Help Needed with Master Bath to Sell Home

Zoe52May 6, 2013

I am trying to update this room, but as cheaply as possible. We had this room completed in the mid-90's when we remodelled 2/3rds of our home. Everything in the room is still in pretty good shape, but it is dated. I can see the need to replace the gold toned faucets and other accessories and perhaps even the cabinet pulls. But replacing everything and redoing the entire room would be more than we can afford right now.

We have already spent thousands on a new roof, new windows and other things that needed to be done to get this house ready to go to market so we don't have a lot left to spend. In addition, we recently handed over 5% of the total amount of our next build to our builder. So we only have a few thousand dollars left to spare right now. We will have to hire someone to do the work because I have bursitis in my shoulders so we would not be able to save any money by doing the labor ourselves. I could strip some of the paper myself, but not all of it. And my husband is NOT handy at all. (Drat!)

Here is a picture of the room:

As you can see from the picture the room has a lot of dated wallpaper. (Yeah I know, but I loved it at the time!) There is no way we can afford to redo all the tile in the entire room. The tiling pattern extends into the shower, too. I am willing to strip the wallpaper and remove the rug to get down to the wood flooring beneath it. Even though we have back-to -back sinks in that area we consider it a dressing area.

The room itself is 24 feet long by 9 feet wide (doesn't include the two walk-in closets (on one side). All the cabinets in the room were custom built including a built-in dresser and two back-to -back octagonally-shaped sink areas. The cabinets are all in excellent condition and so are the countertops even though the gold trim on the side of the laminate is dated. If we had to redo the laminate top by the sinks it would involve removing the top part with the mirrors and I am not sure that could be done without damaging the mirrors and the wood work.

I would still like to be able to work around the tile on the wall and floor as it is still in good condition. I would also like to leave the black laminate and the accent black granite throughout the room.

What color should I paint the walls if I remove the paper and leave the tile?? I was thinking of a grey but not sure it would look good.

What else do you suggest we do that wouldn't cost too much money? We could have crown molding installed to dress it up a bit, too.

The wallpaper was chosen first and then everything was decorated around it. So I am really unsure on how to proceed.

Here are some more pictures of the room:

And here (With built-in Dresser):

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When you go to my links are you able to see the pictures clearly? For some reason they are very blurry when I go to my photobucket. Not sure how to fix that but these
thumb prints are pretty tiny.

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Your pictures are small, even when I click to open them in photobucket. Perhaps someone here can tell you how to make them larger.

Stripping the wallpaper and painting the walls is a great start. With the color of your wood, I don't think grey would work -- it would make the wood seem very yellow. What color is the tile -- white or cream or beige? A light tan on the wall, possibly with sllght yellow tones, would help pull everything together.

If the wood floor in the dressing room is in good shape and goes well with the cabinets, it would be preferable to the carpet.

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I think getting rid of the wallpaper and painting will make a big difference. Same with removing the carpet.

I would not remove the gold fixtures unless you live in an area that is way behind the curve finish wise. Brass/gold have been making a comeback for a while in the more advanced markets.

I would not randomly install crown molding or any detail that was not present in the rest of your house or at least in the master bedroom itself.

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The cabinets are very nice! However, it’s hard to see past that tile work. The wall paper is an easy fix. I hate to say this but I think you already know…you are going to sit on that house for a long time unless you ( A) are prepared to lower your price quite a bit or (B) spend the money replacing the tile or (C) offer a money allowance for the master bath at closingl or (D) maybe paint the cabinets to blend with the darker color in the tile. I sold my home a few weeks ago and I can tell you that buyers are more finicky than ever. My house is on the cusp of a difficult price range to move in my area. You can get away with low to moderate updating in the other baths to a point but people are not at all forgiving on the master bath unless the house is a “deal”. Changing my floor tile and shower floor tile was money well spent and I sold fairly quickly too which is good because trying to keep a house in show room perfection with three dogs is no easy task.

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I wish I knew how to fix my pictures so you could see the room better. Anyone know what I did wrong??

As for fixing the tiles it would be way over budget. My husband IS considering offering some money to any buyer to help with decorating.

The tiles are white. The swizzle sticks are black and burgundy. So would the tan colored walls still work out??

I am happy to hear that gold is making a comeback. That would help alot.

I have crown molding downstairs and in my main bath. It is not in the hall, however, nor other bedrooms.

As for the wood flooring underneath it is dark (a walnut stain)... not light colored. And it would not match the lighter toned wood I had installed in the Master Bedroom.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

We had stagers help us with a house my husband owned, and his mother passed, so we updated. Their suggestion for the entire house was strip the wallpaper, paint all the wood white, and the walls Glidden Natural Linen. We did that, and the house sold before it ever got to the broker walk through for more than asking.

The stagers told us to remove all family photos, trophys, and travel souveniers.

The place looked like a model home. Like a hotel room. People don't want to see your life. They want to imagine theirs.

Pack up all the personal stuff for your next adventure, and let the buyers imagine themselves in your place.

We left that place for a custom home built in the 80's with a master bathroom that looks strangely like yours. LOL! It has the brass fixtures, but you do know "brass is back!" As long as that brass looks clean and shiny...try a little CLR. The wallpaper must go. Paint the cabinets white, inside and out. It looks clean to people.

Have fun saving money!!

Good luck with your sale!

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I think you should remove the wallpaper as soon as possible, and remove the pink valance, and repost the pictures, this will give us a better idea of the space and some people here are really good at staging.

good luck with your project, and keep us posted !!

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Zoe, go to photobucket and see if you ca re-size the pictures then they should appear larger whe you post them.

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Here's your pics enlarged.


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I would remove the wallpaper and the valance, paint the walls a nice neutral color - possibly white - and stop there.

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Annie Deighnaugh

It is what it is. It looks like a well decorated and well cared for room, even if the style is dated. I think removing the wall paper and painting would be worth it....and replace the balloon valances with something more modern.

But what you don't want to do is to take something that is put together, even if dated, and turn it into something that is half-a$$ed in an attempt to sell it as it will look like that.

I'd maybe get a fabric for the valances that will try to work with the maroon tile and the maple wood. Maybe something like this:

and paint the walls a neutral color from the stripe so the color scheme looks more modern but intentional.

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I actually like the wallpaper, but I have similar wallpaper in my DR. lol.

Definitely get new window treatments though.

If you were to paint the wall, I'd do something dramatic and not neutral. There's so much wall there that if you were to paint it a light neutral, the bathroom will look like any other room except it has a tub.

"Bad" wallpaper would never hinder me in buying a house.

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Two biggest issue are the tile and the flooring (tile and carpet). You need to price some options. You can have the tile surrounds refinished. Our neighbor did that to neutralize similar dated tile issues. Years and two owners later, the tile is still going.

I don't know that you can use that treatment on the floor, but your best bet might be to put in one new floor for the entire space and have everything flow together. I think you'd be miles ahead even if you put down a tile look laminate or vinyl you can DIY. Once you do that and have the surrounds done, your work will be stripping and painting, loosing the pink valance in the process (replacement of the valance is optional since you have a shade).

For paint, I would stay neutral, but agree that gray is probably not the way to go with the gold tone cabinets. Creamy beige or possibly a "greige" but if you want some color (that's a big space) I could see a sage green working and being very soft and calming.

If you want to take it a bit further, I would get rid of the gold trim on the recessed cans. While the faucets are fine, the rims call attention to the holes in the ceiling. I'm not sure if you can paint them (I know you can get heat resistant black, but you need white), or if the trim is in solid enough condition to try to. Replacement can and rim trim runs about $8-12 per light. We did that in one room out of necessity (rims fell apart when we moved them to paint) and then went back and replaced those and the bulbs with EcoSmart LEDs by CREE. We saw them at one Home Depot at at about $60 each and passed, but saw them later at another store for $29 each -- later on special for $25 each. If you can find them at that price, you will get a visual update, clean lighting and an energy saving upgrade all in one easy step. The room will be cooler in the summer too.

Hope that helps. Good luck!

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A lot of this depends upon where you are located and what the comps look like. I would take the wallpaper down and paint no question, but I would probably try the house out with that tile in place and only consider doing something about it IF you get lots of negative feedback about it. They still offer the octagon and dot with a burgundy dot as a standard offering so Someone must be using it Somewhere, or they would not.

The reason I ask where you are located is because in my part of the country that bathroom says "mid 1980s" and not "mid 1990s". This isn't a criticism, I know that there are large regional differences. My sister lives only 4 hours away (but relatively rurally) and what is "new" there has been around the block a few times here. So specific advice on finishes and such might not be applicable in your area.

You will not get a nickel back for any of the money you spend on the bathroom in increased purchase price so I would only do more than the basics of trying to update mostly as is and then doing something Only if the house won't sell because of this bathroom.

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Agree. Start with removing the wallpaper and the valance. Add a more streamlined valance with some burgundy and maybe white/off white/beige.
Also if the hardwood floor is in good shape, I'd remove the carpet.

