RECIPE: No Reservations!

glenda_alJuly 28, 2007

Being as we all are here because we enjoy cooking!

No Reservations is a make you laugh, giggle, smile kind of movie.

I'm a Food Network, Hell's Kitchen, Top Chef fan, which make this movie so enjoyable.

Highly recommend seeing! Wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

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Thanks for movie review, Glenda. I'm planning to see this because I am a big fan of the original movie that No Reservations is based on, Mostly Martha, which is a German film with subtitles.

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Is that the one with Catherine Zeta Jones?

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Yes, Ginger, it stars CZJ. I'm kind of afraid to see it because I just adored Mostly Martha so much - I kind of don't want to ruin my memory. I was afraid that they would make No Reservations into too much of a funny, haha, kind of story and take away from the poignant story of the little girl -- but it seems to have gotten pretty good reviews. And Glenda concurs!

I still remember laughing so hard when Martha comes out of the kitchen in a rage in the restaurant and slaps down a raw steak on a complaining customer's plate! Lots of great kitchen scenes!

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And woodie, Katherine was great in that scene, as well as others. There was reference to Mostly Martha in the movie.

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Thanks, Glenda.

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