RECIPE: fruit chili sauce recipe - found it!

marricgardensAugust 19, 2010

About 2 monthe ago I posted wanting to know if anyone had this recipe, I thought I had lost mine. We had just moved and some of my cookbooks had been packed in a different box. I found my recipe! For anyone that might be interested, here it is.

Tina's Fruit Chili Sauce

1 basket tomatoes, Tina didn't specify what size but I imagine a 6 qt. basket

8 medium onions

1 large celery

1 small cauliflower

8 green sweet peppers

8 red sweet peppers

6 red hot peppers

8 apples

8 pears

8 peaches

8 plums

Chop all ingredients into small pieces.

Put 2 Tbsp. pickling spice in a bag.

Boil for 2 hours on low heat and then add 7 c. sugar, 5 c. vinegar, 2 T. pickling salt. Boil til thick and then seal.

This is how she had it written down for me. It's delicious with fish or as a side with meat. Marg

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Thank you very much for posting it. Had me curious. Looks like a serious keeper!

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I liked the fact that there are no herbs or spices to take away from the flavor of the fruits. I also think that she used a 6 qt. basket of tomatoes because it wasn't the usual red colour and you couldn't really taste the tomatoes. Enjoy!

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