Lots of neat valances at

is that a skylight?

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I should mention here that I have a bit of a bias.

I bought a house that had a half-a$$ed bath put in because there was some buyer feedback that 1-1/2 wasn't cutting it.

There were Two offers on the house as this bath was in progress and both of us said Please Stop. (but they couldn't because the demolition was done). I did not make my offer any higher because of this bath and in fact, it was lower.

I would have lived with the old half bath for a little bit of time probably, but this horrendous new bath that was put in is slated for demolition as soon as I have plans and a permit. It will be two years old when I move in because I rented the house out for two years. It's a waste. I think the Realtor ended up paying for it out of his commission because he was the one who told the owners to do it.

I would probably buy your house with it's maroon tile before I would buy it painted over, as well.

I may not be a typical buyer in that respect but I had that process done in one of my bathrooms and it failed almost immediately Dated tile is one thing. Dated tile with bubbled and peeling coating on it is a nightmare.

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I agree with palimpsest although I've dealt with 1 mio houses where the old wood kitchen cabs were painted white with paint drops and hairs embedded. It looked great on the MLS pictures, though.

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Wow! Thanks for all your help.

I have a confession to make... I actually AM already on the market and have been for three weeks. The reason I posted was to find out what should be done with that room because no one is coming through our home.

Here is my listing: PLEASE PICK IT APART! (My assessment is low because they have my house down as only 3000 square feet when it is really 3300).


I really need help staging my LR as it goes front-to- the back of the house. There there are two sets of long windows at each end two doorways across from the fireplace that is in the middle of the room. I know I have large furniture in there... the largest was inherited from my inlaws when they passed away and my husband insisted on taking it as it was his grandfathers.

I knew the worst room would be the master bath (especially the wallpaper) that would keep them away. I live in upstate NY in the Capital District. There are homes all around me that have sold from the high 200s up through the high 400's. Most of them are dated and some are a lot smaller than mine. But some are bigger than mine. A couple that were really in disrepair inside but beautiful bones. They were picked up for a steal and people are now updating them. There is a hodge podge of homes in here. None are the same. Some of them are so dated they are more 70's and some date back to the 20's. Those happen to be grabbed up if they are by a certain local architect (Paul Schaffer) whose homes are really rustic. And they tend to be small with heavy beams and really tiny windows. And dreary if you ask me. But people here seem to love them.

We just completed a Broker's Open today and almost everyone of them said that we should get rid of that wallpaper in the bathroom (and some others).

I knew before we went on the market that bathroom was gonna be a problem. My husband was adamant before we put it on the market that he didnt want to lay out any money just for decorating. I couldn't get him to budge after spending all that money getting the house ready for sale with other things like painting outside, new windows and new roof. He was worried that even if we redecorated the bathroom, we still would not get enough money to make all the changes worth it. We did remodel our main bathroom last year which was even more dated than this one.

The fact that we are not getting any buyers to come through our home is making him realize now that we probably need to do that bathroom over. And now with the Broker's Open it was the ammunition I needed to get going. Your help is giving me the ideas to take it to the next level.

I talked with my husband and he is already to make some changes. (At least to remove the wallpaper and repaint) I may have to finagle the rug somehow.

And I have already gone to the paint store to pick out paints. I picked out Sherwin WIlliams Sands of Time for the Master Bathroom (SW6101). And I am using Aloe for my Master Bedroom (SW6464). Both colors work well together. I was tempted to put the Aloe in the Master Bathroom, too, but I thought it might be overkill to have green sage in both rooms. I am going to look into some of those nice window treatments for the bathroom, too.
I called a wallpaper/painter and he is coming over tomorrow to give us quotes to remove the wallpaper and paint. I am looking to remove the wallpaper in the Master bath, Bedroom, the Kitchen border, DR (paint the color of the darker blue already in the room as an accent) and maybe even the downstairs Half Bath (paint navy blue to contrast the white tiles in there).

So I can sure use more pointers to help me sell this house! Especially some staging for the other rooms. LR needs help big time. The sooner I sell, the sooner I can move and rent a home down south and get a job to earn more money for decorating my next home. (I am currently retired here)

Thanks SO much again for all your help!!

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I would start a new thread with a new heading to get feedback on the overall house.
Also, is there any way that you can do some of the work, like removing the wallpaper?

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Conventional wisdom is that getting people in for showings is largely a function of pricing. I peeked at your listing, and then on the same site, I set a search in your neighborhood from $425-$450k. I think that's the range most folks will use when they come across your home. Most of your competition seems to be new construction with the same number of beds/baths, but about 600 fewer square feet. That's tough, because in terms of web searching, #bed/#bath/$/city tends to be the primary criteria folks use.

I think you need to have a long chat with your realtor about whether it would be better to do nothing but reduce your price. It will be hard to update on a budget and have that compare to new construction where the buyer gets to select finishes, etc.

Something else that you should consider is figuring out where your "extra" 600 square feet of space is, and how to make it a selling/marketing feature.

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I agree with meangoose - although the master bath may be less than ideal, overall the photos are good and the house looks in very good condition only slightly "outdated" with all the oak. If you're getting no one to come see, it's not because of the decor, it's price/market.

It wouldn't hurt to pull off that wallpaper (rent a steamer, makes it easy) and put a couple coats of white or neutral paint on there. Other than that I wouldn't do anything.

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This is one of your competitors; at least by specs, it's bigger, has a pool, and costs slightly less than your house.
You may want to look at comparables in your area and see to what extent your house price may be right or why you think your house has more to offer than what it seems to based on pictures and description.

Here is a link that might be useful: comp

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I know each region is different but as I’m in the worst real estate slump (Florida) I think I can reply to your listing with some common sense suggestions. Unless you are in coastal areas, sought after historic areas, or sought after location location location areas you pretty much …with only a few exceptions need to decide if you are going to be the move-in ready property or the deal property category.

My suggestions will be different than most because I have (with success) done some things against popular beliefs.
You have to imagine that busy thirty something’s with children who think they are hip to the action are going to buy your home AND your furnishings. You have to think like that to get in the right mind set for staging. Take out all things they would not buy if they were “cool”. Add a few things off craigslist that will mesh that are “cool”. Eliminate all that is blue and all that is frilly or country-ish. Buy some cheap roman shades off “O”. It bites but you need stainless steel appliances with that oak kitchen. You can get some good deals if you buy a whole package. People will do oak if teamed with stainless; otherwise you are in trouble there. Since all the thirty something’s seem to be attached to gray lately eliminate any darker colored walls with very light gray paint. Buy some inexpensive but hip stainless lighting for your kitchen so the picture of your kitchen with stainless appliances and lighting looks up to date. I would consider painting the exterior of your home a lighter shade popular with thirty something’s. Most thirty something’s do not like dark brown (?). Most thirty something’s will not even come in the door if the exterior is dark brown. You need some flowers out there too. I’m in a disagreement with the others on spending money on your master bath, do it…it’s going to kill your sale. While I like gold and brass facets and such it’s all about how it will show to the thirty something’s. Change the facets / hardware to some inexpensive chrome or brushed pewter look stuff. If possible put a stainless “cool” chandelier in there.The tile has got to go!
If all this is too much you are closer to the “deal” category. Also, if you are not at all DIYer’s you will have to be very careful on the cost vs. value. My bathroom and kitchen was all Diy. I put 22,000 in those two area’s and brought my house price up 60,000…and got it when no one thought I could. I did the same on my last house and beat the odds. It’s all about thinking young and hip but doing so in a way that will mesh with what you have.

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Let's see:

Strip the wallpaper and paint the bathroom in fresh clean white.

IF possible -- remove the carpeting -- and put in large plain white tiles OR put in fresh neutral (pale beige) carpeting.

Change the faucets if possible -- choose oil-rubbed bronze -- which will still work with the rest of the brass elements ....

Paint the oak cabinets to white to match the rest of the trim and the room.

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I've stripped a lot of wallpaper in my day and that job can go from "rent a steamer! It's *easy peasy*" to full-on re-mudding the walls because the existing paper is good and stuck. I wouldn't risk it if you can't get yourself out of that bind without professional assistance.

Granted, I just bought a house with a crazy 1990's bathroom (and kitchen, but I've renovated that) and I wouldn't walk away from your house because of that paper in the bathroom. I actually think it is quite lovely. The window treatment is dated and the tiles are a little much, but it's not resoundingly awful. I'm assuming that the carpet isn't in a wet area? If not, I'd replace it with a more modern wool sisal. Sometimes, you have to spend money to make money.

I think I'm a bit more like Pal inasmuch as I would rather live with something that isn't perfect or on trend just to avoid something that is new, fresh out of Home Depot, and just *wrong*. I much prefer a dated look over that.

The biggest problem with selling a house is what jterrilynn says - it's a generational issue and an HGTV issue. Everyone thinks you can "design to sell" and they'd rather you schlock up your house with cheap paint and crappy stainless wrapped appliances. It's a frustration and the "rock and a hard place" for sure.

