RECIPE: Anyone ever make chopped cucumber sandwiches??

qmarkerAugust 8, 2013

I'd appreciate any advice. I want to make little cucumber open face party rye sandwiches. I do not want to have to assemble them at the last minute. An hour & a half or two early would be fine with me.

I'd like to use the little square, thin rye and made some kind of a cucumber spread instead of the cucumber rounds.

Thanks, for any ideas on this and how to properly keep them for that 2 hours or so. I have too much to do in order to be making them at the last minute.


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I would peel the cucumbers and scoop out the seeds and the watery flesh surrounding the seeds. Use the long thin continental/European cucumbers as they are drier. Dice cucumber very small and mix with a small amount of sour cream to stick it together, and some chopped fresh dill. Butter the rye squares well to prevent sogginess and top with cucumber mixture. Test this with a small amount a few days beforehand to make sure it works.
If you have the bread buttered and the topping mix made and refrigerated, you could top the rounds quickly at the last minute.

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Colleenoz -- good idea with the rye and dill. Thanks

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