Laminate counter tops in otherwise luxurious kitchen? Any advice?

vermonter_2009April 30, 2009

The good news - we just plunked down our deposit for beautiful new Crown Point cabinets. Our existing kitchen has laminate countertops, we were considering marble or granite for the new kitchen, but I have to say, the stone we have around the house (bathrooms mostly) stains easily. The laminate, on the other hand, hides messes easily and cleans even easier. We have three kids and don't want to sweat the maintenance of stone or butcher block. I suppose we could replace the countertop when our 6-month old leaves the house!

I know laminate has come a long way. Can anyone recommend a vendor? Anyone do something similar? Think we're crazy to spend the dough on cabinets and then buy laminate tops?

Off subject - but if reader's love their 36" free standing range let me know the model. We're looking at all options and fuel types.

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I had solid surface countertops but went with laminate when we redid our kitchen last summer. I know granite is extremely popular right now, but I wanted something that I could replace in several years (if the trends change) and not feel guilty about. I chose Wilsonart's Milano Quartz and I love it! It looks like granite and is super-easy to care for.

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I have granite and stainless steel. If you really have built a fabulous and pricy new kitchen and this isn't a budget issue, how about expanding your horizons? Have you seen copper, zinc, stainless? All WONDERFUL materials with chidren in the house (I have a 3 year old). Our marine edge stainless counter is fabulous. And it's not modern looking...stainless can fit in any kitchen. Copper is fabulous in both modern and old world, gad it fits anything. If budget really isn't an issue, zinc is TO DIE FOR and can't be destroyed by small children...then last but not least...In my kitchen with the stainless we do have granite. Thuder Wave and Nordic Black antique. It does not stain...DH leaves acids and oils on it overnight...constantly! They are both impossible to damage. I wouldn't rule it out yet, you just need to find a tougher granite...or look at better options :)

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If you pick the right kind of granite, you shouldn't have to worry about it. I had Tropic Brown for 8 years in my last kitchen and it still looked brand new when we sold the house. We did get an oil stain once, but a poultice took care of it.

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I agree with the above posters - most granites do NOT stain and are much more durable than laminate.

I would also consider if you plan on selling the house anytime soon and what's appropriate for your neighborhood/price point. I recently bought a new home and couldn't help but mentally discounting any homes with laminate a good $10-$15k+ assuming I'd be ripping out the kitchen counters and needing to replace them. Same goes for corian. Most buyers prefer natural to fake anything.

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I am quite 'pro-laminate.' I have always had it and never had a complaint. So many colors and patterns to choose from and it won't break the bank if you want to replace it down the line. Not sure if my kitchen is 'luxurious'..I don't have Crown Point cabinets (which I always greatly admire), but definitely not 'builders grade. The cabinets are custom, we have a Wolf rangetop, etc.

A couple years ago there was a thread in which is was pretty much stated that if you couldn't do stone counters you had no business buying high end appliances, as if the counter comes first. But to me, counter is work surface, and you can always upgrade later if it becomes important. The cabinets are something you really want to last, and the appliances are something you really want to perform, and that is where I'd rather spend my money.

I did want a little variety this time, so did a little bit of stainless, and we made our own wood island top...But the rest of the perimeter counters, and all other counters throughout our new house, are laminate. We have Pionite in the kitchen, 1 or 2 pieces from Wilsonart, and Formica for the rest. Of the particular pieces we chose, my husband (who installed) preferred the weight and quality of the Formica...But I have to say we didn't choose any of the premium Wilsonarts, which are supposed to be wonderful, too.

Bottom line: I don't feel deprived, or that we made a mistake, by not having stone counters. Of the stainless, the wood, and the laminate, the laminate takes a beating best, and I don't have to worry about scrubbing at it, if I need to. The stainless is wonderful for setting hot things on it, which, of course, you can't on laminate.

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I have Crown Point cabinets too. You must be so excited about your new cabinets!

I think that if laminate is what you really like and you're not worried about resale then go for it. On the other hand, I wouldn't rule out granite right away. If you pick the right granite it will actually be much lower maintenance and much more kitchen- and kid-friendly than laminate. Unlike laminate, you can put hot pans right down on it and it never scratches. There are many granites that never need sealing or very infrequently, won't stain and will look brand-new for many, many years.

If you do decide to replace the laminate in the future could the cabinets be damaged? It would also mean replacing the backsplash if you decide to have one.

Good luck with your project, can't wait to see your cabinets!


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Congratulations on getting a Crown Point kit!
I am just curious, what stone do you have around your house that is staining?

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No reason to damage cabinets by replacing the counter if the install and removal are done correctly. We've put new counters on old cabinets in previous homes without hurting the cabinets. It does seem likely to disrupt a backsplash...Although my dh assures me he could replace our stainless counters for a heavier gauge without hurting my mosaic BS...I'm not quite convinced! He's the expert, but I'd be ready for some repair, at least.

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My personal observation from witnessing cheap/luxury combos is that the expensive is much more difficult to appreciate. If that doesn't bother you, then go for it.

Igloo has a great point. There is no need to limit yourself to just stones. I am so in love with metal counters. They look so elegant and chic.

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Have you looked at quatz countertops Silestone? They are super easy to care for and won't stain. I've had mine for over 7 years. I don't think there is anything wrong with laminate if you like it, however. It sounds like you are going to be there a while. Do what you like.

Even for resale, people like different granites and I would rather replace a laminate I didn't like then a granite I didn't like.

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I agree with Igloo about Zinc being "to die for" but so is the price! I tried to get some for my island and it was $5000 just for the island!! Talk about show stopping, my heart stopped for a minute anyway! I've read about people fabricating their own zinc counters for a fraction of the price but it looked like a lot of work and I wasn't sure I could do it! If you are handy you could look at zinc, it's been the countertop of choice in many kitchens across Europe for a very long time!

I was recently in a lovely all white kitchen where they had used really cool turquoise blue laminate countertops and it looked spectacular. I think it all depends on what you like and what you can afford, but I do agree that not all granite stains or is difficult to live with even with small children.

