running 8th's - springs

lockebJuly 31, 2008

Hi there..

I've recently purchased a few yards of this in the tan colways..has anyone purhchased this - and would like to share your projects....

I love the fabric...and I think tha it's a great do 1 fabric with so many separate prints...and now that I've bought it I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it because I have so much.. :-) They only had this 1 colway left - and only 9m00 - so I took it all.. :-)...I am such an addict for fabric.....

Anyways, would lovet o hear back from you on your ideas...

Have a great day everyone,


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I wasn't familiar with this so looked it up. I posted a link below - is that the fabric?


Here is a link that might be useful: Springs' Running 8ths

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Oh, oh! I love those fabrics with different prints in a single yardage! Wonderful for scrap quilts and applique! I always buy a yard when I find something similar.


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Hi Kate,
yes, that's the exact one...the one that I bought was the beige's a great fabric..because there are 8 coordinated printed stripes running thought the piece.....great for smaller projects especially...

I agree...I love it as well..I've seen something new that I'm trying to get my hands on from DONNA DEWBERRY - there's a new collection entitled BELVEDERE...just want til you see it - I'll have to try to get a picture posted of these's candy for the eye....and in the collection is one of these multi printed stripes - with 9 different prints in the piece.....absolutely amazing......

Thanks for the feedback....

Have a great day!


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Gee Bill I thought you were in some race like a marathon!! LOL. Thanks for posting this and they link. They have this at my WM and I wondered what you could make. There is black, green, pink and blue.
If I buy some blindly, how much roughlyfor a throw 60x72? I like the pattern in the link but I can't download so can't see the yardage.

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I am working on Table runners with the black as I type... I love it I am going to use the red and black for the center... I only bought it because I could not find enough black and whites in my stash but I like it a lot... grace

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I saw that fabric at JoAnn's and wondered what in the world you would do with it. But then, I don't get the fat eighth thing, either. It doesn't seem like enough to do any thing with! But I can see where you could use it if you were short of a color in a scrappy quilt.

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Hi Jean,
For a throw that size - because the fabric is narrow width (45"...I think that I would but enough for the length of the throw - 2 yards...and then perhaps 1 yard or so to cut to make a border with the stripes going in the opposite directly - the throw itself would have vertical stripes - I would do an horizontal stripe border..I hope that makes sense...I would think tah 3-4 yards would be plenty...then you'd need something in a coordinate solid for the back.

Msmeow...the "RUNNING 8th" is because you have 8 coordinated print stripes running thought the length of the fabrics...hence RUNNING8th...each stripe is approx. 5 1/2" wide..great for cutting 5" squares, log cabins...great for when you want to do blocks or projects with all coordinated tone-on-tones, etc. - you could by 1 yards and end up with 8 coordinates that would work great together....I love the idea.

I wanted to get the other colors but they only had the beige colway in I bought that one - I've been working on some nice pillows recently and have been using the beige and white combo - something classic...I've done 2 and they came out so well that I was thinking of perhaps using these to do some beige tone-on-tone projects...

I'm just one of those people who loves to have lots of stash on hand for the future......I seem to buy 50 x what I would normally need.....if there's something that I love shopping for it's fabric....... makes me so happy..... :-)

Cheers everyone....

By the way, these RUNNING 8th are the perfect size for cutting coordinate squares for the CRISS-CROSS COASTERS that were shown on here - I've done several sets using 2 coordinate patterns per set and they've been a hit as hostess gifts.....

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I got the pattern downloaded and I could not believe they ask for 7 yds for a quilt 55x68. I figured out it is the sashing so I may use 2 prints there. I purchased 4M but I think I need one more for safety. I am doing it in black and am going to put a tiny bit of red somewhere.

Thanks Bill for enlightening us with uses for this new we are going to see more of this type. Grace looking forward to seeing your runners...they should be very sharp.

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Wow, I've never seen these.
Could you use them like Jelly Rolls, they would be cut on
the opposite grain, but that shouldn't matter?
I know there are Jelly Roll books & the strip clubs at the shops would be using the same. It's 2.5 inches, I think.

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Here are my table runners and a rag purse that I have ready to clip the edges.. I will post pictures again when I finish the purse.. The purse has other black and whites in it also but mostly from the left over springs.

I see I need to press some of my edges and square it up a bit does look better in person.. grace
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I bought some in a 1930 prints that I'm making my Grandmother's Flower garden out of.


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My family's online fabric store sells Springs' Running 8ths! I think the prints are so cute, but I haven't seen much done with them! Thanks for sharing your bag, Grace - it looks like such a fun project!! I'd love to see what other people have done with them too!

I am sharing a link to our site. We have many different colorways of these Springs' Running 8ths!! And you would be supporting a family owned and operated business rather than a big box store! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Spring's Running 8ths from Flying Bulldogs, Inc.

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