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big_al_41August 15, 2008

Free software for there such a thing?? I run a Vista X64 machine, can't seem to find good software for storing recipes.

Any Ideas? I know I sound cheap but at this point in time that's about it for me. We ( my wife & I ) have about 5000 or so recipes on an older program called meal master ..however they don't have a program that will run on a much new computer.

Thanks any help or suggestions are welcomed.


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I have an old "Master Cook 5" on my machine (which I bought), but the method I find most convenient is to store recipes in my "Documents" - under different catagories (cakes,desserts, breads, etc.) When I get a few recipes I transfer them onto Compact Disks (blanks are really cheap; get mine at Wallmart) and mark each disk with one catagory. A whole lot of material will go on just one of these disk.

When purchasing disks, make sure to buy the type that will work in your particular computer. There are different types available, so check the label on the CD pack very carfully. Once I get the recipe onto a CD, I delete it from the Document Program.

When there is a recipe that I want to use, I print it off and file it in a kitchen drawer for future use. I believe that this method gives the computer more memory space.

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