Kat :)

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we put laminate in a home back in 1969, had 4 kids (baby thru teens), lived there 13 yrs and only had 1 little knife mark in it when we moved.

kids should learn not to put hot things on a counter top anyway - never know where they'll be or what someone else's counter will survive.

some people don't want granite for different reasons -
1 - it's a huge expense and once in you'll have to live with it a long time unless you have lots of money to spend on a whim.

2 - things break on it. my sister's granite chips and when she drops a glass or mug on it they usually break! that's not for me - both of us drop things easily and often and I don't want slivers of glass to clean up - or to lose a good china plate or something.

I also don't like the lower end (cost) granites - those with spots on them. that'd be a definite minus if in a house I was looking to buy.
just because it's granite, doesn't mean everyone likes it. I tend to like the more costly granite with movement (in golds).

I'm putting in laminate this next yr myself. I looked at silestone (and a few others) but didn't like the colors/ patterns/spots. I did find 2 I liked but they were both very plain and boring. with the laminate if I don't like it anymore in 2 yrs or so I won't have to 'live with it' because of how much it cost to put in!

check out the Formica site and Wilsonart. either will send you samples free. Wilsonart charges 1.00 for a larger sample. they have some really nice stuff! it doesn't all look 'cheap', nor does it all distract from a upscale kitchen.

get what you want in your kitchen!

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Here is a look at a Formica top we installed during the remodel. It was finished without a backsplash and without seams in the corners. Our home is under $300k. Laminate just made more sense to us.

I am in the process of finish work around the window and crown on the cabinets. Good luck with your choice, go with your gut, it will all work out fine!

Cheers, DD

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Laminate and luxurious kitchen in the same sentence. No.

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Diy_dirk-- great-looking laminate and kitchen. Vermonter, are your cabs traditional, transitional, or contemporary? That might affect my perspective; I think laminate looks best in a transitional or contemporary kitchen.

As far as 36" ranges go-- love, love, love my Bluestar 6-burner RNB.

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diy, your laminate counters are the nicest ones I've ever seen, because of the wonderful edge I guess.

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diy dirk - yes your counters, and the kitchen as a whole, look absolutely great. Do you mind sharing a few things: (1) What edge did you do on the laminate? (2) What brand/model is your drop in sink? I am probably doing laminate and I want a high quality large single bowl stainless drop in sink.

About the earlier quotation on this thread:
"if you couldn't do stone counters you had no business buying high end appliances, as if the counter comes first"

I agree with rhome410 entirely. I think this is absolutely ridiculous and rooted in some kind of snobbery. This might well apply to people who are going to get a high end stove just to look at it but if you are actually going to cook then the stove is far more important than the counter. Likewise quality cabinets... I am going to focus on quality cabinets and appliances in my kitchen and will likely do laminate because I WANT TO. I have serious concerns about the eco factor associated with granite and even quartz. A locally manufactured laminate countertop is the way to go I think. This granite craze is a recent trend and yet it seems that people were allowed to buy and use quality appliances before it became "mandatory". Right now I have a high end Miele DW in my outdated kitchen with scratched up acrylic countertops and cabinets with 10 coats of paint from the 50s. Sure the DW is the best thing in the kitchen - but that is as it should be - it works like a dream and contributes to the quality and ease of my cooking experience.


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Wow! Thanks for all the great responses!

We are installing white, painted cabinets that look like they belong in our early-1800s Italianette home. We are not installing a backsplash, but will tile from the lower cabinets to the upper cabinets. So I don't think swapping out the countertops will prove difficult, as long as the new countertop are the same thickness.

Fortunately, this is our life-long home. We intend to be in this house for the rest of our lives and are not concerned with resale value. This is all about what makes sense for our family.

Someone asked what stone we had in the house - its carrera marble. We are very familiar with granite - we live in Vermont! Many friend's homes here have granite. I personally don't care for the cold, hard feeling and look of granite (in our kitchen). We had considered walnut oiled countertops and stone or quartz on the island, which is where most of the action will be. We still may mix up materials.

After living with butcher block countertops in my previous home, we thought we would be too worried about every scratch and stain. We thought about carrera marble, but despite the repeated sealants we've used, the kids still make a mess of them and they require poltices.

We will order samples from Wilsonart and Formica! Thanks! Can we order ogee edges with these products?

By the way, when I say the kitchen is luxurious, we don't want it to look necessarily expensive, but warm, lived in, and informal. Like most homes, this kitchen is designed to be the center of the house and where we will realistically spend the most family and friend time. We want it to get as much use as possible!

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I've seen kitchens here and in mags that would evoke all of those feelings - luxurious, YET warm, lived in, informal. The laminate could be the warm and informal part of the kitchen. If doing laminate with the fabulous cabinets, make the cabinets the centerpiece, and don't choose a "trying to be fancy" laminate- something with not much pattern, low key. I LOVE that laminate diy dirk posted. Very nice!
We had ceramic tile growing up and were very happy when Mom switched to laminate. Not as much broken stuff anymore! It's easily replaced if something disastrous does happen.
The only reason we MAY not go with it for our reno is that DH is leery of the seam we'll have and the particle board of the post formed laminate. Quartz is my next choice, but I really actually prefer laminate for many of the same reasons rhome listed above.

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we don't want it to look necessarily expensive, but warm, lived in, and informal.

I think the vision for your kitchen is well-within the definitions of luxurious and luxury:

"Luxurious: Fond of or given to luxury. Marked by or contributing to luxury. Of a sumptuous, costly, or rich variety."

"Luxury: Something inessential but conducive to pleasure and comfort. Sumptuous living or surroundings, i.e. lives in luxury."

I think DIY Dirk's kitchen looks sumptuous and rich and the laminate choice contributes to that appearance. My kitchen is certainly conducive to pleasure and comfort, and its laminate contributes to those attributes, which I appreciate daily. :-) Stone counters might actually detract from some of that. I just don't require stone counters to meet my vision of luxury, and it doesn't sound like you do either, Vermonter. Enjoy! With those goals, it sounds like your kitchen will be one I'd love. (Yours, too, Tina!)