When we were looking at houses here in Little Rock, I passed up at least 15 "recently renovated" houses for one that was pretty darn dated. But I know I am a rare bird.

Oh, and as much as I love brass (and I do - I am on home #2 of restoring all the fixtures and hardware to brass), I suspect that brass is more of a "dated" feel (shiny rather than a living finish). In that case, I'd probably get behind a more modern set in a cooler toned metal.

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Grlwpris, I’m like you in passing up the so called “renovated properties”. I think we and some others here on GW are the exception to the rule. I would rather get a deal and redo it all to my liking. In my area the thirty something’s or early 40’s people with children are looking for a certain size of family home and they want to do little to no work. I would say the majority lack artist imagination on updating themselves. They also seem to want a moderate amount of bling or bling-ish in each room …something they have seen in magazines or TV. Most do not know brass is back.

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Because there's hardwood under the carpet in the bathroom area, I would just remove the carpet.

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I would leave things as they are~just because *we're* saying it's dated doesn't mean it is to the particular area of the country the home is in, or even to a prospective buyer. For example, if in the Midwest or the South, it could be classified as country, in SW not so good, and East coast. depending which state~if NY, definitely not sophisticated enough. Just my 2 cents.

If it really becomes an issue, an allowance could always be given for the removal of the wallpaper as well as the carpeting for sanitary reasons. Since it's an esthetic issue, and not a structural one, the tile shouldn't be included.

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Patti, the poster has stated that no one is coming to see her home that is now on the market. Leaving it all as-is is an option of course if the poster wants to drastically reduce her price.

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I only read Zoe's original post so didn't see that. I went thru the same thing with a house several years ago, w/'counrty blue' wallpaper EVERYWHERE! We did have to come down on the price, but still making money, so it worked for us. Just have to weigh the pros and the cons~less money or tackling a bigggggg job. ;o)

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While I do personally kind of like your wallpaper, it's a very powerful statement in the space and I do think it combined with everything else makes the room look dated. I would remove the wallpaper.

Remove the valances for sure. I'm sorry, but I think they're the most dated thing in the room.

If possible, remove the carpet, especially if there is wood underneath. Looks like you have wood in an adjoining room and I would hope it would possibly match.

Your cabinetry looks very nice and I would not change it, especially if it goes with the rest of the house.

Depending on the current style in the area and the finishes in the rest of the house, you might consider changing out the brass plumbing fixtures and ceiling trim. But as Palimpsest says, some areas seem to be turning back to brass, so maybe you should check with your real estate agent to find out what buyers are looking for in the area.

Unfortunately, I think the tile and the style of the tub is a little dated. But not horrible. The primary color is still white, which is pretty nice. It doesn't sound like you have the budget to re-tile, so I'd say just go with it.

The countertops and sink look pretty nice and would probably cost too much to replace.

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jterrilynn I think you nailed the OP's situation (and unfortunately the current state of what needs to be done to sell in general but that's a whole 'nuther issue) and gave sound advice. Unfortunately there seems to be little room anymore for middle ground - either bite the bullet and do essentially a whole house visual update or suck it up, accept losing a certain market group and drop the price enough to catch the attention of those willing to take on the projects themselves.

I'm another who falls into that category and would FAR rather get a house that I can pick at in my way and in my time frame. I run from the hurry-up, paint slapped, HoDe redos because ultimately, that's going to cost me in in higher asking price (and an unrealistic seller in negotiations) and my time and money to undo what they thought would bring top $$.

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I'm running low on time, and I couldn't get the link to work for some reason...but

If the realtors who came through all feel that the bathroom is keeping people away, listen to them. If you can't get it fixed yet but plan on doing so, tell your agent to get the photo(s) of it off the listing for now. If people see that bathroom and feel that they can't handle it and they don't come to see it, you have no way to convey to them that you would be willing to give them a kickback or whatever at settlement. You need to get them into the house. Period. So, if they think the photos of that room are preventing people from booking appointments, then nix the photos.

I mean how many listings have we seen that don't have the kitchen shown because they know people will cross it off the list?

Good Luck, and fwiw, the market is picking up finally. Maybe slowly but it is coming back.

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I agree with the advice about pulling the bathroom photos from the listing until you paint.

I would cover up the burgundy tile dots with tile paint. You can find it at Michael's.

I would also take down the kitchen border and remove the large hutch from the breakfast area.

I grew up in Zoe's area and, in general, I don't see a lot of trend following and redecorating even among people who have the income. It's in NY state but it is pretty far upstate. On a daily basis Zoe probably sees more barns than high rises.

I couldn't get the link to work so I posted one here.

Be sure to post an updated photo for us.

Here is a link that might be useful: Listing

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BTW the cabinets in my kitchen are wild cherry. The cabinets in the master bathroom are oak. The hutch in the kitchen is built-in. It is very useful cause it has mucho storage. I wouldn't be able to live without it. Not sure I want to remove it!

The wallpaper/painter came over today gave us a quote to remove wallpaper and repaint. It will cost roughly 3K to do all the work (Includes removing wallpaper in 5 rooms, paint primer and paints, and repainting ceilings and trim if needed.

At this point the only thing my husband will agree to do will be to strip the wallpaper and paint the rooms. He will not go for the rug..... if we had to remove it there will need to be repairs done on the flooring below as they installed plywood in the areas where there were walls moved when we remodelled. And as I said before the floors are oak but with walnut stains. At the very least, however, I might be able to sway him to have a new rug installed in a neutral color instead.

In the meantime, we got a call for a Friday Showing. My Realtor called and I told him we will be removing wallpaper and how much it will cost. The wallpaper guy can start next Weds and said it should take him a week and a half to finish. (Joy joy joy... all that sanding and dust!) I can't imagine pulling all the pictures of the rooms that will be redone at this point... I think we will just let individuals know if they happen to come through just before or during the process. After they are finished and all rooms are recleaned, I will take new pictures to change out the old ones. (I took the pictures that are currently online bc we have a wide-angle telephoto lens and my Realtor didn't own one.., we hated his pictures!)

If the people who come through on Friday like the home the way it is or if they are even interested in buying it we could offer them the money we will be paying the paper guy to redo the rooms for their own decorating. We have already committed the money to decorating.

Here are the rooms and what we will be doing:

The papers in the Master Bathroom/Dressing area and Bedroom will be gone first...... beige paint in the Master Bath with a sage green in the Bedroom.

In the DR, I am going to paint the wall the same color blue as the insets in our chair rail.

As for the kitchen I am looking to see if he can remove the wallpaper border while leaving up the barely there pinstriped wallpaper. If not, we will have both removed and paint the walls white. He gave me a quote to do all of the above.

Halfbath: I will have him remove the wallpaper in and paint the wall a light grey.

After we get all the work done, we will get new pictures and will probably wait until the end of the month to drop our price.

Hopefully, after all is said and done it will bring some more people through.

When I went to pick out paint colors at the local Sherwin Williams store the manager there told me that they still sell A LOT of wallpaper. So wallpaper has not gone out of style completely here.

I know we are competing with new homes priced in the mid-400's to some below 400k but they are mainly cheaply constructed. (You could kick a hole through the siding if you tried!) And for the price they do not come with finished basements, built-ins, generators, solar panels, or even landscaped yards with any trees (we have our own mini-pine forest behind our home). These homes are typically smaller and on smaller lots. But people do buy them bc they are new and they don't have to do anything to them.

My home was a custom built home 30 years ago. The builder who built my home currently builds homes in my town for over $900K.

We were told by two Realtors when we interviewed them in late March that we could price our home over $500k. We knew that would be a BIG mistake. We went with this Realtor who wanted us to go a bit lower than where we are, but I know we are much closer to the price we will be getting according to the Broker's Open yesterday.

From what they said our home should be priced anywhere from 430's down to 400k. And that it should sell anywhere from upper 420's to just under 400K.

At this point we will do the wallpaper stripping and repainting only.

If we still don't get any interested buyers, we will just cut our price until it sells. We don't have the money to update the entire home to someone else's taste! And as some of you said before, people are always going to redo your decorating..

I agree that the younger generation has no imagination these days. Most of them cannot see past a few outdated rooms and see the potential in a well-built home.

Personally, I would prefer a home with good bones myself and add my own changes. That is what we did here when we bought this home. It took me ten years to get around to remodelling it in the mid-1990's. Unfortunately, the rooms we did then are currently the rooms that need updating now.

I will update the room pictures when we get the rooms done. IF we even have to do them.

Keeping my fingers crossed the buyer who has seen every room in my home sans the basement, a computer niche in the back hall and the inside of the garage will buy it. They know I have wallpaper and for all we know they might even like it!

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Good luck with your showing on Friday!

If that doesn't pan out for you, when you get to the point that you're taking new pics after the wallpaper removal, etc., I'd suggest also taking new pics of the exterior of the house too. Make it really show that you've got a nice sized lot (in comparison to the new builds which I presume have much smaller lots and less privacy.) Show your finished basement all dolled up looking like sparkling clean and done finished and useful living space. Play up your house's best features, and take fewer pics of things that are potentially less photogenic (like the tile or bath fixtures).

