LOOKING for: Dirt Cake

deedeebakerAugust 28, 2008

Does anyone have a recipe for this? One that you made and liked. Thanks!!!!

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There are as many recipes as there are people!
I made one for my grandson a while back, make a brownie from a mix in a 4 inch deep springform pan, made a double batch of cooked Jello chociolate pudding put that on top, whirred some Oreos in the cuisinart and added them on top, added some of those speckled malted milk balls for rocks, buried some gummy worms and set it in front of him.
Word of warning....the gummy worms melt and become a slimy mess if not eaten promptly....leftover cake is not a good thing if it has gummy worms in it!!
Linda C

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I've made this one a number of times:
1 pk Oreo Cookies
1/4 c butter, melted and cooled
1 8oz pk cream cheese
2pk instant chocolate pudding
3 c milk
12 oz container Cool Whip
Gummy worms.
In food processor, chop Oreos and butter.
Reserve 1 c crumbs and press the rest into a 9x13" pan.
Mix next 3 ingredients until smooth. Fold in Cool Whip and spread over Oreo Crust. Top with reserved crust and chill 2 hours. Top with gummy worms and serve.

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I have made this many times. We call it Dirt Dessert and use the recipe roselin 32 posted. I served it in a new flower pot or hanging planter. You may use a bowl inside of the pot if you have one that fits and will not show. I place chocolate crumbs on top and place a new small garden scoop in the side and stick a sprig of fake flowers in the center. It looks just like a real flower pot in bloom. Use the scoop to serve.

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