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vermonter, I totally get what you mean about granite. I live next door to you in New Hampshire, the Granite State! And like you, shiny, cold granite just didn't fit my vision for my new kitchen which is why we opted for honed carrara and stainless steel. I wanted to make sure you were making an informed decision in eliminating granite, and sure enough it sounds like you are.

I can't wait to see your kitchen!


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Circus Peanut

Erika and Vermonter, here's another neighbor (Mainer) who agrees re. the polished look and cold feel of granite.

Given your parameters, Vermonter, you might want to seriously consider stainless? Stainless counters are indestructible and historically correct -- and I'm loving my copper counters (I made my own, but that amount of intense DIY isn't for everyone.). I think metal counters are very lovely with painted cabinets in warmer colors.

Looking forward to seeing the Crown Point kitchen!

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Vermonter 2009 -

Like others here have said - and I'll echo - go with your gut

Projects like those of Diy Dirk's in laminate look great.

By the way - if you REALLY want to see a WAY COOL looking
use of Copper on countertops - Check out what Circus Peanut
did... totally AWESOME.

I do Granite for a living, and have been a Pro for 31 years
now, but here's a good one for ya: My wife and I are in our 6th
home that we have owned since Christmas of 2005 - we built it
and wouldn't you know it - we took the base grade laminate
counterops in the Builder's interior package (with the intention
of doing our granite after we moved in..... yeah..... right...)


To Date - We STILL have the Laminate counters in the kitchen :-o

I can do everyone ELSE'S Kitchens - But NOOOOOO.....

When it comes to my OWN HOME???
I never seem to have the time.......

Guess I'm like the Cobbler and his kids -
THEY are the LAST KIDS on the block to get NEW SHOES!!!! HA!!!

Go with your gut on this one



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Kevin, you made me laugh. My husband teaches woodworking, cabinetmaking, home construction, and, now, boatbuilding. He does projects for others, but our house's projects seem like the last on his list to get done...And guess who gave me a set of what turned out to be plastic picture frames from Target for Christmas! He's always such a wood snob that they make me laugh. He finally hears me on the issue of buying vs waiting to make...Now?! :-)

A last word (I think) on 'luxurious'...I think luxury has to do with spoiling yourself, and I definitely feel spoiled in my kitchen!

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Although laminates have come a long way, they are no match to natural stone in terms of aesthetics. If you want low maintenance, plenty of true granites fit that need.

And I also dont see any man made material that is any competition to natural stone so there is no danger of this 'fad' getting over soon :)

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Fori is not pleased

I advise you to get what you like! I don't care for stone. Some of it LOOKS great but it's hard! I've had vintage Formica laminate and liked it, but had to be careful with it (I was raised with tile which is pretty indestructible--also hard). I find stainless steel to be the best balance for me of durable, but soft.

But if you like laminate, ignore those who put on airs and say it's cheap. It's practical. And if there's one you like, get it! (I am awfully tempted by Formica's rereleased Skylark...)

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It make me so sad that laminate has somehow been deemed an inferior serface... becuase it's not! We actually decided to put laminate in our kitchen (it was partly for budget reasons and because I couldn't make up my mind as to what kind of stone I wanted). At first I felt like I needed to explain or justify our choice (both here and in real life). I'm completely over that now and am totally happy with our choice. It was right for us and I don't feel that it takes away aesthetically or functionally from our kitchen in anyway! Additionally, I feel good about our choice for the green benefits and ease of maintenance.

FYI, we had granite in or former house, which was chipping around the sink after 5 years, I wasn't all that impressed with the longevity of the granite. That granite would have no doubt needed replacing in another 5 years and then I hate to think of wasting all that stone and cost as we had a giant island with the worst of the chipping.

I'm not saying that stone isn't beautiful or a great choice for some... because I'm totally in love with marble and soapstone. Some of my favorite kitchens here have granite. :) I just don't think it's fair to totally discount laminate as low-end surface.

FWIW, I had someone in my kitchen last week tell me how they loved that we didn't do granite because it's so overused now that it's fun to see something different.

Here are some pictures of our almost finished kitchen, laminate and all!

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Is that plain black laminate?

I am doing a kitchen for a friend who is undergoing a major downsizing footage wise and budget wise. She is moving from an over the top kitchen with soapstone counters and sinks.

We are planning on black laminate to mimic the look without trying to "fool" anybody. Is your plain black, black Formica Color Core (solid color laminate) or does it have a slight pattern?

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Janie-k, your kitchen proves that laminate can look great in a traditional kitchen.

Your pic got me thinking about the various farmhouse kitchens of my cousins in England. They all have beautiful inset cabinetry, and nobody has stone counters. A few stainless counters, some butcherblock, and laminate.

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The best counters I ever had were Wilson Art in the
mid 90s. I loved them. They were dark green with
a wood trim to match my counters and the green
looked great with my vine wall-paper.
They were treated harshly but never showed it.

Choose what works with your family. If this
is your forever home, then perhaps 20 years from now
when the kids have left the nest you can redo your
counters. But if there are little grandkids in your
future you will keep your beautiful formica with a
smile as you pull out the cookie dough.

I found some great pictures of countertops. I hope
you enjoy them. I am so impressed with Formica,
Wilson art and some product called Nevamere ( A type
of laminate).
The possibilities....

a kitchen friend,

( I adore this edge)

This one is a bit dated or maybe I just
think this because this is the edge I had in 1992

oooooohhhhhhhh just lovely

This is amazing. Just looking at this photo
makes me want to change out our hideous tile
to this marble looking formica.

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I think part of the overwhelming popularity of granite and other stone is somewhat related to our long period of economic prosperity. Laminate appears to be rising in popularity now that our economic situation has changed - at least it's rising in popularity here. When I first started reading here rarely did any one seem to have the courage to admit they were considering laminate. Now there are lots more laminate posts. The economy does influence what is popular and trendy among the masses.

