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san_July 31, 2007

we just had a BIG change in plans and i need your help please!

we are leaving in a couple of days to head back to ny. before picking up dad and bringing him out to my visit with my sister, we will see my husband's oldest friend in the whole world--they've been buddies since they were 5! we usually do a lobster feed for them but they just moved and are renovating their new home. all that they have available to them for cooking is a microwave and have declined our usual offering. but, ny corn is just coming into season and ny can grow FABULOUS corn, so guess picking up some of that will be our "special treat" contribution. we have never nuked it but i've heard rumor that it's a very good way to cook it.

so--could you tell me exactly what's involved--husk it or wrap it in plastic wrap? cook it on high or by weight? for about how long? whatever you can tell me would be very much appreciated. TIA!

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I nuke it all the time....
My favorite way is in a "nuker" LOL! that is a huge microsafe covered hard plastic container. Holds maybe 6 ears of corn....and that's Iowa ears! LOL! I give it 1 1/2 minutes per ear in a 1500 watt oven. It'a almost impossible to say how long because every oven is different, ears are a different size and different temps when you start to cook them.
I also do them just wrapped in a very wet micro safe paper towel...or a cotton towel. Wrap each ear ( you could put several in a cloth towel) and lay them in the oven and nuke about 1 1/2 minutes per eat. I don't like them cooked in the husk....to me they get a "husk" flavor. Remember the more corn you put into the oven the longer it will take....but the less time per ear. One ear gets about 3 minutes....5 gets 8 to 10 minutes....not 15..
It will be yummy!
Linda C

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Today I work at a Farm stand and will be selling corn all day. We have a microwave there and I have myself an ear of corn for lunch every day. Sometimes at 10 am. Just place 1 ear in the microwave as is. Leave all the husk and silk on. 4 minutes for 1 and 6 for 2. Be careful when removing husk and silk. It will be very hot. Perfect every time.

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We always put unhusked ears in the microwave. We figure on 3 to 3 1/2 minutes per ear. It's the only way we cook them anymore.

Hope this helps.
Bob in Albany, N.Y.

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We silk and husk. Then we wrap loosly in wax paper. Nuke 5 minutes each ear. Wonderful!


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The length of time you cook something in the microwave depends on the power of the microwave. You can't go on just time...you have to consider the power.
At my son's I can dry out a potato, melt cheese all over the oven and burn bacon in the flash of an eye.
So test your corn until you figure it out....don't just go by time.
Linda C

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ah--that's the beauty of this forum! so much useful info in such a flash--i really appreciate it!

ted found our first of the season corn and brought it home last night. since he had 4 ears, we decided to test it shucked and unshucked. and since i rarely do more than heat water or defrost veggies in it, i had no idea what my timing should be. in any case, we stripped the first 2 and cooked for 6 minutes. they were slightly overdone for our taste. we left the other 2 in their husks and cooked them for 4 minutes. i was amazed at how easy it was to clean them and how the steam brightened the husks--quite pretty i thought! but the texture on them also seemed overly done but i was surprised that i honestly didn't taste any difference between the 2 batches. my conclusion at this time is that we didn't have great corn to begin with and i'll look forward to anyother experiment soon!

thanx very much for the suggestions--i am very glad to know i don't need to have a pot of water cooking away and that this will work just fine!

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If your microwave is a newer more powerful one, I would consider starting with 1 minute per ear and testing with a finger nail ...or the tip of a knife if anyone is watching! LOL!

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Years ago I read how to nuke corn in the newspaper. It said to strip them wrap each one in wax paper and cook a single corn for three minutes. I do each corn on it's own and they always turn out wonderful as long as the corn is fresh. Its the only way I do corn now. Hope this helps.


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thank you ALL very much! the corn season has begun and we have eaten it several times in the last week. as you pointed out, there are some real variations in microwaves and since we've been cooking at several different places, haven't gotten the times down "exactly" yet. but, the basic idea is working out just great! to date, we've decided to strip off any leaves that seem to be loose, to cut the tassel down pretty close to the tip of the ear and to simply sort of rinse off the cob and then cook as many as 4 ears at a time on high for 5 to 6 minutes. sometimes it takes a bit more time but that basic idea works and none of us can believe how EASY it makes it to clean the husks and silk before eating. thanx so very much!

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Hi there San, glad you've enjoyed the NY corn on your trip. We always do our corn on the cob in the microwave. Glad you joined the club!

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well debbie--we just had lunch. and man was it good AND easy! our little microwave on high for 3 minutes cooks 2 ears just perfectly! they were so good we cooked another 2. and i still can't get over how quickly you can then clean the corn--pass the butter and salt & pepper, please!

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