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Wow-- I am shocked at the lack of showings. I love your house. I think it is decorated very well. It is both welcoming yet spacious. Phooey to "dated."

I do think you need better pics, though. Some of them are just awkward. It's not your house being awkward-- the pics are not showing what you have to the best advantage.

I think you'll just need the right buyer. Your house is fine!

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Please reconsider the color choices - for selling, you want neutrals. No blues and greens. You are not painting for yourself and to match your style/furniture but to provide more of a blank slate for the buyer to imagine their stuff in. It's not the same as decorating for your tastes - and you can't try to guess the buyer's tastes.

They may repaint when they move in, they may even use bright colors - but no one wants to see those when buying, colors are such a personal choice. If you're going to pay someone $3000 to remove wallpaper and paint the rooms at least make the colors neutral ie beige, white, ivory otherwise you're just trading one MLS no-no for another.

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Yes to what tinan said. Often rooms with color don't photograph well, and you're not redecorating for you. I would go with a neutral (usually your realtor will have a list of their favorites) and leave it at that.

The best thing we did for our house when we moved in was paint every wall SW Creamy. It immediately brought down the dated feel of the space and even made some questionable things seem fresher and more tolerable. We have these weird, tall contemporary windows in our dining room and with the old paint color they were *gak!* but with the creamy walls and white trim, they look lovely. And with plantation shutters, I think they will be positively charming.

A neutral will help smooth over a lot.

(but gosh, I really do love that master bath wallpaper!)

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Yes to the above. Try to use neutral colors, e.gThe SW Aloe is way too green, at least as it shows up on my monitor, even if it's the color of the year 2013.

The Sands of Time, I can't tell. On some pictures it looks fairly pinkish.
DR: I would just paint everything white/off white under the chair rail and leave the wallpaper.
Kitchen: Good idea.
Half bath: Is that the dark blue wallpaper? If yes, I would leave that.

In all rooms, I'd remove the valances. In the beige bathroom, get a neutral (white) shower curtain or at least take the picture with the shower curtain pulled to the side.

Get more pictures that show the outside of the property.
Also, do you have a finished basement?

Some paint colors:

Brandy Cream CC 60
Natural Linen CC 90
Muslin CC110
Barely Beige CC 140
Stone House CC 120
Sandy Brown CC 150
Honey Harbour CC170
Summer Harvest CC 190
Delaware Putty CC 230
French Vanilla CC 248

Or the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: colors for staging

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BTW the valence in my master bath is stuffed with newspapers that I can remove. I will probably just leave the valence and remove the newspapers so it isn't so puffy.

FWIW my Realtor is CLUELESS! He took my initial pics that were horrible. I took the ones that are up now. I am no pro but my pictures were WAY better than his. Professional pics would have been better, but he doesn't do them. I am giving him until June and then we may switch out and get a new Realtor. (I have a 48 hour kick out clause to find someone else). He is a male and even older than me! (that is saying a lot bc I am 60). He was shocked to hear we were removing so much wallpaper and painting. HA, I guess he doesn't realize how serious I am about moving! My husband is now on my side.. he really wants to move, too.

I went back and looked at the paints I selected both at night with the lights on and during the day when the sun was out. The Aloe as you suggested IS too bright. I found a great color from Sherwin Williams called Sea Salt (SW62040 that is just a hint of sage green. Believe me it will look a lot better in my Master bedroom than what I have now.

As for the Beige I nixed the other color I had down earlier as too dark and now have selected Sherwin Williams Sand Dollar (6099) I looked at Barely Beige and it doesn't seem to look as good to me. Why are beiges so hard to pick! I may still have the painter paint a swatch before I go all the way to paint that room.

As for the half bath that has royal blue wallpaper I am going to go grey ... Sherwin Williams Olympic White (SW 6253) This actually matches the grey tones in the tiles.

I AM removing that DR paper. It looks yellow to me. I am not going to repaint the chair rail unless I have to..... wallpaper guy said he could keep it from getting wet... We will see. I already have the paint that matches the boxed in darker blue. I would have done a navy blue if I were staying... will stay away from that to sell, though.

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Oh yeah when we are finished I will post the new pictures. Then I will need help with staging........ to get more buyers in here.

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It sounds like you're on a roll.
And I remember the earlier pictures. Yours are way better. I'd add some of the property.
Do you have a one-car garage? A basement?

Also, when you go to your link, the estimated value of your house is almost 100K less than the asking price (quite different from the comparable house listed for 434K). Try to figure out how to get this changed. Also, I'd ask to get the price history removed.

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We are assessed lower on Zillow for a couple of reasons. First, the town has us at the wrong square footage.. 3000 instead of 3300. And also because a home up our street was sold well below market value right before our homes in town were reassesed in 2010. No one had lived in it for awhile, it had some water damage, and it had not been updated from the 70's. The new owner came and told us that It caused all the homes on our street to go lower in value when she bought it in the upper 200ks. I think our home took an additional hit because the owners who sold it to her bought it 6 months after we did in 1984 for $800 less than this one. We improved our home but they never did a thing to that home. The new owners fixed the home up and sold it last year for mid 300ks. The home is smaller than ours with a similar sized lot.

The home assessed higher than ours priced at 434k went on the market a week or so after ours. It is a larger home than ours and has a pool which can cause assessents here to be higher. It was also built later than our home. We also fought our assessement after we had our home remodelled in the mid-90's. Because they really jacked up our price even though we added only 500 square feet to our size. (The town assessor actually saw the inside of my home and told me because her BF was one of the workmen and he let her go through the home when I wasn't here!... she even had the gall to tell me that!) Anyway, we fought and got it lowered. And she is still the town assessor! So when the other home went up on the market so cheap she probably decided to lower ours even more... maybe she felt guilty!

We were on the market before when the market was tanking in 2008 and 2009 for 6 months both years with two different Realty companies. We had all of 6 people come through in 6 months to come look both years. Two people came close to buying our home. But one couple wanted a more traditional colonial with a pool in our town and the other went to another town because our HS was torn up at the time and would be so as long as their kids were in HS (we didn't know about that at the time) They ended up buying a home in another town south of Albany. But noone in our town sold any homes during those two years over 350K. My last Realtor called me a couple years ago to let me know she finally sold a home in the 500ks but not until it was late 2010 or 2011.

My husband opted to retire later rather than keep trying to sell it. So we went off the market and fixed some necessary items.

Since going off the market in 2009 we updated our fireplace in the LR (I had them put travertine tiles over the red brick), painted over all the dark stained trim in LR and DR and painted the LR walls neutral color. We added a 14kw generator, added Anderson 400 tilt-in windows, repaced our roof with Architecural shingles, added a 5 kw solar panel system, removed a ton of trees in the front yard (for the solar system), reseeded and regraded the front lawn and added underground water sprinklers, added a gas fireplace insert in the den fireplace, and remodelled our main bath. We also repaired any damaged wood on the house and replaced and painted it and the deck. We even replaced our attic fan as the one we had had stopped working. So now everything in the house works and is repaired. All that was left was the decorating which my husband felt was just that.

All things cost us more than 100k to do and yet we are still priced where we left off in 2009. (BTW I don't expect to get it all back... I have been enjoying many of the new things especially the gas fireplace in our den!) Now we are doing more work to remove additional wallpaper and painting.

I have a large 2 car garage with a pull down unheated attic. (I even painted that white myself last year).

I took some additional pictures of our landscaping but our Realtor has yet to put them up on the listing. I will be sending him more now that our Dogwood tree is beginning to bloom and the azeales are just beginning to pop.

We have a full basement under our home with an additional finished area. It amounts to about 800 additional square feet. The basement area is not anything special in terms of decor as it has drop ceilings with linoleum flooring and painted wallboard walls. We finished it ourselves in the 1980's. (it does not have high ceilings and if you are over 6 feet tall you could bump your head on the main beam). However, it is additional space for kids, another office area, or den. There is a separate electric heater installed but I never use it. There are built in bookcases and extra shelves for storage in closets. The basement is dry (we have a hole for a sump pump but no pump) My neighbors all around me have sump pumps bc there is a high water table here.

So how does one ask to get their price history removed from Zillow or Trulia??

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I'd remove the valances and not replace them; Remove the wallpaper and paint walls white; leave the burgundy dots; remove the basket from the top of your sink unit. My goal would be to make it look fresh, clean and uncluttered.

Painted tile would really turn me off. It would make me worry that the owner had taken superficial shortcuts.

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The money you've already spent on the place unfortunately may not be recoverable - most improvements don't have good return on investment. So I'd focus on neutralizing the palette. Remove all wallpaper - too busy. Paint everything neutral - no green no blue, no red, no dark colors. Just white/cream/beige. It might look boring to you, but it's proven to sell homes and your home will look much better in the photos.

Remove the valances do not replace.

Leave everything else.

