Happy Canada Day

nannykinsJuly 1, 2012

To all of us in Canada

And an early wish for a peaceful, happy July 4th for our American cousins.


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Thank you Theresa!! and I hope your holiday weather is cooler than ours!!! The closest I have gotten to Canada was through EPCOT lol and I love the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I hope to one day see them in person.

While I am so glad we have reason to celebrate our Independence, the heat and humidity makes it my least celebrated holiday! We run outside to put up flags - and run back inside.

When my children were smaller I would fight the traffic to take them so see fireworks - sometimes getting home after midnight and getting up early the next day for work.

Now it is a peaceful, home in the AC celebration lol!

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I'm not a Canadian, but I've enjoyed my two visits to Canada plue the Canadians I worked with many moons ago...so to all in Canada.....Happy Canada Day!

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Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian forum members. Yours is a beautiful country. We visited Banff several years ago, and it was spectacular. We visited friends in Nakusp, BC, too. What a lovely spot. And I've been fishing up at Reindeer Lake. It's a pleasure sharing a border with you. Lois from Minnesota

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Being an American citizen and a landed immigrant in Canada I enjoy celebrating both holidays! Here in Ontario, we are also experiencing a heatwave but it nicer today with lower humidity. We usually go to the fireworks display but our daughter is not home this summer and our son always went but never really enjoyed it so DH and I are trying to decide if we will even go this year. He has the week off and I don't have to work until 10am so the time isn't really a deciding factor. I think I would just like to watch the televised version from Ottawa! Happy Canada and Independence Days!!

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Happy Canada Day to all our Canadians friends!

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