I have Corian and granite in my kitchen at home and recently put in some new laminate at my weekend lake place including an undermounted sink. Frankly I like the laminate just as much as any of the others and it's a much better value. I've had laminate all my life until I remodeled my kitchen and I've always liked it. Now that I've experienced the other surfaces, I have to say I still like laminate. Though I do think granite is beautiful I do eventually tire of looking at the same thing at some point and I like that the price of laminate doesn't make the average person think you should keep it the rest of your life.

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>new laminate at my weekend lake place including an undermounted sink

Do you have any pictures of that, gibby3000?

To the OP, I would just do what you want, unless you are rehabbing the kitchen to sell right away.

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Here's the undermount sink. Some friends just built a new "cabin" in the same area and have similar only they do not have the faucet deck in the sink. They have faucet through the laminate. I decided to have the deck in case there were any problems with sink/laminate I could more easily replace with a regular sink.

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Thanks! It looks great. I like your backsplash, too.

Did you have to get a sink from them, or could you have used any undermount?

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I think laminate is fine if that is what you want for the way your family lives. Unless there is a very good chance that you will have to sell within a short time you need only please yourself.

I need a new floor (coming apart at the seams), new cooking and cooling appliances (over 30 years old), and a new sink and faucet (also over 30 years old). So I decide I'll get new cabinets and change the layout to work better. Then it is oak flooring and granite. Now I think I am crazy to put all that money into a not high end suburban home in SE Michigan. I don't need the oak floor and granite; vinyl and laminate would be easier to maintain, less subject to expensive damage, and a lot cheaper.

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gibby3000, are you in Canada or the US? (if you don't mind my asking...)

I would like laminate countertops but the thing that I love about solid surface countertops is having an undermount sink. I know that in the US, there are companies who install undermount sinks with laminate counters but I don't believe we have this option in Canada (not in the National Capital region anyway).

Anyone Canadians on here know if we can get laminate countertops with undermount sinks???

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>Anyone Canadians on here know if we can get laminate countertops with undermount sinks???

Gee, it seems to me that most of the companies that do this are Canadian, like this one, for example.

Here is a link that might be useful: counterseal

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Last time I was in our tile/flooring/laminate store (March), they were showing a new undermount sink for laminate offered by Wilsonart. Only a few choices and only in white or bisque.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wilsonart undermount sinks

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Hi writersblock, thanks for the prompt reply. I haven't had any luck finding a place that does this here in the Ottawa region...but maybe I'm not going about it the right way. Will try it again.

rhome410, isn't Wilsonart in the US. I went to their site and looked at the store locater and the only one I can find in Canada is in Laval, Qc...nowhere near where I am.

Thanks again for your replies.

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It's so hard to choose! But, I don't care how many millions of dollars our house may or may not be worth, I'm not looking at granite anymore.

Just visited Basco for appliances yesterday, and came home in love with a laminate countertop that had a lovely wood revealed edge treatment. Am now putting that in my "tear file" (see it in a magazine, tear it out, put in Ideas file).


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writersblock - I'm in the US. My sink is a Karran sink. You have to get a "system" intended to be undermounted with laminate. There are several - Karran and Counterseal are the two that I saw on display. My contractor said his counter guy had done quite a few Karran sinks and that they thought it was a good system. It's been great so far. The sink does tend to stain easily but also cleans up easily with something like softscrub. Some people complain about that kind of thing so this sink wouldn't be for them.

I never saw any undermounted laminate sinks on display in the large metro area where I live. Seemed to be more commonplace in the smaller town/rural area where my lake place is. I suspect that is another economic influence - more people there who would not choose higher priced materials like granite, soapstone, etc.

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Luxury doesn't mean expense. It means having what makes you comfortable and enhances your environment. Like the man at the yacht club whose Toyota has a sticker that says "my other car is a Rolls Royce." His other car really is a Rolls, but he likes driving the Toyota more. Does he care that the people at the club see him driving his old beater? Not at all.

There's no need to put what other people think you should have in your kitchen. You absolutely must have some refrigeration, and a way to cook food, a sink with hot and cold water, and somewhere to put the pots and dishes. Everything else is up to you.

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Thanks again, gibby3000. We're on really bad well water, so I just hope the Blanco microedge sinks get popular enough that ticor or someone will have a knockoff in a price range I can afford. I'd totally consider a soapstone effect laminate with one of those, and I don't think there's anything "unluxurious" about that. :)

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Straycat2010, Wilsonart is really called Wilsonart not just in the US. If you go to and do a dealer search, I put in the zip code for Toronto and got 26 pages of dealers within a 118 mile distance. That's the only zip code I had to punch in, so I don't know what may be available where you are. Home Depot in the US carries Wilsonart, so maybe Home Depot Canada does, also?

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Before you rule out granites or a stone, go to one of the huge stone yards and have a look - there are so many options its amazing, and not all make your kitchen look dark or cold. But, I'm another do what you want. I did Gold and Silver Granite and it isn't cold or hard to maintain - if anything it hides dirt too well so I don't wipe it a much as I should.. it is a softer granite so I did chip it once with a can flying, but some crazy glue or epozy should take care of that and you can't see it... and if you can't enjoy your kitchen, why do it? But, with that said... I got a nicer granite, with my glazed cabinets and a $50 vinyl floor - I wanted easy to clean and didn't want to worry about grout - I do my gardening right on it, take a wipe, and its clean again. :) My neighbor said her husband would die if she say her doing it and its not even a new kitchen... I said my husband copied me when helping me, and we love it. And, should we ruin it... well, hey, $50....then I'll upgrade to a better quality, but not a huge loss. I don't care what the neighbors are doing or resale... I'm building it for us and what makes me happy (despite my mom's comments too)!

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palimpsest, my laminate is the Wilsonart Oiled Soapstone. Here are a few more close-ups. I would say it's more of a dark gray color but overall it reads black in the kitchen. I'll add a few more close-up pictures for you.