Good luck!

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It sounds like you are on the right track. I like the photos of your exterior. Obviously it is a custom home. Can you get any photos of the solar panels? That might be a draw to some folks. I know it would pique our interest!

I think once you remove the wallpaper in the DR and the bathroom, it will make a huge difference.

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Glad you are making some changes. The house screams 80's. I wouldn't even choose to look at it from the outside appearance (sorry). It has no curb appeal whatsoever. The brown is depressing and there is no landscaping. More and larger flower containers need to be on the porch.

If someone did get me past the front door:

All rooms need to be painted a neutral color thru out the house. No blue or lavender brs. All borders must go, especially the ducks.

Out with that blue carpet.

Take out all the valances in the entire house. Replace or leave bare.

I live in the South and "country" has been out since the late 80's.

If you absolutely can't spend anymore money, the price needs to be low enough for people to redo. All updating is not decorating, in my opinion. A home needs to look fresh and clean. Not clean vs dirty, a clean look.

Good luck and keep us posted!

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We live in the NE...NOT the south. Cedar siding is still prevalent up here and is still desirable by some (At least ours is painted and not weathered as most up here). Some people are starting to reside their homes with newer materials but in general it is not uncommon to see a lot of cedar sidings or wood in neighborhoods here. Especially prevalent in the older sections of town.

Yeah, I am taking down ALL the wallpaper and repainting in NEUTRAL tones. And I will replace the trim cans in the master bath from gold to white. I am trying to get quotes for them. I am going to have to get my husband to go along with replacing the blue rug in the master bath. I am still working on that... but I may not get him to budge. I may also have to point it out AFTER the painting is done. I am also going to have to see how much more the painter will charge me to paint the dining room chair rail a neutral tone.

It was still winter here when our listing pictures were taken. We ARE landscaped, but with no trees or green grass in bloom it is hard to see that. I also have a large lot so you cannot see the side mulched areas along the driveway. I have included a photo I just took today of the front of my home with my Dogwood tree and Azaleas a blooming. We also have a Roman landscaped wall. And all our sidewalks are cement with agate stone and brick surrounds.

I cannot plant too many annuals at this time because we can still have frost up here until the end of May. In fact they are calling for frost tonight and tomorrow.

FWIW. Down south it is more prevalent to see brick and or stone homes since brick is cheaper down south while up north here we see more wood, aluminum siding and occasionally some brick and with stone accent (usually in front of home with siding in the back of the home). BTW I hate that look, it seems unfinished to me!

Anyway, I am not spending any more money to reside this home or repaint it. It was painted last year and the paint lasts 7-10 years. The new owners can reside it when they feel up to it.

We will be dropping our price some, too, after we are all done. Right now the price will stay where it is until we are finished cleaning up. It will be hard enough to keep the house clean while they are working in it. I have a disclaimer already typed up for anyone who may come in over the next two weeks.

As I said I will post new pics when we are finished.

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I think it looks super charming, warm and inviting. Looks like you have solar panels too. That has to be a huge plus!!!

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You have a lovely home. But before you get ready to take new photo's, please consider removing and packing away most accessories, wall art and some furniture, which you may love but detract from the lean, clean look that will be most beneficial for presenting and selling your home. For example, the row of ceiling plates in the family room, All valences everywhere, hutch between the windows of the blue bedroom and floor lamp, bathroom finger towel and racks, picture of ducks, country rugs or extra rugs in same room - or in some cases removing all rugs may present best, doilies and runners, exposed electrical cords running across the wall, have curtains fall straight instead of tied back, remove table under window in yellow bedroom, curio on wall, remove stuff on the case goods, small little pictures and wall decor, everything on the kitchen bulletin board and the board if possible, little white piece of furniture in kitchen, etc. I would also push back the exercise equipment when taking the photos, and remove the yoga mat. Not that you can't sell your home if you don't de-assesorize , but you're going to pack these things anyway, right, so pack now and get a double benefit of making your home the most photogenic and appealing to buyers. Good luck! You may want to post photo's here first to get additional feedback from the folks here.

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I live in Canada where it's even colder and I would suggest pansies. Tough, cheery, and they look great massed.

For fairly inexpensive and relatively easy to install bathroom flooring, if you have family or friends who are at all handy, try Home Depot's Trafficmaster Allure vinyl plank flooring in a shade complimentary to the cabinetry.

We're selling a house at the moment, and as painful as it might be, I agree with painting everything light/neutrals (white) and getting rid of EVERYTHING you can (including stuff on the bulletin board).

By the way, I don't think it's just the newspapers in the bathroom valances making the poufiness that's the problem, it's that the color of the valances is playing up the problematic color of the tiles.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Here is a link that might be useful: HD Trafficmaster Allure vinyl plank flooring

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IMO the pic you posted should be in the mls and online.

I think I would also remove any close ups of the kitchen. The long shot that shows the breakfast area with the kitchen is what I would keep It looks much more up to date from that angle. Show just enough to get people to want to come and look so they get a chance to fall in love with other features of the home and yard. Remember though that if you don't show kitchens and baths people will assume you are hiding something. So temporarily remove the bath pic and then when the wallpaper is gone add it back in.

REMOVE all window treatments in all rooms. They are all evoking an 80's feel. You want to appeal to as many as possible and they do set the wrong feel in a house that looks like it would be great with some updating. I think you can leave the windows bare since you have trim surrounding them and none appear to be for privacy.

Attempted to edit typos from my phone but ...

This post was edited by lyfia on Sun, May 12, 13 at 17:44

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I agree with all posters about removing the wallpaper in the bathroom and several of the other rooms (the blue in one bathroom that has a chair rail would not turn me off despite not liking the wall paper look) and painting them very neutral colors. I would remove the rug in the bathroom and replace with something neutral. I would remove the valences in the bathroom you shown us and your kitchen. I would remove the kitchen wallpaper in the area above the cabinets which will make your kitchen updated as it is a nice kitchen. The room sizes are nice and I feel this should help as well as reposting pictures and lowering the price a little bit.

When I bought my home 14.5 years ago, I could not see past the wall paper in most homes and chose the one I have now as it was so neutral, peaceful, not cluttered and made me feel that I could make it my own. I was a first time home buyer.

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I agree about neutral paint in each room. No blue no green, period.

The carpet in the bath does not look large. Try to find a neutral remnant to replace the other carpet. I would use a white and dark red toile on the valance. You want the valance to look fresh and new, it is the only thing you can use to make this space look pulled together. The room has an older feel try to work it into bed and breakfast instead of 80s. If the fixtures are in good shape leave them. Some botanical prints of red flowers in groups on the walls would help too.

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Here's a link on how to sell your house faster with lots of information.

Here is a link that might be useful: selling your house

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I think you have a great house and it's evident you've put a lot into it. I typed your address into zillow and was surprised how many houses were on the market considering you're away from a large metropolitan area like Phila., Boston or New York. The map was loaded with little red houses marking the listings. Are there that many buyers out there? One house I hit on was listed for $4000 less than it sold for in 2009. Your price seems to be on the higher end of the listings which may account for something too. So it may just be the housing market in your area in general and not anything specific like the wallpaper in your bathroom that's causing the lack of showings. I wouldn't do more financially than strip the wallpaper and paint in that kind of market. It's a lovely home and I wish you good luck in selling it.

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Just wanted to say that, although I might not choose your exterior paint color for my own house, I really LOVE your color and think it looks great with the surroundings. When I saw the first photo I wanted to see more. Plus it says, I'm stately, solid and not trendy.

Unlike your house, I bought a totally funky 1978 house, but because it is so well built and CLEAN, I could get past the orange shag. And the brown shag. And the pink ......

I think overall your house looks classic, very tidy, not cluttered and once the wallpaper is gone and certain rooms repainted, it will appeal to many more people.

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The exterior main body color is fine. However, it clashes with the door color. Repaint the door. Maybe a classic black. Or navy. But the orangey red clashes with the purpley brown.

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I disagree. I find the palette interesting and fitting for your house. Nice landscaping, lovely setting, thoughtful upgrades, evidently very good condition, well cared-for; lots to recommend this house to a buyer. After removing the wallpaper in the bath I'd look at pricing as the next change to consider. If you're lacking showings, it seems to me that would be the fundamental issue, unfortunately. I wouldn't put a penny into cosmetic changes.

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Kilim beige is a great SW color, not to dark and not too light. I agree about skipping the greens and blues. I love green and blue walls but for fresh paint I wouldn't pick those colors. Don't do white either, it reads often reads cold and can look cheap. Yes, lose the valances.

Over all I think you have a great house. Your exterior picture does need to be updated to show the spring colors.

If that carpet in the bathroom is just a large rug you could price out something cheap that would be more neutral.

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I really agree with the advice you received about replacing the window valence with something more modern that works with the red tile. I think the stripe fabric posted would look great.

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Another thing you can do is ask your realtor to remove the photo of that bathroom. There is no sense in showing any photos that do not help sell the house!

