Drainage Easement?

mswiggiJune 12, 2012

First time homebuyer here, we are looking to purchase a house and have the tax map.

I'm slightly confused there is a drainage easement around the property...what exactly does this mean? Is this easement in addition to our land or apart of out 2.926 acres?

Ours is lot 6

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The easement is on your lot.

I understand what a drainage easement is, and I would be a bit concerned about a property and neighborhood that required a drainage easement around the entire thing. I've seen drainage easements along one or two sides of property. I've never seen a property surrounded by this type of easement. It appears as if there is already a plan to build a ditch on the adjacent lot.

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The 2.926 Acres is your total lot area, including easements. Your easements double as building restriction lines (BRLs). All it means is you cannot build any permanent structure within 25 feet of any lot line. Whoever is in charge of building or maintaining drainage channels has the right to access that area and do grading. As big as your lots are, I doubt they are burying pipe, they are probably constructing open ditches. Usually after everything is graded and houses are built, you will never see anyone there again - unless of course somebody has drainage problems.

See the heavier solid line with 4 dots that runs along the front and between Lots 6 and 7? That line represents a drainage ditch to be built. They plan to built a 140' long ditch between the lots, which isn't that bad considering you have 578 feet. I wouldn't be nearly as concerned with that ditch as I would be the one that runs the full length of the front yard. If the lots are not built yet - I would want to know how deep and how wide this ditch will be - and how steep the slopes are. Of course the steeper the slope the more of a pain it will be to mow. And then you also want to ask how the ditch will be built. Will it be a mowable grass slope? Or will it be riprap (rock)?

I also see what looks like an existing stream (or ditch) on the rear corner of the lot and running across Lot 5. If this is truly a stream, there may be a flood plain boundary there. Which means you can't build within X feet of this line. Don't be too alarmed at the word "flood plain" - it does not neccessarily mean that it frequently floods. It appears the house will be around where the number 6 appears, so you'll be plenty far from the flood plain if there is one. It just might affect a where you can put a storage shed or detached garage is all.

I do not see where driveway, the well or the septic area is proposed. You will need to know these locations so you know how to site the house.

Sorry - I probably gave you way too much info! Whoever is selling this should have provided you with all this info! Good luck

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