Question for frame quilters

magothyrivergirlJuly 6, 2011

Do you use the Connecting Threads Egyptian cotton when quilting? Out of desperation over the weekend, I used it for the top thread and the Essentials Pro (lighter wgt - 70 poly) in the bobbin in a contrasting thread. It turned out beautifully, no breakage, good tension, but the lint and fuzz was huge.

I know it is not meant for the high speed, but I like the look.

If you don't use the CT - what cotton thread do you use?

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I use mostly the big spools of Coats & Clark cotton you can get at JoAnn's. I haven't tried the CT thread. I also have some Signature cotton that came with my machine. I like it a lot but haven't bought any since JoAnn's is pretty much my only local source for thread and they don't carry it.


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On my machine I can ONLY use Superior THreads-King Tut up top and their Bottom Line thread in the bobbin. It's the only combination that works without breakage & major headaches.

There is a lot of lint, but nothing a cleaning can't handle.

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I use both Connecting Threads and JoAnns Coats & Clarks thread on my voyager. I agree the CT is a little more linty, I clean out the bobbin area after each row is finished.

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I use both Connecting Threads and Coats & Clark thread. I clean the bobbin case with every bobbin change. My machine is not picky and have only had one spool of variegated thread that I could not use.
Linda OH

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Thanks for answering.

I quilt with a Pfaff - not picky at all on the thread. Makes me love the machine.
The Connecting Threads Egyptian Cotton is now available in large cones. The shops here do not stock large cones of thread and it has to be ordered. The perfect color was found in a spool of CT from a sampler pack I had.

I also used Warm & Natural unbleached batting for the first time. Mostly I use the bleached - Warm & White. The fluff & lint was much worse with the natural batting - so between the thread and the batting, I was cleaning the machine alot!

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I'm with Jennifer, King Tut and Bottomline for FMQ because my machine barfs if I try anything else. But, I do use CT thread for all my piecing and love it on the other machines.

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I frequently use CT's prewound Egyptian cotton in the bobbin, but I also use Superior's prewound polyester thread. Sometimes I use whatever thread I'm using on the top.

For top threads, I've used the Egyptian cotton, Superior's King Tut, Coates and Clark, Maderia rayon, Polysheen - whatever. Of course, one must use the correct needle with each, and adjust the tension.

I've never had a machine be temperamental about threads.

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I never have thread issues with my machine and for most of my life have just bought whatever was there and easily available. Usually that's been Coates and Clark. But through this forum I've tried branching out and have become addicted to Connecting Threads; mostly that's because of their luscious color sets.
The more I read about thread here, though, the more I get stressed about it! Maybe it's something I should worry about more and try other threads?

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Kate - if it works for you, why on earth would you need to change?!!

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Kate, I think it is important not to use old, old thread. I know some people do, but I don't want to take a chance. I also like to store my thread covered, partly to keep it from collecting dust. If your machine likes what you feed it, don't change. If you want to learn about thread, look at Superior's website.

Thanks for all who responded. The excessive lint and fuzz could also have been from the Warm & Natural batting. Usually I use the White, which is bleached. Definitely different, and more linty. I also had lots of lint and fraying from the fabric. So a very linty fuzzy time!

I haven't tried the King Tut yet or the new Omni. I am doing the binding now. I'll post a picture in a separate thread. I am very happy with the quilting!

Here is a link that might be useful: Superior Thread

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