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You might consider editing your post above with the MLS info in it to one which does NOT contain the phyiscal address. Just create a hot link in place of it entitled "link to listing".

What you've got up now is a search-able direct tie from the address of your house to your planned pricing strategy. Anyone who googled the address (and savvy buyers do these days) would get a result that includes this thread on the forum. Complete with your intention to keep lowering the price. And that's not info you would want any buyer/negotiator to know about.

As I noted in a reply to you on another forum, many of the style issues that could be a problem in other areas are not considered serious defects up here. And as I wrote, I know that because I live within half an hour of your house and share the same real estate market.

I would "neutralize" the decor somewhat, but not make yourself crazy, or poor, doing it. Your biggest issue is the Nisky location and the rapidly strengthening -- and regretable -- preference of many buyers in your price range for new builds in So. Saratoga county developments. (Much lower property tax rates there are a sore point for all of us who live in other counties/towns!) The location is probably only curable by a price reduction - you can't (re)decorate your way out of it, unfortunately.

If you need sales-price/value-supporting data about the solar system, I may be able to help. My DH is in the business, and it would be easy to find some info about that for you. I don't have a working email link attached to my user name here. But if you mention in a reply below that you'd like to have something to add about the solar, I can easily find a way to get it to you. (Your snail mail address is in the MLS link.....) The PV system should be very appealing to Union, Knolls, GE, even chip-fab engineer types.

I hope you get some traffic. I am (anecdotally) getting the feeling that the RE market up here is awakening from its coma. I wish you very good luck.


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liriodendron, I am not very computer savvy so I have no idea how to change the link in here. I don't know what a "hot link" is. As for the data on the solar system, my husband is in the business, too. It is his system that he designed that is on our home (with the patents still to come). He has a packet that we leave out for our buyers and other Realtors that has up to date info on the value it adds to a home. We also leave out a copy of our energy bill. So anyone that is interested can read it. But we have both discussed how few Realtor's know how to market a home with solar.

Just spent 2 and a half days with our Master bath and Bedroom under wallpaper removal assault. The paper in both rooms is now down, but not before they left a waterstain on the ceiling below from all their watering the wall to remove it. (Good thing he is a painter and can repair it)

We had a showing yesterday morning and I told the guys to keep working. They had the door closed to keep down the dust in the rest of the house at my request. But the buyers did not come in at all. I did leave information as to where we were removing wallpaper and gave a list of the colors. I don't think anyone will be buying the home while it is under assault. I am NOT looking forward to their being in my kitchen and DR. There are no doors to close in there.

The bathroom and bedroom are both ready to be painted but not until Monday. So I asked the wallpaper guy to pick up somewhat in the bathroom so we could use it. You know they don't really clean.. so I spent several hours cleaning up in there in case we have another showing this weekend. Also so we could use the shower and sinks. The bathroom in glaring white makes the room look monstrous. And the white is glaring. Can't wait to get it painted in the Benjamin Moore Muslin paint to tone it down. I had them paint a bit of the sage green in the bedroom and I think it is going to be just fine. It was one of the sage colors recommended in the list from a Realtor site link above that says it is good to paint for a home on the market. It is the only color I was a bit nervous about... but I think it will be just fine in there. In fact all the colors I choose were from that list.

I really don't like how the windows look in the bathroom now without a valance. Reason being is our Hunter Douglas shades were mounted outside the window in that room.. not on the inside. (Don't get me started on how that happened!) While the bedroom would be fine without a valance because it is mounted inside the window.

Anyway I did check out the suggested window treatments above on line that people actually posted for me.

One of them is no longer available and the other only has one valance available and I need two of them. I found these online and wonder what you all think about getting a pair of these for the Master Bath:

Here is a link that might be useful: Possible bathroom valences

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Here is another link to a possible valance for the room. Wish there was some black accents on it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Another possible valance suggestion

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Can't wait to see finished pictures! It sounds like you are really in the selling mode.

I would not purchase another flowered valance for your bathroom. Most people would say not to use a valance at all but a valance makes sense if you want to cover the blind install snafu.

These valances have a more modern print and are more neutral. Stylemaster on Amazon has other neutral valances as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stylemaster valance

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Just go to your May 7 post, click on edit, and delete the web site address of your house.
As of now, however, this discussion doesn't show up when one googles your address.

Can you post a picture without valances? I'm not sure you even need a valance. Maybe some plants, green or orchid?

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I can take another picture of the room, but I should wait until it is all painted for more suggestions.

And, yes, the top part of the blind sticks out over the window and looks strange if I place the blinds in the top down position. It looks out of place. (These are Hunter Douglas Honeycomb top down bottom up blinds)

Everyone has been such a great help in here. I would never have removed that paper because I was stuck on what to do in there to make it all work.

Can you tell I love florals? They should make a comeback IMHO. LOL!

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Oops! Double post

This post was edited by zoe52 on Sat, May 18, 13 at 10:41

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Does it absolutely have to be in the top down position, that is, is there a horrible view or the neighbor's window?
If not, for showings, you could just pull it all the way up, and people then can figure out that they can lower it for privacy.

    Bookmark   May 18, 2013 at 11:02AM
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In this case I think showing them in the top down position could possibly be a selling point, because it shows a potential buyer that they have this particular function and it is something they will not have to buy.

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I guess I don't know what top down bottom up etc means. What's wrong with the blind if they in the position that they are in now?

    Bookmark   May 18, 2013 at 3:33PM
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It means that you can open the shades from the top or from the bottom. So the shades can be opened up one of two ways.

Since our windows are fairly low and we have cats who like to jump up into the window sills and lay against the screens if the lower window is raised. I don't like them lying in my upstairs windows for fear they will push out a screen so I usually only open my shades from the top down and my double paned top window down for air.

Pulling the shade down from the top also gives us more privacy when we are in the bedroom or the bathroom. If you look at the pictures above of my master bath you can see that is where we typically leave the shades... half way down from the top.

If we only had the kind of shades that you pull up, they would rarely, if ever, be opened in that manner because the windows are pretty long and it does not give us the privacy we need while in those rooms.

Here is a link that might be useful: Top Down Bottom Up Shades

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You mentioned that you need a valance because the shade sticks out. I was trying to figure out whether there's a position in which the shade doesn't look strange and to use that position during showings or for taking pictures, i.e. top down, bottom down, whatever.
So, if the shade is in the top up, bottom down position, does it look less strange?

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Did the potential buyers not go into the house at all or did they just not go into the areas being worked on?

I don't remember but does the listing show the solar panels? I like the idea of solar panels, but don't like how they look when it comes to curb appeal. I think maybe your listing need to play up some of these things much more as it will take a certain person to appreciate this and look past the small loss of curb appeal.

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lyfia, The buyers went into my home, they just didn't go into the master bath/bedroom area because the doors were closed. They may have been not bold enough to go through with the workmen inside. At least that is what I was thinking. I left a note on the door telling them there were workmen in there taking down wallpaper. And they probably opted to stay outside. Workmen saw them come up the walkway and I was told they came with a baby in tote, so they probably decided not to enter the work zone.

The current MLS listing has a side view of the home that only shows a little bit of the solar panels. However, I have a picture I posted in here (if you scroll up and look) with the panels on the home taken dead on from across the street. Solar panels are not exactly stylish, but they certainly do add value to your home. We have cut our electric bill in half some months when the sun has been shining. Overall it has been worth installing them for the savings on our electric bill even if they didn't produce much energy when we had snow on the roof or when it was fairly dreary this winter. I suppose some buyers might be scared off by solar panels, but we do live in an area where there are a number of high tech jobs here as well as a number of universities and colleges that have high tech programs. There are a lot of people who live and work here who would appreciate and understand solar power. And we are seeing more homes in the area with them being installed. The key is to target that audience and I am not sure our Realtor really knows HOW to do that, unfortunately.
FWIW most people don't even look up and notice our panels when they walk or drive by bc we are on a hill. And I don't think these panels really detract from the look of the home much because they sit fairly flat on the roof.

nosoccermom: As for the blinds there is a top rail that sticks out when the blinds are open from top down. They are attached to the window frame. And it is pretty noticeable when the blinds are closed, too. But probably the best position for it to not look too strange is when the blinds are closed all the way up to the top. If I pull them all the way up to open them, it looks strange sticking out on top of the window frame, too.

I KNOW I will really need a valance in those two bathroom windows to hide the fact that the shades were installed on top of the windows and not inside the windows as all the others in the house were installed. With the valances you don't notice that rack sticking out on top.

I will not be adding a valance in the Master Bedroom and I think that will look fine.

If I can find some kind of ready-made valance that is fairly reasonably priced then I will put them up over the blinds in there. Unfortunately, finding a combination color of burgundy (not red), tan, and black valances that aren't a country pattern are hard to find. And I need 2 valances not just one. If you can make a suggestion for something that is not too expensive (preferrably under $40 per valance) I would be very appreciative.

