched up and about half of my diapers embroidered for a baby gift. The baby was born about 2 weeks ago, so I need to hurry on them.

I love my new sewing machine!! And it is so nice to be able to sew on one while the embroidery is going on the other. Multi-tasking at it's best :-)

I was also able to just about finish my BOM square while on a layover in Minnesota. You know, the one I've been working on for about 3 months! Just a few finishing touches and I'll call it done! Pictures to come soon.

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I am going to have to check out Dave Ramsey!!!! It is so hot we have been trying to stay inside. I am working on 'Sunny Lanes' a nickel quilt but I kept making mistakes so I put it down for a while.
Lafonda I love to embroider baby burps for gifts.

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We're about to have a Dave Ramsey study in conjunction with our sermon series at church. I think it will be in Sept. I've heard his name a lot but don't know anything about what he does, so it will be new stuff for me!


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