QOTD July 19-Challenges

bozogardenerJuly 19, 2011

I am thinking of maybe trying the Hoffman Challenge next year, to jump start some creativity. Do any of you do this one or others? What other ones do you do?

Here is a link that might be useful: Hoffman Challenge

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I haven't done a Hoffman (or any other challenge) but I love the fabrics they choose each year. The local quilt show typically has a display of Hoffman challenge quilts and they are always beautiful.


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I have never done a challenge but I would like to try one someday.

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The local Guild participates in the Hoffman Challenge. I was new to the Guild - it is large - and for the most part I did not understand most of what went on during the year :)
They traveled and took the entries to the Hampton show for display, than displayed them at one of our meetings & finally in out local show. I was astounded at the quality and creativity of these pieces.

The challenge will definitely jumpstart the creative juices if you are committed.

I might consider participating next year, if the fabric speaks to me and my schedule allows - at least at the local guild.
Thanks for posting the website - I am going to look at it closer.

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I have never done a challenge but love Hoffman fabric. The ones in this challenge are especially lovily. Tempting but don't believe I am creative enough. Would love to have the fabrics though.

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Every year the Smoky Mountain QuiltFest in Pigeon Forge has a challenge. You pick up your fabric packets at the show 'this year' and submit your quilt in the contest the following year. I usually do this as it forces me to work outside my comfort zone. They usually use Northcott fabrics and they are usually not 'my colors.'


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I agree. The coordinating fabrics are so beautiful I want them all! The teals, creams and purples go together so well and the Oriental patterns make for perfect quilting prints. Yup, I want them ALL. (I was going to say which one I liked best but I couldn't choose!)

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How timely. I went to the library yesterday to pick up a few books and saw the sign saying the Hoffman Challenge was on display there. So, I took it in. Nice surprise.

That meant when I got home, I Googled what it was all about and got some education.

It's neat to see what judges consider wonerful quilting and interpretations are. One was completely hand quilted and I've never seen stitches done so small. It was astounding.

Many were pictoral or landscape quilts and many incorpoated non-traditional materials since they were not meant for use and would be durable if mounted as artwork. I can't say this is my fav form of quilting, but appreciated it for what is was.

No....doubt I'd ever enter a challenge like that, but still enjoy the displays.

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Only challenge I ever try is the quild show every two years. They issue a title/theme and the rest is up to us. I tend to get a little far out so my close friends can hardly wait to see what I come up with. They are always polite and don't laugh to my face.

I'm busy with one now for the September show and I'll post a pic when done.

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I enjoy some of the challenge quilts I've seen - so creative.

But I don't enjoy making art quilts. I want something to use at the end of the project.

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I'm with Mary C. I like looking at art quilts but my practical nature prefers to make something useful.

I've never participated in a challenge . . . maybe one day.

My own personal challenge is to sew exclusively from my stash. So far, it's working well for me.

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