How far should upper cabinets be from the window trim?

aries61April 10, 2011

Curious, trying to figure how far from the sink window trim should the cabinet start.Currently I have about an inch on one side and the other side butts up to the trim(looking to change cabinets). Not sure if I like the way it looks. What do others have? Do you like the way it looks? Pictures?

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Mine is about 3-4 inches. That way the color of the painted walls shows and provides contrast. The tile back splash goes right up to the trim and abuts it. I'm pleased with the way it looks.

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I've seen many beautiful kitchens on GW in which the cabinets butt directly against the trim. In others, there is a full six plus inches for a more "unfitted" look. (This is what I plan to do.) Do you want to see some paint or tile between your cabinet and window? I think that three inches is a nice compromise width to show a little "air" between the window and cabinet.

Three inches is probably what Christopher Peacock himself did in his own kitchen posted here:

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I would either have it touch or far enough away that it is reasonable to paint or apply backsplash material there if you wish. With a larger format tile design it may make sense to have six inches or more so you are not installing slivers.

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Mine are nine inches away on either side. I questioned if they should be closer, but I'm happy I didn't move them any closer. It keeps that area (my sink is under the window) open and airy. Check the kitchen update II for pictures.

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Since styles and personal preferences in window treatments vary over the years, you might want to consider clearance needs for various styles you wouldn't use today.

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I think it depends on the size of the wall and cabinets.
And of course what you like.

Here are some ideas...

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We have a 48" window (plus trim) and we had the cabinets butt right up to the trim. But in our case we only had 6-8" to work with on one side, so we chose to have wine racks (wood, same as cabinets) installed on both sides. I think it looks nice, and otherwise I think I would have felt it was a waste of space if we left it open. And the wine cabs are not as "solid" looking as a regular cabinet w/doors.

Since there's not too much room above the window (and we have a valance and crown moulding w/ the cabinets) we plan on putting the same tile up there as our backsplash.

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