Eek - Installing granite now, where do faucets go?

akcorcoranApril 2, 2013

Should the main kitchen faucet (a Vinnata) drop right into the drain of one of our Kraus 55/45 sinks? (KU27)?

Then, I have a soap dispenser and a hot/chilled water fountain. The Everpure Faucet has a spread faucet so I'm worried they might clutter next to each other?

And, should I turn the Vinnata with the handle to the center - or would that look weird given that the Helia faucet is right near it?

Eek - how am I supposed to know this? :-)

Kohler vinnata first, then the Helia cold/hot water faucet - both are in the brushed stainless though

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And here's the Everpure Helia

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Oh, dear - is anyone out there? I don't know why I didn't think about this (exhaustively) before...? We have the Kraus sink below.

So the main faucet will be centered but then we have a soap dispenser and the hot / chilled water dispenser.

I know a lot of people make the smaller side a prep sink and put the disposal in it, but we have a prep sink in our island that is big (17 x 19) and has a disposal in it that is virtually directly behind there, so I was thinking of putting the disposal on the left side (the bigger side)? But then b/c of the divide, the soap probably would need to go on the left side too?

Then the water faucet on the fair right to spread them out?

If it matters, our dishwasher is to the right of the sink, trash can to the left.

ARGH! thanks to anyone who sees this - thx.

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Our guy told us that everything should be spaced out in 4 inch increments, so with yours I would put the faucet right in the middle of the bowls, then line everything up to the right. Something like this....


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Since I only have a faucet and a fiber optic switch, I may not be the best person to answer this, but here's my two cents.

I'm right handed, and soap on the right seems natural to me. Then the hot water dispenser can be on the left, where you will have more room to fill things. Or maybe I don't understand what that's for?

Turn the faucet handle front if you want. I understand that it will be perpendicular from the other handles, but I don't think after a while you'll even notice which way it's turned. That's easy to change, too. If you don't like it front, it could just be loosened and rotated to the side.

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Argh - this whole "cut holes in my beautiful granite" thing is very scary!

I guess I should figure out which is the main "clean up" sink - we have young kids and had only one sink that was ever used to actually "wash" the dishes b/c it had a disposal. The other was a receptacle for holding while we still cleared the table, etc.

If I make the "washing" space on the left in the big sink, with the disposal - then wouldn't the soap need to go over there? Otherwise, I'd have to lift the pot or plate into the smaller sink, get soap, then lift it back over?

(I see now why people don't do divided sinks! Ah well...)

I can't see doing the primary work of washing, scrubbing, movin' the dishes around in the smaller sink, you know? Maybe this is why people have two disposals?

The hot/cold water faucet is for chilled water and an instahot. We went with a fridge that didn't have cold water and ice in the door despite it being a lifelong dream of mine. (wink - but not really a joke. I've dreamed about it since I was a teen at home. We've never even had an automatic ice machine in our freezer - just trays... I can't WAIT!)) so hubby promised I could have chilled water at the sink.

I originally wanted it at the prep sink but there isn't a lot of room there, you know? I'm sort of trying to space it out so you could go get a glass of icey cold water or a cup of hot water for tea without slamming into the soap, you know?

Thanks for your thoughts -

I think the more complicating thing too is that curve of the second sink being shorter on the right - that's where the faucets etc are supposed to go, I think...?

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Yes, I agree with you. Put the soap on the side where you will do the washing. The "clean" side or small side is where you will be filling pots, glasses, etc with water, put the hot/cold water filler.

Faucet in the middle or at the divider curve at the back of the sink.

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I agree too. Faucet in center, soap on left, instahot/cold on right.

Are you sure you want the garage disposal in the left though? For me, I like having the GD on the small side so I can scrape plates before putting them into the clean soapy water. For me, I don't like any bits of food in the sudsy water so I scrape and even rinse beforehand. I know people have done the GD both ways and some prefer one over the other ... just think through which way will work best for you.

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LOL! I told you I don't have a soap dispenser, and it never occurred to me that you'd be using it for dishes (duh!), I just thought of washing hands. My mistake. Yes, wash on the big side, soap on the big side. It is more convenient to have the disposal free while you're washing, so you may want to reconsider that part and put it on the small side.

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I am learning something new here - I don't ever fill the sink and wash the dishes in sudsy water - what have I not learned in life?! My family tends to stack them in one sink, and then I pre-rinse them under running water and put them in the dishwasher. If I have to hand wash it, I just wash it and then finish drying.

Is that not how other people do dishes? I'm learning no...?

I was thinking the "storage" sink then is the smaller right one, then I manipulate them to rinse, wash, etc. on the bigger side (so if any food gunk comes off, it goes in the disposal,) then it usually goes in the dishwasher or is hand dried.

I've never filled up my sink with sudsy water - wow!


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ak-I don't normally fill the sink either unless I have a LOT of hand washing to do. I normally have a bowl or larger pot or something that doesn't fit in the dishwasher and I fill that with sudsy water and wash the other odds and ends in it and then wash it and then rinse dry and put away. I have a 70/30 split so my larger bowl is large and I never fill it full - maybe half way on rare occasions.

Just an FYI - really think about what soap you are going to use and then place the soap pump accordingly. We put ours on the left, disposal/small sink is on the left and we now use it for hand washing but I think it would be handy to have one on the right for dish soap and discourage the kiddos from trying to wash hands in the sink WHILE I am preparing dinner! :/

Good luck!

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