My other huge complaint about the granite we had in our last house is related to the undermount sink... the sink was not in great condition after 5 years of use and we had no way to replace it without removing the granite. So now I'm a bit leery of undermount sinks. I did see the one that works with laminate at Home Depot recently. At least with the laminate, it wouldn't be such a problem to replace it down the road.

    Bookmark   May 2, 2009 at 4:19PM
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"Luxury doesn't mean expense. It means having what makes you comfortable and enhances your environment."

Amen to that! I'm not one to put on airs to impress anyone. I go with what I like and want...

thx Janie - your new kitchen is just amazingly beautiful!

gibby - I saw the other thread with your cabin kitchen - love it! how is that sink working out? I had no idea you could get under mount with laminate! I have no problem going with the normal kohler set in sink but I do LIKE the idea that crumbs etc can easily be swept into the sink! and no 'seam' there to clean. my old toothbrush can go into semi-retirement!

I will have to check that out! I do think your idea of faucets on the sink rather than the laminate was a good one tho.

diy dirk - you got a corner piece in w/o a seam? how great is that! how'd they do it? (wider laminate piece? some have wider ones). I sure hope I can get that! the corner seam does bother me (I have seen bad ones) - I've never had a corner put in with laminate before.

thx to others who posted beautiful laminate counters. the websites also show many incredible looking kitchens with the laminate used.

I need to go look up that reinstated one (skylark?).

When I called formica the girls on the phones took my info and which 'names' I wanted and the size (I got 4x7?) and i got a very nice/large pkg a few days later.
Wilsonart has a place online to order samples. they charge 1.00 for the larger ones (no biggy)- I ordered a good number of those also.
later i'll make up coasters & trivets with all the laminate samples I sense wasting them!

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I am so glad I saw this thread. We are definitely on a budget for the perimeter countertop, so I must thank Janie for sharing her details and pics. I have been considering butcher block for the perimeter since it seemed to have a classic feel to it but that Wilsonart soapstone is making me rethink!

    Bookmark   May 2, 2009 at 7:04PM
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If you like the look of marble, check out Mary Lynn NC's beautiful kitchen in the finished kitchens blog. I could not believe those countertops were not real marble, but they were actually Pionite. Here is a link to her kitchen photos:

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We replaced old laminate with new laminate in December and I couldn't be more pleased. It looks great and functions great. I'd do it again in a minute. It's Etchings Perlato Granite. Enjoy your laminat!

    Bookmark   May 2, 2009 at 8:38PM
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pfmastin - that looks fabulous! Can I ask about your sink? Is it Blanco? That is exactly what I want! How do you like it and how has it held up?

Thank you!


    Bookmark   May 2, 2009 at 9:03PM
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Rhome410, azstoneconsulting--

Thank you for the compliments!


Seamless corners are indeed a factor of width. Discuss this with your fabricator. Every job is unique.

diy dirk - yes your counters, and the kitchen as a whole, look absolutely great. Do you mind sharing a few things: (1) What edge did you do on the laminate? (2) What brand/model is your drop in sink? I am probably doing laminate and I want a high quality large single bowl stainless drop in sink.

Thanks for the kind words. (1)It is simply a beveled edge. (2)The sink is made by Kohler. I ordered online and had it shipped to the house. I'm sorry, I don't have the model number for it. It is a deep bowl and we ordered a sink grid, as well.


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Thanks so much for the pictures. I went to the WilsonArt website and ordered a sample. I also emailed the pictures of your great kitchen to the client (with credits)so she could see the countertop in place.

This client is moving from a house with a full-on custom kitchen with soapstone, and in the new house her budget is 20% of what it was for that kitchen. We are trying for a similar look on a tight budget, and she said she would be fine with plain black laminate. I think your would be much more forgiving of scratches, etc.

    Bookmark   May 2, 2009 at 9:30PM
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I'm putting in another plug for laminate. I don't believe for a minute that "if you pick the right granite you don't need to worry about it (styles changing)." Everything changes. And if it doesn't change, we get tired of the same thing after awhile no matter how much we liked it in the beginning. If you are planning to move in the near future it might raise the value, but with economy as it is what good it that going to be. Wilsonart has the most beautiful new type of laminate that I think is absolutely as beautiful as granite and difficult to tell the difference. Children are not going to be setting hot things on the counter I hope. Children have no business messing with hot things in the first place. We all love remodeling right? If the style doesn't change, colors change or we get tired of the same color. I am tired of decorators trying to tell people what kind of countertops (and appliances too for that matter)

    Bookmark   May 2, 2009 at 10:18PM
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I don't think its interior designers or decorators so much as all those "real estate experts" on TV that say if you don't have (stainless) appliances that all *match* and granite countertops --no matter how cheap the stainless appliances and no matter how cheap and hideous the granite--that your house will never sell.

    Bookmark   May 2, 2009 at 11:43PM
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I agree, palimpsest. I genuinely hope we start seeing some return to reality, as in what can that young, first time home buyer, or close to retired buyer really afford instead of how much mortgage can they squeeze out of $XX a year income.

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Yes, it's a Blanco and I couldn't be happier with it. There's not nearly the splashing as with my old double and it looks as new as the day it was installed.

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To me, the undermount sink is more important than the countertop material. If I had to chose between them, I think I'd rather have a laminate counter with an undermount sink than a stone counter with a drop-in sink.

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Eastop Counters in Ottawa is (or was) a certified Counter Seal fabricator (they don't use the sinks they send you over to Boone Plumbing Supply to get something similar) and Uniform Countertops has their own system using a slab of a solid surface rather than the ring Counter Seal uses (Manotick Building Supply also has their own undermount system for laminate). Cefaloni Countertops does all the Home Depot's in town and they use Wilsonart as a supplier (along with the other companies). Uniform does too (they match the solid surface slab to the Wilsonart HD laminates in their undermount sink display). For postform most places purchase from Premoule while Cefaloni and Quicktop Counters use Belanger (Belanger and Premoule purchase from just about all the companies and you can check out what is available from their respective websites). Uniform makes their own postform tops with just one edge choice.

