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deedlesApril 23, 2013

Hey there. I see you are going with US Floors for your cork. I want to ask where you saw it or did you send for samples or what? I've searched their website and can't find a place to order samples. How do you think it compares to the Globus samples?

Dying to see your floor go in!


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Hi Deedles!

I couldn't figure out how to get samples either, though I did not call them. I used their site to find a local dealer and went to visit the display. It was one of those member only places, but lucky for me my contractor was on file. They would have let me take their board home for a day, but I couldn't bring it back on time and I had already done a ton of research so I just went for it.

The finish layer felt a little different than Globus, but I think they would both be fine. The USF doesn't require a poly coat to finish, but I want one to seal the seams anyway. Globus does require a coat, and I think once coated would be just as durable. I had a hard time scratching the Globus sample deep enough to reach the cork, and I think anything just in the wear layer would disappear if recoated.

I honestly picked by color, I liked them both. They are also both prebuttered, which is what I originally spec'd since I thought I was ordering Globus. My other option was AmCork, loved the Night sample, but consensus was it would be too dark with the dark cabinets. AmCork isn't prebuttered, so I'm glad I didn't have to see how much more the labor would have been!

I'm so excited, it should be ready for pick up in about a week! With USF you have to buy from an authorized dealer to have a warranty, but the price was not much more than online and a little less than Globus.

I have to open up the cartons when they arrive to let them acclimate, will post pics when it's here.

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