RECIPE: Chipotle Chicken

gemini40August 13, 2007

Do any of you have a "Not Your Average Joes "restaurant nearby? I love their salad with chipotle chicken and the chipotle ranch dressing is the best.I would love to make it myself,but do not know how . Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Hi June --

Not to make this too simple, but have you tried taking your favorite ranch dressing and adding some minced chipotles plus some of the adobo sauce they come canned in? Can't imagine it needs to be much more complicated than that...


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Hi Emily, thanks for responding.I did go to the store and purchase a can of chipotle peppers in adobo. I figured this was going to be the answer to my dilema. Well I opened the can, tried just a wee little taste of the sauce and it was waaaaaayyyy to hot for me. Then I took a pepper out, cut a little strip, removed the seeds and the same thing extremely hot.Now the question is when they do the chicken it does not have a wet sauce on is a dry seasoning.The color is that dark red,but the chicken is not so hot you cannot eat it. The dressing used for the salad is not hot at all.


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Huh. In terms of a dry seasoning, it is possible to special order chipotle pepper powder, but it would certainly be spicy... In terms of the dressing, you might try mixing just some drops of the adobo sauce in with your favorite ranch dressing... While the adobo might be hot placed right on your tounge, I would imagine that a little mixed in with ranch would lose most of its heat (not to mention that the creaminess of the ranch would cut any heat)... As for how to get chipotle taste on the chicken without heat, that I'm afraid I can't help with!


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