How Important is it to have a local Listing Agent?

dockside_gwJune 22, 2010

If the agent is in a nearby area, has correctly priced the house to be listed and has the area covered for marketing (craigslist, MLS,, Zillow, Trulia) and has an 800 number and website with good photos, what is the downside, if any, for the realtor to be approximately 20 miles from the MLS area the house is listed in? DH and I are having a discussion re this issue. Since listing agents are just that, not buyer's agents, what difference does it make where they are located, since they won't be showing the house?

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I think there'd only be a difference if there was a difference - in other words if something seems to be wrong or out of line. Why are you assuming something has to be wrong? Twenty miles isn't a big deal in any case and as long as they don't expect you to be running back and forth, relax.

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We live in an area where the largest city is 33,000 and the area the agent lives in is a large metropolitan area. With the internet I don't think it's so important but DH somehow things listing realtors have "ins" with buyers' agents in the area and that, somehow, is what motivates a buyer's agent to show a house.

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I think they do have "ins" but who knows?

I do know that my listing agent knows the story on all the houses in my "town" and I would argue can more accurately read the market then someone who is outside of their area. She does work the buy side as well.

Our agents also will open up when we're not able to make a showing.
I don't know how big a deal 20 miles is by you, by me 20 miles could take an hour.

if the house is priced correctly, and the area has a lot of activity, and its a "standard" house, then it shouldn't matter, but in some cases it might.

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If 20 mi. could take an hour, what are you riding on :)?

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larke - a ferry.

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sometimes firms put pressure on their employees to sell their own listings (ie century21 wants their properties shown first-over properties listed by another company --even if that company is in their town--

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Actually listing agents do show their own listings. I agree that 20 miles isn't really that far. Actually our house is on the south end of town and our realtor lives on the north end of town. It's easily 20 miles or more to her house. On the other hand her office is about 1/2 mile from our house.

50 miles might become a big deal, 20, not so much.

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Dockside - that's funny (the ferry)! I lived in a country place for a while a couple of years ago and half the places I wanted to go to were reached by ferry (5 min. ride) as driving would have taken a lot longer. I miss it!

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I live on Long Island, NYC is 25 miles away, about 50 minutes by train 1 hour-3hours by car depending on traffic.

"Towns" are about 3-5 Miles. Generally agents stay withing a few towns although will work wherever they are asked.

An Agent from 20 miles away would have really little idea without reasearch what is going on in my town. There would be no buyers seriously cross-shopping 20 miles apart in my area.

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20 miles in NY city may as well be on the other side of the planet. 20 miles in Montana practically makes you a neighbor.

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