What are you doing to celebrate July 4th?

lindaoh_gwJuly 4, 2012

I cleaned the pool and then jumped in to cool off. Friends are coming this afternoon to swim. I hope to get some sewing in sometime today too. We are fortunate that we never lost power in the storm last Friday but some local friends are still without it. The temp is supposed to get up to 100 today.

Are you doing anything special today? If you aren't in the USA, are you sewing today?

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I am staying indoors and staying cool (almost 100 here)...and enjoying spending the day with my DH and my 90-year-old father, who is visiting with us.

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From Canada.
Still trying to finish the binding on Jacob's Ladder. Only inches to go. Then into the wash.

Hope you all have a wonderful 4th.

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I put chicken legs and think pork chops on the smoker this morning. Just took them off and ready to eat them. My cousin and a friend are coming over for lunch. I have been working on my mom's 1930's square quilt some this morning.


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It's a day off from the office and I'm spending the better part of the day at the sewing machine...taking advantage of some free time on the 4th.
Happy 4th to all!

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Just washed Jacob's Ladder with a colour catcher in the load. Should have used several. The dark green flannel backing ran and the very light beige on the top now has a tinge of green. Have to wait until it dries to see how upset I will be.
Ah well!

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It is too hot to do anything! We went out for lunch and plan to grill later in the day.

Most of my family loves the beach and we do not - so it's a quiet day. The weather channel is showing thunderstorms in the evening.

My plan is to finish the binding on my ponwheel quilt - only one side to go!

Happy 4th Everyone!!

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I agree, Rosa. Too hot to do anything! I went with DD Wendy to deliver Avon and stopped at the grocery store. The thermometer read 101*. I had planned on sewing today, but I don't think it will happen.....sitting in the quiet, a fan on me with my Kindle and laptop close by. Our fireworks and picnic potluck is Saturday.


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It's 99 right now in Minneapolis with a heat index of 105. Played nine holes of golf this morning, and almost died. Spent a couple hours out on our boat and in the lake, but the water temp is 87. It's hardly refreshing. Now I took my second shower of the day and I'm staying inside and doing some quilting. It's where I should have been all day.

Happy 4th, everyone.

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I'm busy struggling to be mature. It's 105 degrees. We haven't had any rain in five weeks. The town banned fireworks. Sniffle.

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Just got home from the railroad. We had the big BBQ to honor volunteers and gave train rides behind a steam engine. I didn't have to crew the train this time, just worked with food. Fed about 350 people with our commissary crew. Now I'm too pooped to sew but DH says he'll take me to dinner later if I can get out of my chair. Worked hard but good day overall. Wonderful group of people. Only about 85 degrees so we were truly blessed.

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Painting my spare bedroom! It took all morning to go to Lowe's and get supplies, move furniture, clean baseboards and tape everything off, so painting didn't start till after lunch.

I made BBQ beef for dinner - we had sandwiches, corn on the cob and Mac n cheese. Now I plan to relax for the evening!

Tool granny, the train stuff sounds like fun! I just finished reading "The Christmas Train" by David Baldacci. Great book!


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It was a day off work for me; I spent most of the day in the pool, read a bit, then went to a neighborhood party. It was a fun day but I didn't get to sew at all.

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I spent the morning making food for two cook-outs. One at noon when the temp was only mid-90's. Sat outside for 1 1/2 hours, came home cooled down and then went to the second party which was our block party. Since it was 101 I told DH, let's just go down eat a plate of food to be polite and then leave. So we didn't take our chairs. But we started talking and ended up standing around for about an hour.

Then I came home and started quilting. Created a template for my wallhanging...yes I do plan on finishing it some day. LOL Now that I won the Lotto the pressure is on to finish it so I can put together my Lotto blocks. I would love to have the wallhanging done by this weekend.

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Toolgranny, I want to know where in No. Ca can you get a train ride behind a steam engine?

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Theresa - you could try washing your quilt again w/ color catchers and use oxy-clean - I've had great results with that as long as something has air-dryed.

Patsy - LOL! There are still a lot of ways that I'm working to mature also!

I had a jammie morning and got the borders sewn on my rescued quilt top that I deconstructed then reconstructed. I then went out and did a love-it/hate-it chore - shopping for a new bra. Picked up vintage fabric at a thrift store, and started the quilting on a quilt that I have been procrastinating on for a couple months. All in all, it felt like a fairly productive day. We were lucky, we only got to 93 degrees.


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For Nanny98, there are quite a few train museum groups around Northern California that offer rides. We are one of the largest and are on the east side of San Francisco bay. I'll attach a link. If you tell me what area you are interested in, I'll be glad to point you to a train group near you.

I'm one of the few women brakemen on ours and we are probably the group with the most hands on women working, especially at our age. We have women engineers, firemen, track layers, and head diesel mechanic. We are treated well and work alongside veteran male railroad workers from many lines, some quite elderly. It's an all volunteer group with over 1000 members, about 350 who work on restoration and operations all year long.

If you're out this way, come see us.

Here is a link that might be useful: Niles Canyon Railroad

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Thanks Karlene for the advice. I tried that and I think that green is there to stay. It has been washed 3 times with colour catchers and they come out very green. I think I am ok with the "new" colour except that one fabric in the quilt had some pure white in it and that is still pure white, So only the beige took the colour. Lesson learned--Wash dark flannels many times before using.

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Tried to stay cool with no power, and no generator and temps pushing 100. Thank you for a spring, at least I had water.

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