Formica has a factory in Quebec and you can e-mail them and they send out larger samples by UPS for free. I didn't check the Gatineau fabricatore but there are a few. Good luck!

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diy dirk
Hope you don't mind another question. You mentioned that your laminate is from Formica, which pattern is it? It looks lovely with your cabs. Also, your backsplash is great!

    Bookmark   May 13, 2009 at 4:28AM
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vermonter, one blogger I read recently would not only disagree with all of us on the laminate, but would insist that you must spend around 5x more on - marble. According to this blogger, an updated kitchen MUST have white cabinets, stainless appliances, and MARBLE countertops - note that means all the countertops, not just a baking area.
Well, I understand that she's not talking to anyone in my neighborhood, or economic class, lol!

    Bookmark   May 13, 2009 at 12:50PM
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Yes, but she did say that wood cabs and granite already look dated, and in some cases I would have to say that's true. I looked at a foreclosure just the other day that was in very good shape (nobody lived in it after it was upgraded for spec in 2004) and the alderwood finished cabinets and uba tuba filled me with ennui, although I usually don't dislike uba tuba. But I just kept thinking "how 90's."

My point being, everything is going to date eventually, so just get what you like and don't worry about trends, except to be happy when a current trend includes things you like because that means they'll be easier to find in more places.

    Bookmark   May 13, 2009 at 1:07PM
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I'm game to step out on a limb but is anybody else finding these Peacock inspired kitchens sort of oppressive? I am not for a moment suggesting they are not beautiful but the more I see them the more I feel like the whole look is just trying too hard. Some people like that aesthetic and I am not projecting motivations on those who have them but the finished rooms (not the homeowners) just make me feel like they are trying too hard to impress me. It the same sort of feeling I get from someone who is turned out with their clothes, hair and make-up - they really look great but the effort really shows too - it just seems like it's more effort than the given context warrants. That's how I feel about about a lot kitchens. Maybe it's just me.

    Bookmark   May 13, 2009 at 8:27PM
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I find the Peacock inspired kitchens beautiful, and I'm happy for anyone who enjoys that style, but it's not my style. Sometimes I enjoy going to a B&B for a weekend that is loaded with antiques and frills, but nothing could be farther than how I want my bedroom at home. Peacock kitchens and fancy B&Bs are fun to look at, IMO, but I don't think I'd be comfortable at home w/ that style. I'm comfortable at home with my simple decor. If we ever remodel, our kitchen will be as comfy and practical as the jeans and a t-shirts I usually wear, with a little fun thrown in.

    Bookmark   May 13, 2009 at 9:13PM
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caryscott - I loved them for a while - but the more I saw them done endlessly the more I am going off them - and yes 0 they try too hard. For my kitchen I still want to do white/cream period cabinets - but with a simple 1920s look - not the Victorian look which is what so many of them seem to be.m I will be doing laminate BTW, because after my cabinet splurge I will have no choice - and I actually want to make an anti-granite statement!

    Bookmark   May 13, 2009 at 9:34PM
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I'm with Scootermom about the Peacock to visit/look at them, because they are certainly gorgeous, but just wouldn't want to live there. They're just not my personal style. The Something's Gotta Give kitchen is similar, but better at being a little more barefoot type of comfortable, and it seems like a lot of people hit somewhere in between for a nice result.

Frankly, I suspect I've turned into some sort of minimalist, or maybe just Bauhaus oriented, and if I had to start all over, would give myself a skeleton kitchen, I think. --Good layout with great workspace and good performing appliances, but Plain-Jane in appearance...Just very, very functional. I would put the money where it's 'needed,' or functionally advantageous, and quit. (At least that's what I think until I was really facing the situation...) The luxury I enjoy in my kitchen, as I've said previously, is how it works for me, and I'd like to try a kitchen that's all about that, and I bet it'd turn out great looking as a result, because the most functional things can also be nice looking...But that beauty being in the eye of the beholder, I know.

Sorry, just indulgent rambling after very much enjoying my kitchen lately, and it's had nothing to do with how it looks.

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boxerpups - (arf!arf! - can you hear me?) lol!

what edge is it on that laminate that you said you liked it so much? I'm waffling back and forth on edging... I was thinking just a plain rounded edge - but I really like that one in the 1st laminate pic you posted here.

I have months to waffle about it tho - just really like how it looks on that laminate - I think butterum (my pick) will look similar to that one so the edging should look could on it also.

    Bookmark   May 13, 2009 at 9:46PM
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One of the things that gets left out with all these "rules" is personal taste, or that undefinable "good" taste.
For Resale, the realtor/expert insists upon:
Ceramic tile (around here)
Stainless steel appliances
Matching appliances
No "dated" finishes/cabinetry

What choice would the expert have you make:

Suppress your Own taste to please a potential anonymous buyer.

Cheap (and/or ugly) granite is better than a nice laminate

Bottom of the line stainless fridge rather than an old white Subzero

4 matching cheap appliances instead of ONE good cooktop/DW/etc. to replace what *needs* to be replaced

Get rid of those old hand built cabinets with their "dated" look and get the cheapest home center cabinets that look nice. As long as it looks "new" and "up to date" thats all that matters.

    Bookmark   May 13, 2009 at 10:10PM
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I get excited when I save money, and then I can spend it on something I really want. Who cares what the neighbors are doing. But... can I do laminate with a farm sink?

    Bookmark   May 13, 2009 at 10:20PM
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Want2bsure, I have seen farm sinks with laminate counters in plumbing fixture store displays, but not in 'real life.' You would have to do something to protect the edge of the substrate where it met the sink, and probably also the underside. I doubt it's recommended, but I still wouldn't say it's impossible if someone is doing a custom laminate job for you.

    Bookmark   May 13, 2009 at 10:43PM
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It's called Valencia (if you click on it in the attached link you will see the pic Boxerpups posted).

