LOOKING for: German Pretzel recipe

tamara0605July 23, 2011

My grandma used to make a dessert that she called "pretzel". We assumed it was a German recipe from her childhood. It was similar to a large danish with raisin filling and powdered sugar frosting drizzled over the top. We would cut it into narrow, pie-shaped wedges to eat it. When I do an internet search for Pretzel recipes I just get all the traditional pretzel recipes(soft, snack mixes, chocolate dipped, etc.)but not the dessert I'm looking for. Anyone have any ideas?

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Both of my paternal grandmothers were from Germany and made wonderful dishes that had names that later I realized were spelled completely different than I thought they were saying. I do not remember a pastry as you describe but it sure sounds delicious. If all else fails try Googling German pastries, or German baked goods. Maybe you will trip across it or something very similar. That's how I found a potato dish my Grandma used to make. Good Luck!

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