Problem with Dresden Plate; you can see the darker colors of the

sylviatexas1July 6, 2011

petals beneath the yellow centers.

I'm very reluctant to take the sensible way out & use a darker color for the center;

the "plates" are crayola box colors of red, blue, green, & yellow prints, & the yellow centers are just perfect- except that you can see the darker material underneath-sort of like wearing black underwear under a yellow outfit!

I tried using 2 layers of fabric, but it was impossible to get a needle through the thickness.

I'd be grateful for a solution or hint or clue.


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Sylvia, try pressing the seam towards the petals instead of towards the center. Or if that won't work, maybe you can press that seam open.


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Good idea, Donna!

Or how about trying a yellow print for the center? That might obscure the seams enough so you don't notice them, but still give you the yellow center that you want.


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You could line the center piece. Sew it to a piece of fusible interfacing, slit the interfacing and turn right side out. Then iron it to the center of the plate and applique on.


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You could try using a layer of batting under the center. It might give a nice "poofy" effect as well.

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Thanks for the great ideas!

I'll print them & take them home & play with them!

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I always press my seams open like dressmakers do.
This also eliminates loose threads from darker fabrics showing up when it's way too late to do anything about it.
It gives a more even surface to quilt big bumps to drive thru. Nice for both hand quilting and FMQ.

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