This post was edited by zoe52 on Sun, May 19, 13 at 10:57

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I know we said that flowers were out, but how about these more tailored toiles/flower valances? Maybe others can chime in?

Here is a link that might be useful: toile valance

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Zoe, I've put a link below for valances on eBay. There are several on the page, and even though I'd keep the burgundy out and just do the tan with black, the 4th one down does have burgundy in it.

I don't know if you sew, but valances are very easy to make. You could put a sample of your paint on a piece of paper and take it to fabric stores to find a fabric that compliments the paint. It could look very custom!

Here is a link that might be useful: tan black valance

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nosoccermom: I actually like that toile valance. Do you think it is burgundy enough and not just red? I like the price for sure!

These valances need to be ready made.. because I don't know how to sew nor do I know anyone nearby me that does.

Since my wallpaper/painter guy is coming back tomorrow he should be starting to paint in there and my master bedroom. Hopefully, he will be able to finish two coats in both rooms and I can get some pictures to show you how the color looks with the tile and the naked shades with their faux pas.

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I like the toile valence that will go with the tiles once the rest of the room is very neutral. The price is right and it will add a touch of color.

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The question is whether to downplay the burgundy by getting a more neutral valance, not to mention that it may indeed be too red in real life. I liked Dees above.

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I need something fast and the room needs to be tied together ASAP to update my pictures on the MLS.

The rod I have is 2/12 inches wide. And I can reuse the same rod and save myself some more money. The width will handle 50 inches, but there will be no bunching of fabric. (A straight hang). However, if the fabric is to be gathered I will have to look for a longer width for the gathering or have to go with a second valence if it is too short and pair them.

As for the styles suggested so far, nosoccermom's toile valance will fit the current rod without any more expense. Whereas, Dee's suggested valence will require a new rod. It has a smaller opening.

I did like some of the black and tans valances that Dee showed on Ebay. And some of them will fit the rod, too.
I prefer the floral pattern in there because it brings in more colors into the mix and gives the two toned stripes of Burgundy with the tan.

The problem with doing just black and tan would be that the tan could be different from the beige I am putting on the wall. So I am thinking it might be best to go with a multi-colored valance to pick up at least the black, tan(beige) and burgundy if possible.

And I prefer to use the same rod to save money since it is in good shape.

I am overwhelmed by these kinds of decisions. I DO appreciate all your help on this.

I am not going to like making these decisions for our new build next year. Too many choices and decisions can be VERY overwhelming and even stressful. We found that out when we remodelled this home in the mid-90's.

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I think the floral valences look dated. I would spend a little more money to get something a little more current looking. It could make a big difference and it's not worth being cheap about, in my opinion.

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Can you show pictures without valance and the blind all the way up? especially on pictures it may not look strange.

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Nosoccermom, I probably will have to show them without valances at this point bc I don't have any to put up at the moment. My Realtor doesn't want to take down the old ones until I have new pictures. And I can't wait to change them out.
The room is not done yet, however. Painting in there was held up as the painter had another appointment in the middle of the afternoon. But he did get the bedroom painted at least one coat and I LOVE the sage green color in there. Very soothing, light and airy. It still needs a second coat and so does the ceiling and then I hope to clean everything up in there when he is done. I may borrow his ladder to clean all my windows and the ceiling fan.

As soon as I can I will take some pics of both rooms. He claims he will be finished with them tomorrow afternoon, but he will be losing his helper tomorrow. So we shall see. He will be moving into the yellow duck wallpaper room and our downstairs half bath after that.

I am not looking forward to his being in my DR and Kitchen bc that will make the whole downstairs a mess. I have a feeling this job will continue to be ongoing through next week at the rate he is going.

I am almost hoping noone comes through for a showing now... I just dismantled the half bath and the duckie room and with them still painting in two other rooms, it would almost be pointless to show the house with all those rooms torn up and dusty. I have stuff stashed in other bedrooms and the exercise room now until they finish the upstairs.

On the flip side it is giving me a chance to go through some of the dresser drawers that I didn't get to before.

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Ok I found this valance on line. It is mostly beige. And I like the design. It is reasonably priced and will fit on my rods. So what do you think of it for the bathroom?

I just bought two of them for that room. Sand with gold.

Here is a link that might be useful: Beige valance

This post was edited by zoe52 on Mon, May 20, 13 at 21:04

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If you're considering that for the bathroom with the diamond small tiles, I think you'll have too many competing diamonds going on even though that's more up to date than the florals, especially a valence that's scalloped at the bottom.

Since blinds aren't likely to be a selling point, have you considering removing the ones that are outside mount? You could replace those two with fairly inexpensive regular bottom up shades from HD or Lowes that they'll cut to fit right in the store if you feel you must have them for your own privacy. Then just omit a valence altogether, or put up a neutral tailored Roman shade instead of a valence.

We sold about a year ago in another part of the country and think the suggestion you received to remove anything that screams country decor was good advice. While some may like that, it's definitely a limited audience, and you want to have much broader appeal. Those current puffy valences (with or without stuffing) would be one of those things.

We also replaced an older washer/dryer and frig with new ones because the brokers' open had such negative reaction to the old ones, even though they were still working great. We we felt it was stopping prospective buyers. We also happened to find some good buys on those things.

I know our realtor used some wide angle shots of our home, like the ones you took, but we vetoed any that really distorted the rooms or made them look strangely out of proportion to reality. You might want to have some that just show part of a room but with the a normal lens. Notice that when magazines show warm inviting shots of a room, they usually don't use wide angle for that reason. Good luck!

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I would not purchase any window treatments for your house - it will look fine with no valences. You're just used to seeing the big puffy floral ones up there so it looks empty to you. Remember - just keep saying "not decorating for ME, but for a generic buyer".

I remember reading about a survey on what men and women found attractive in a face of the opposite sex. They took all the data and tried to figure out which appeals to the most people, and ended up with the most generic, average-looking faces... because generic or average is less polarizing. You don't want "love it or hate it" decorating choices in your home when selling it.

If in doubt, remove it and don't replace it!

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I think the issue was that the OP thought that the top part of the blinds looks strange because of the outside mount.
Zoe, can you post pictures as soon as the painter is done?

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Outside mount blinds are not all the uncommon, I still think it would show better with nothing than with a fussy, puffy or floral valance.

Or, remove the blinds altogether!

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Cats? You have cats in the house? Some people are allergic. And not everyone is an animal lover, especially animals in the house.

Can people smell cat when they walk in?

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littlebug5, relax - most people in the USA have pets, and homes are sold every day with pets. A clean litter box does not smell, and yes some people are allergic, but what can she do about that?

When we sold our condo we did not take our cats out when it was shown. They are clean and do not smell, and our condo sold quickly - it was neutral, decorated in a very uncluttered way, and priced right.

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I think soft gold or greige are universal neutrals, depending upon current colors in a home. White or cream are too safe and boring in most situations and do nothing for a room. Finding the right interior paint color to enhance this lovely home is critical. Buy a few well placed inexpensive accents for the younger buyer. Changing out dated light fixtures from Lowes or HD are also cheap fixes with a huge impact. Put a few plants for color by the front entrance. These suggestions are coming from someone who took these steps and had two great offers in two days. I also had an agent who had my house priced at exactly the right price point. Plus, it was good advice to leave the expensive updating, such as formica counters and dated appliances, for the new owners to remodel to their taste. Just my two cents from a happy seller's perspective.

This post was edited by Texasgal47 on Thu, May 23, 13 at 8:45

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As for the cats: No one has EVER smelled cats in my home. I clean their boxes daily and there are several in the home. I had a remodeller in my home on and off for the last several years. He never smelled cats and he is honest. One of the Realtors I interviewed before we placed our home on the market is allergic to cats. She was surprised to not develop any symptoms while in my kitchen at my table. And she was in my home for over an hour.. after walking through it. Now if she had sat on one of my couches she MAY have had an issue bc it is hard to keep all the cat hair cleaned up on upholstered furniture. But I try. My home is immaculate.....btw. I may not be a great cook but I clean like a demon! LOL and I will clean it on the way out the door after it is sold. My last sellers thanked me for how clean I left my last home.

Anyway, I tried to get pictures yesterday of the bathroom and the bedroom that are finished but my camera for some reason is not working correctly on focusing. So I took out the battery and will get my hubby to look at the settings and try again.

In the meantime, the duckie room just got finished and so is the downstairs 1/2 bath. Both were from the White Brochure from Benjamin Moore. The duckie BR will have a hint of yellow while the half bath will be a greyish white.

Our work people will be back on Monday to start in on the Dining Room and the Kitchen. I can't wait until they are finished. The house is so dusty now. I have all day tomorrow to clean up the last two rooms they just finished.

The bathroom looks clean and it is taking time for me to get used to the beige paint in there. The Muslin paint went on a bit golder than the paint sample, but I like it better everyday. My new valances came in and they look terrific. I don't care if I am repeating the diamonds. I even changed out the Bath towels to beige with an embossed diamond pattern at Marshall's ... I need to call around to the other local Marshalls try to find some hand towels to roll up near the tub and a few more washcloths. My local store only had one.

