RECIPE: Meatball Meatloaf

cookingrvcAugust 26, 2009

Unfortunately my hormones are flying all over the place making it next to impossible to sleep - so I am making good use by posting some recipes.

The recipe is an old family favorite, but the 'meatloaf' application is new. I've made this a few times now and we quite enjoy it.

Last time I put a layer of mozzarella in it as someone suggested. Mom always did that with her regular meatloaf, adding American cheese in the center. I top it with a mixture of tomato sauce and brown sugar. Dh likes it but I could do without it.



Meatball Meatloaf

Note: This makes a very large meatloaf. Lots for leftovers!

3 lbs. Chopped meat

14 Slices white bread

1 1/4 C Grated romano cheese

3 Eggs, Add a 4th egg if mixture is

too dry

1/4 C Garlic Powder, or 3-4 cloves

garlic, minced

2 T Fresh-ground pepper

1/3 C Parsley - dry or fresh

8 oz. sliced mozzarella

1/2 C. Tomato sauce

1/4 C. Brown sugar

Grate bread leaving some pieces as large as a quarter (grate manually and allow some larger pieces).

Mix first 7 ingredients together (Chopped meat

thru Parsley) using hands.

On a silpat-lined baking sheet (or not) shape two thirds of the mixture into a rectangle with 2.5-inch sides. Leaving a 1" margin, layer the mozzarella. Add the remaining meat mixture over the mozzarella. Work the sides of the loaf to compact it.

Mix the tomato sauce and brown sugar and slather over top.

Bake at 350 for 1 hour.

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This looks good, Sue! I've never made a meatloaf with cheese in the middle, but its always been on my meatloaf "to do" list :) (And I'm with your DH, I'll put the tomato/sugar mixture on top)

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