I was away when this thread started my Mom has Formica's Iron Rust (Riverwash finish) in the Geneva Edge boxerpups posted 2nd last in her post:

Here is a link that might be useful: Belanger edge profiles

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Laminate counter tops have come a long ways but granite and stone will always be the top end. I install kitchens for a business and often times I see the cabinet budget cut in order to get the granite tops. You said you got Crown Point cabinetry, they make excellent cabinetry. I'd go with laminate until you're ready for the granite. A laminate counter top change is quite simple and wouldn't effect the resale nearly as much as granite on top of production cabinetry of adequate quality

    Bookmark   May 13, 2009 at 10:55PM
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Some farm or apron front sinks have a side lip. I wonder if they could be mounted as a top mount rather than an undermount to tuck a laminate counter edge underneath.

    Bookmark   May 13, 2009 at 11:06PM
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You could do one of the fireclay farm sinks from ikea, which are not undermounts, as discussed in this thread:

Here is a link that might be useful: domsjo sink

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We are doing shenandoah bereckenridge cherry spice cabinets and I am having a hard time deciding on a laminate. We want a darker color because our oven is black and stainless. Our refrigerator is stainless. We are going to do a hardwood floor just not sure what color floor yet either. Any laminate couter top suggestions would be appreciated.

Here is a link that might be useful: cabinetry but the stain will be spice!

    Bookmark   May 31, 2009 at 11:42PM
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Jenocurley, have you had a chance to visit a store with a good rack (or 2 or 3) of laminate samples? There are so many great darks to choose from, it would be hard to recommend. Do you want gray/black, or more color? Do you like earth tones or jewel tones? Do you want a stone look or what other type of pattern? The field is too wide without knowing more about your preferences...even then the best first move is to look at samples and see what you love. At least narrow it down, then look for flooring and other elements and see what all works together.

best wishes!

    Bookmark   June 1, 2009 at 3:57AM
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Glad I stumbled on this post (sort of) as we are also in the market for Laminate counters.

We do not have a luxurious kitchen or house (only one we can comfortable afford).

You all have beautiful pics and should be proud!

pfmastin &caryscott - just love those looks and will be trying to get those samples.

I'm sorry, this is only an opinion and not fact: "Laminate and luxurious kitchen in the same sentence. No." Depending where you are and where you've been, a $10.00 bottle of wine can be "luxurious".

Also I can't agree more rhome410 "...if you couldn't do stone counters you had no business buying high end appliances, as if the counter comes first. But to me, counter is work surface, and you can always upgrade later if it becomes important. The cabinets are something you really want to last, and the appliances are something you really want to perform, and that is where I'd rather spend my money.

It's remarkable people can actually think / believe that...

But then again, as I say, I'm in a modest home within neighborhoods that don't require the "real thing".

    Bookmark   June 3, 2009 at 12:34PM
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If this is your forever home, and you really like the ease and look of laminate, why WOULDN'T you do it? Because some people on a message board said it wouldn't look "high end" enough?

Really, go with your gut. If you like the laminate, get it! There's absolutely no valid reason not to.

    Bookmark   June 3, 2009 at 1:20PM
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DD and janie k - both of your kitchens are gorgeous.

To the poster who said essentially that a mix of luxury and budget keeps the luxury from showing - what a load of BS - the amazing backsplash pops beautifully from DD's kitchen and janie's light fixtures and cabinets are TDF.

And its already been said but the assertion that luxury and laminate in the same sentence is a no - please, that is simply a narrow minded assertion based on bias.

I spent a fortune on ice stone for my island - I once considered laminate because I thought it would go well with my nu-crete perimeter counters and I was having trouble deciding - oh how I wish I made that choice! Everyone loves the ice stone - it is quite the show stopper and I was also seduced. However, it is obvious it will not be an easy care surface and the glass easily chips out in places. I have only had it a month and the seam is chipping - it has not had hard use at all! We used the remnant for our wine bar and lemonade spilled during a party - deep etching within an hour. It is not in a very visible area but is very visible if you look at it so now I am frantic about what gets spilled on the island that is in full light - who needs that? I still like to look at it but I would not do it again.

    Bookmark   June 5, 2009 at 2:14AM
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diy dirk - thx. my corner area is about as wide as what is showing of yours in the pic you posted above, so hopefully I'll be ok. will double check come fall when it's closer to time to make final decisions.

caryscott - thx for the info on the edges. the link was very helpful also - showing how they are put together. I saved the pics to a folder so I can refer to them when needed.

I really like the color of your mom's counter top too.

    Bookmark   June 5, 2009 at 6:03AM
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I personally like laminate and think they work well in kitchens except for the sink area where I would use a simple stone for the integration of an undermount sink. I personally don't like American laminates. If you go to Europe, there is such a wide selection and the thickness of the countertops are also better in Europe. Poggenpohl displays laminates in pretty much all their showrooms and it is about 3" thick. It makes it look substantial and really attractive.

I am considering laminate for most of my kitchen and I have to learn how to build it up so it looks like the ones from Poggenpohl. I have included a link to what I am referring to so if any one has any ideas as to how to achieve this, I am all ears.


Here is a link that might be useful: Poggenpohl Island block, click on the multimedia popups

    Bookmark   June 5, 2009 at 11:43AM
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vermonter - did you decide what you're going to do yet?

    Bookmark   June 6, 2009 at 10:43AM
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We just had new laminate counters put in. Actually, just had the old ripped off..and new laminate over existing decks. But, our house isn't luxurious. Just a typical cookie cutter house.

    Bookmark   June 6, 2009 at 12:13PM
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If you like laminate go for it. Choose the material you want, granite, laminate, metal, stone, glass, or wood becasue you like it. Nothing else matters. Today, stone is a big trend, but trends always change. The fact that so many people are using it is proof that it is already on its way out. In 5 years, granite counters will be just as dated as the Corian ones are today. As for resale, what are the chances that someone who can afford our "luxury" kitchens will want the same stone that we chose anyway.

Go with what you think is best. Worst case, if you do ever get ready to sell, ditch your laminate for whatever is trendy at that time. You can bet that few of us will be able to just toss out our investment-grade granite.