I am waiting for the new valances to come in .. should be here this afternoon.

In the meantime I had to trade out the blue shams in my bedroom for a neutral color and now have beige pillows in there, I put in a neutral beige mat in the master bath that matches the wall paint. I found a great looking toss pillow that is beige with a hint of green in it. It was on sale at Marshalls.

removed all items from above the sinks and after looking for just the right picture, I found one with a black frame that actually ties the room together that I already had. It has black, gold, burgundy and a touch of blue in the painting. I hung it over the tub. The other wall was too massively plain next to my toilet so I hung another picture there. Both seemed to help the room look more finished.

As for the wall-to-wall blue rug in the dressing area, I couldn't get my husband to go along with removing it. It is in very good shape, but we ALL know anyone who buys the home will remove a rug in the bathroom. And this one is in very good condition. So my husband was adamant he will not pay to replace or remove it and repair the wood flooring underneath (some just has plywood put there where the walls were moved). He doesn't want to lay out any more money. This is enough work after the Dining room and Kitchen are redone for us since we will be dropping our price when we are done to get more people in here to sell it fast.

So I will TRY to get some pictures up for you as soon as I can.

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Oh yeah. There was no way to get new blinds to mount inside the windows bc when we put in the new Andersons a couple years ago to replace old storms with old single panes, there is not enough room to mount any blinds inside.

I went to look after someone mentioned it and realized I would have had to remove those blinds from my daughter's bedroom (blue room) and our master bathroom if we had them originally mounted them on the inside of the window.

So I guess my outer faux pas was a lucky break!

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Just finished cleaning the house after the last of 2 of 6 rooms were finished. Here is a picture of our finished bathroom. I have some more that I will try to add, too.

The rug has to stay... fwiw.

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Here is another angle

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And one last one for ya. I have completely downplayed all the burgundy in the room.

And thanks to ALL those who helped We are pleased with our finished product.

This post was edited by zoe52 on Thu, May 30, 13 at 20:40

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Wow! It looks much better. I like the valances, too.

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Nice job. I hope the changes get you some lookers who turn into buyers, and soon!

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Our Realtor is coming over tomorrow to see the new rooms. And I hope to have the new pictures up on our listing soon. I may need to retake a few of them. I didn't like the lighting when I took them. I need to get the kitchen in the morning when it it brighter back there and the upstairs bedroom.

In the meantime here is our bedroom in the light sage green.

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And here is our Dining room without the wallpaper and new paint on the walls and below on the chair rail.

    Bookmark   May 30, 2013 at 8:49PM
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And one more picture of the Dining Room

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The paint makes all the difference in the world. It looks so big and new now. Did you paint the burgundy tile or change it to black on the tub or is it the lighting? Now that I've seen the bathroom from the other angle, I wouldn't worry about the carpet either. A room that big doesn't have the ick factor of carpet in the bathroom. It's more like carpet in the dressing room.

Your bedroom looks great too. So pretty and refreshing. Love what you've done.

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Didn't touch the tiles. It is the lighting I think that makes it look black. They are still burgundy diamonds. But I do have black zwizzles in the tile and black granite accents in the room.

And we ALWAYS considered the sink area a dressing area bc our closets are on the other wall across from the view in the pictures.

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Wow, those rooms look beautiful now. Definitely looks move in ready. Good luck on getting your house sold.

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Zoe, you've done a fantastic job on those rooms. The bathroom looks so much bigger. I think the diamond pattern in the valance ties in with the tub without looking overpowering. Love the paint colors you have used in all the rooms. Your rooms look staged to sell, clean and uncluttered. Fingers crossed for you.

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Looks so much better now. The arrangement of your vanities is very unique - and cool. And I love the word zwizzles. ;)

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It looks great, and your new photos should bring in some buyers! I still would prefer the bathroom windows without valances, but these are much more subtle. Good luck!

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Congrats, Zoe, it really looks fabulous. What a huge difference the paint makes. I also like the valances in the bathroom.

I wish you all the best in selling your home.

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Nice! Good job!

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Really impressed with all your changes. Looks fresh and in move-in condition. The light sage green in your bedroom is soft and soothing. Could you share color and brand info? Thanks.

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Amazing differences the paint without the wallpaper and changing the valences made! They look like different rooms updated and no longer considered dated. Please keep us updated if you get more traffic and if you get a buyer soon!

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WOW!! Looks so much better. Actually it looks like a different room and the blue carpet no longer stands out either.

I hope this pays off and you sell fast. You should update it on the Buying and selling homes forum too as I'm sure it could help other sellers to see the difference paint can make.

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The light green sage in the bedroom is Benjamin Moore 506 Silver Sage. I didn't like it when we first put it on the wall and thought it was too dark so I took it back and they added more white to it. So it was changed. The guy said that was as light as they could get it. But I liked it alot better. I suppose it would have still looked alright but it was a couple shades lighter than the original sage.

My Realtor came through and we gave him new pictures for the listing. We used our own camera since we have a special lens for taking pictures in rooms. We also dropped our price to get more people to look. All the new pictures and the updated price will be done on Monday.

Hopefully,we should sell now.

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Zoe52, I feel you should have no problems selling now as your house has nice big rooms, is now looking updated and neutral and will have a updated reduced price. Please keep us updated. I am glad we could give our input and you made changes that I feel really made a positive impact. Please share the new listing with us.

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Looks fantastic. Really fantastic. I was just wondering when we would get to see the new pics. Thank you for taking the time to share them. Best of luck with selling.

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Everything looks great! I hope you sell soon. How do you like the changes?

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Very nice! And it looks so clean!!

    Bookmark   May 31, 2013 at 6:45PM
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You did a wonderful job! The house looks very inviting.

    Bookmark   May 31, 2013 at 7:25PM
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cyn427 (zone 7)

Looks marvelous. Hope it sells fast! It certainly should.

    Bookmark   May 31, 2013 at 7:31PM
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Looks really amazing. Please keep us updated as the other rooms are transformed. This could be a great lesson on before/after through, mainly, paint.

    Bookmark   June 1, 2013 at 5:00PM
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Wow! What a difference! It looks so nice, and you should be attracting new buyers very soon. I really like your dining room--it looks so fresh!

Here's to a quick sale!

    Bookmark   June 1, 2013 at 10:11PM
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The bathroom looks much more livable now. The changes have made a huge difference.

    Bookmark   June 1, 2013 at 11:00PM
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Any updates? I noticed that the listing has still the old photos.

    Bookmark   June 20, 2013 at 6:26PM
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When I checked the listings just RealEstate.AOL had the old pics.

    Bookmark   June 20, 2013 at 7:01PM
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nosoccermom too, so I guess they'll update at one point???

    Bookmark   June 20, 2013 at 7:14PM
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I think I'd be pretty ticked at my realtor if he/she didn't up date pics for a month.

Nice changes the bathroom looks way more peaceful.

    Bookmark   June 20, 2013 at 7:38PM
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Maybe a new realtor is needed?! The house looks much better. Wishing you the best in a speedy sell.

    Bookmark   June 20, 2013 at 8:21PM
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Maybe a new realtor is needed?! The house looks much better. Wishing you the best in a speedy sell.

    Bookmark   June 20, 2013 at 8:22PM
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If the realtor was serious about selling the house and motivated, the new pictures would have been up immediately! Wishing you the best in finding a buyer real soon. Please keep us updated.

    Bookmark   June 20, 2013 at 10:11PM
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The listing has new photos of the new rooms and also the front of the home. I am surprised that the other sites have not picked up the photo changes but do have the price reflected correctly. We dropped our price 22k I would have thought they would have the new pictures by now. I am sure my Realtor doesn't update all the sites he told me that they will pick it up on their own. It has been two weeks since the new pictures went up, too.

Anyway my MLS listing is 201316269. If that helps.

After waiting a couple of weeks and two cancellations for showings we finally had some buyers come through this past Monday who loves the home but said it was their first day looking so they wanted to look around the area before making a final decision. Anyway I am hoping they come back with an offer in hand soon.

I am hoping that the Federal Reserve announcement that they will be raising rates in the near future will get people off their butts!

    Bookmark   June 20, 2013 at 10:18PM
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what a difference, thanks for the update and I do wish you the best of luck in this transaction.

    Bookmark   June 21, 2013 at 8:20AM
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Looks so great ! What a difference painting and stripping paper can do. We sold to the first buyer that walked thru and basically I read tips on internet of home staging . Moved clothes to spare closet upstairs so master closet wasn't crowded and hangers had room to move easily so everything looked spacious. Removed items from kitchen countertops to a minimum so you could see the granite counters better and make everything appear less cluttered or over decorated. Just pared down baskets to store things in. These were my emergency baskets incase I had a showing and need to stick things somewhere fast. Lucky we sold fast so didn't have to go thru that. Good luck with your home and hope it sells quickly for you!

    Bookmark   June 21, 2013 at 8:53AM
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