ND Flood Update II

dlhealdquilterJuly 9, 2011

Good Morning Ladies

I had a couple of errands to run this morning and did a quick drive around. The water is receeding and you can see the distruction that has been caused. One thing that I didn't mention was that my husband and I went to a Red Cross Shelter on Thursday to make a donation and there was a volunteer there from Iowa. She told us that she has dealt with several natural disasters, but this is by far the worse she has ever experienced. Yes, I think that many people in Minot are frustrated that we were on the news for a short blurp and then nothing. They are questioning where are the celebrities that come out to help other areas and help generate disaster relief funds for the area. We haven't had any of that. We are doing fund raisers by our selves for our selves. Rocking Minot is the latest. Purchase a t-shirt for $10 and $6 and change goes into a fund to help purchase sheet rock for those that can't afford it.

Families are at their homes, as water levels permit, and the curbs are piling up. The one thing I did notice this morning was the smell. I'm originally from the north east and the smell is that of a New England coastal fishing town.

If you gals want to do something for the quilters of Minot, I will let you decide what you want to do. I will be more than happy to accept things and take to our guild meeting for distribution. You can send things to:

Lynn Heald

1718 Evergreen Ave SW

Minot ND 58701

I know that my fellow quilters will be appreciative of anything you may decide to do.


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I'd sure help re-build someone's stash. When this mess is cleaned up and they have a place to put it, can't we send fabric and supplies to quilters who lost theirs?

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I think helping them rebuild their stash would be a great idea. We could probably all do a little de-cluttering anyway:) And I doubt I'm alone in having duplicate notions of varying types. We could maybe send along some notions as well. Replacing either can get expensive as we well know.

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I think that's a great idea and I would like to participate! I had friends and family go through the Fargo and Grand Forks floods in ND and know how terrible this can be. Since Lynn seems willing to be the coordinator, maybe she can hold on to some of what we send until the quilters are ready for it.

Remember, you can send one of the post office's flat rate boxes for a reasonable rate and stuff it as full as you can get it!


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