    Bookmark   June 6, 2009 at 9:53PM
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We are specializing in stone Farm sink. With rich colors and elegant styles ,our hand-carved and hand-polished Natural Stone Sinks Collection will harmonize with any decor.
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Here is a link that might be useful: chinasink

    Bookmark   July 8, 2009 at 4:38AM
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FWIW, we have a small ranch, and we're doing our kitchen (gutted down to the studs) on a budget.

For 74 SqFt of countertop, we were quoted about $3000-$3500 for laminate. We shopped around and found granite on special for $45/sq ft, from a reputable local marble & granite place. At that price we didn't have a large choice in stones, and we opted for the plain quarter-round edging to save a ton of $, but our total cost will be about $3600 for the entire kitchen.

For us, because we have to consider resale (may need to move in a year or two) and because the price was essentially the same (although when I'm honest with myself I'm sure we could have shopped a bit more for laminate) we chose granite, but it was a surprise! I had just assumed that due to our budget we'd only be looking at laminate, but that ended up not being the case.

It's getting installed today, hope it all goes well....

    Bookmark   July 8, 2009 at 8:01AM
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Here is my update.
I was recently quoted $22 sq ft installed, E2000 edge by Hartson Kennedy, a national fabricator who does the post forming special edges. This edge is one that curves all the way under, leaving no particle board edge exposed.
That is in the Wilsonart HD finish. Mine would have been $37 sq ft had I insisted on the Amore' edge - much fancier. I can live without that. I'm like the previous poster - too close to lower end granite prices.
I'm more than thrilled to be paying $995 for my laminate! And, I am pretty sure I've decided on the Bella Capri.

    Bookmark   July 8, 2009 at 12:01PM
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Southern Stitcher: Looking forward to seeing the finished project!

    Bookmark   July 8, 2009 at 12:09PM
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I"m redoing my kitchen and will be going with the Formica Radiance laminate with one of the ogee edges shown above. I can't really afford granite but don't really care. The laminates give me that great look without the crazy price. If I don't like it in 10 years, I can redo without hubby balking at the price! Go with what you like and don't let anyone look down on you because of it. If you want to "upgrade" later, you can.

    Bookmark   July 9, 2009 at 4:55PM
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Our Wilsonart HD Raven Gemstone counters were installed today and I am 2500 miles away! I can't wait to see them IRL. DH sent me a pic from his cell phone, but it's pretty small and doesn't show much detail. The transformation is already huge, though. The plumber is hooking up the faucet as we speak. I won't be home to get decent pictures for a couple of weeks, though.

Our installed price came to less than $20 a square foot.

    Bookmark   July 9, 2009 at 8:19PM
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Thanks again for all the responses. Believe it or not, we remain undecided, although I admit my wife is not very excited about laminate. We both have the same gripes about stone (too hard and cold), but we have three kids ages 9 months to 9 years old and are planning an undermount apron sink in the island. Most likely we'll end up with granite or quartz, but I'll keep everyone posted. The countertops are the last major decision and proving one of the hardest to make! We don't expect the cabinets to be placed until November, so we have some time (but the kitchen is only part of the remodel - can't wait to be done with this stuff.)

    Bookmark   August 4, 2009 at 1:56PM
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Vermonter, my DH is like your DW. He finally just put his foot down about my laminate ideas. We just couldn't agree on a color/pattern. If I liked the color pattern, he didn't or it didn't come in a finish I liked. So we chose granite, even though we are both not thrilled about the hardness, or that it will cost $2K more than the laminate.
But I am thrilled with the granite we chose. It really is lovely.

We also found the counters the hardest decision. But, once we went and browsed the granite yards, he found the perfect one in no time. He is more talented in that area than me. I just get overwhelmed. And knowing how I am, he also decided that we'll have a 4" backsplash of the granite. I take too long deciding and I'll put him through another month of torture trying to figure out a backsplash. Paint color will be bad enough, but no getting around that!

    Bookmark   August 4, 2009 at 7:10PM
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I was perusing old posts and came across your question. I don't even know if you want an answer anymore. :)

I have never regretted this sink for one minute. It's fabulous. Yes, it's a Blanco and looks as good 8 months later as the day it was installed.

    Bookmark   August 4, 2009 at 10:24PM
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Thanks so much for the reply! I just decided finally on my counters/sink. After all I said I am doing absolute black granite and a blanco undermount single bowl stainless sink. Just the opposite of what I said all along..!

    Bookmark   August 5, 2009 at 9:26AM
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lol, vermonter, maybe we're cutting edge up here in the green mountains!
i too have a luxury kitchen, or rather a cook's kitchen, with commercial range and hood, extra deep pot and vegetable sink, pantry with extra fridge/freezers, etc. but we prefer laminate too. it's cheap,super sturdy and available everywhere. if a buyer objects to it, than they are welcome to choose something else if and when we sell this place.
we vermonters are a practical and thrifty bunch i think!

    Bookmark   August 5, 2009 at 12:02PM
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I just had to post here...OMG...the lady that wrote Laminate and luxurious in the same sentence.."NO". I hope I never have to meet someone like you in my lifetime. What a bunch of snobby, snarky..people! I am sorry..I think you can have a beautiful, luxurious kitchen without paying for granite, quartz, soapstone...etc. My goodness. I am building a house now and get to hear from our subs about all of the snooty women that they have to deal with...literally walking out of a house because the closets aren't big enough... What kind of country have we become? I say..if you want to buy high end appliances...beautiful cabinets..and put it all in a laminate kitchen. I think it can be stunning! Don't listen to all of these snooty what YOU want..and the people that matter...won't walk into your kitchen and take a mental note of your laminate..I would think it was beautiful! And for those of you who think that I must be some low husband is a doctor! There....rant over! :-)

    Bookmark   April 25, 2012 at 11:48AM
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Straycat2010. I'm also from Ontario , Canada and I've been to several laminate countertop stores and inquired about under mount sinks and they all said it wasn't possible...very disappointing to say the least as I will be installing a laminate countertop and was really wanting the undermount. :(

    Bookmark   February 15, 2014 at 5:36PM
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