Different granite on island than the rest of kitchen?

debinnhApril 22, 2010


Possibly due to falling in love with a single slab of verniz tropical granite that the stoneyard will not be getting more of, I may be considering using that slab for my island then doing someting different on the perimieter counters. If you have done this can you please post pictures? Did you try to compliment or contrast?



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Many people have done this and it can look wonderful, if it is done right. The stones need to compliment each other, not compete for attention. I googled the stone you are looking at and I can see why you would fall in love with it!! I'd get a really calm, consistent stone for the perimeter cabinets. I think Giallo Ornamental might look wonderful with that. It's very common and inexpensive but it looks just like the Verniz tropical, only without the rust colored waves in it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Verniz tropical

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That is beautiful granite.

We are in the process of building a house, well really renovating and adding on, and I am working with an interior designer. Since he is really good and has won numerous awards in our area, I figure I'll throw in what he told me.

I have seen a lot of pictures of kitchens with two stones that look good together that look good, but the designer with whom we are working is strongly advising me against it. Instead, he thinks that if I want two surfaces, I would be better off doing the other counter top in something like butcher block or stainless steel. He says if it ever works, you either need to go very simple with back splash or at least one of the stones or one of the granites needs to be pretty plain.

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I did it - b/c the granite on my island was way over budget. My perimeter granite is very plain- absolute black.. HTH

Best view I have of both granites

View of the island granite- typhoon bordeauz

View of the absolute black

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We've used two different granites, also (for the same reason as gillylily). Our island is Saturnia and the surrounding counters are India Black Pearl

Closeup of Saturnia (we had to do our kitchen in stages, so the saturnia went on first, in the background are still our old appliances and countertops)

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Thanks! I feel better already. I really love the slab I found (of course these photos don't do it justice):

I am thinking along the same lines as ccombs, giallo ornamental or maybe St Cecelia Classic. I also like the look of giallo fiorito:

I am hoping the stone guy won't be too busy on Sat and is willing to move the slab next to one or two of these others to see how they look together.

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Sue Brunette

Suzp-that Saturnia Granite is amazing.

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We put an incredible granite on our island and stainless steel on our wall countertops. Initially we were going to have all stainless countertops, but then we discovered how much it scratches. We're OK with scratching in the heavy duty work areas and know it will patina over time, but since our kitchen is very open & our island is the buffer between "public" and the more private work spaces, we opted for granite on the island to differentiate it and because it does not scratch. The stainless is a great neutral material & we can put hot pans on it without worry.

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I love Saturnia granite. It's so beautiful. It's a perfect
modular kitchen needs
. Black granite looks better for the kitchen.

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