RECIPE: canning zucchini

susan314July 9, 2009

I have an abundance of zucchini this year,and besides relish and freezing for bread,what else can I do with this stuff. I can't give it away,help!!!

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Slice it about 1/2" thick, dip it in beaten egg and then flour, salt and pepper and fry it.

Slice in thin slices and dehydrate. With a little salt, can be eaten like potato chips.

Cut into match sticks and freeze for tossing into soups and stews this winter.

Chop, not too fine and add other vegetables, some chicken and rice and you have stir-fry.

There are recipes out there for zucchini jam but so far I haven't tried any that weren't just "jello jam".

Eat it raw in salad. It's crunchy and very good!

Make a jello salad with chopped zucchini and carrot, like they did in the 1950's.

Shred or chop and slip into Breakfast Casserole (introduced by Bisquik), cook with ground beef till tender, then add spaghetti sauce and drained cooked spaghetti.

Just a few ideas. There are probably lots more.

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Make zucchini bread and freeze it. (Should be good for a couple of months. I do freeze it, then seal it in a vacuum bag. Be careful not to squash the bread).
I slice it, blanch it, let it dry a bit, then freeze it. Using a Food Saver vacuum sealer, I let it freeze first (squeezing out more water), then I seal it.
You can't "can" any form of summer squash.
You can can zucchini relish. See Harvest forum for recipes.

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You asked for canning recipes and I can't help you there but this is a recipe that is a favorite here when the zucchini starts to come in:
Zucchini Casserole
3c shredded zucchini
1c Bisquick
1/2c minced onion
1clove minced garlic
1/3c veg. oil
3 large eggs, beaten
1/2c Parmesan cheese
2T parsley, minced
1 tsp seasoned salt
1/2tsp oregano
dash pepper
Mix all ingredients...pour into a 9x13" sprayed baking dish
and bake until brown and set about 45 minutes at 350°.

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have you considered posting an ad on your local craigslist? to sell it? Lot's of people would love to get fresh grown veggies like that. Figure out what the stores are charging (the cheapest I've ever seen it is 99 cents a pound) so charge 75 cents a pound? there may also be a site for your area on

Or a stand at your house on the weekend, selling it?

OR maybe you can try giving it away on freecycle? again not sure if there is a representation in your area or not.

Last option might be a church or food bank?

I guess you can only make so much bread and relish like you said, but I"ve always heard it's not safe to can things like squash because they have such a low acid content, it can grow bacteria much more easily. botulism is not detectable! surely not worth the risk.

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This is the absolute best method for freezing zukes so they are really edible as a vegetable. Grate fresh cukes and saute very lightly. Cool and freeze in pt. freezer bags.

For fresh zukes--grate coarsely and saute very lightly with garlic in olive oil. Mix with unflavored yogurt and good freshly grated parmesan. Serve over a small amount of pasta--lot of sauce, just a little pasta. Delicious, and the very first thing I make when zukes come in.

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