What should i put on this table?

rwhirleyMay 14, 2014

This picture was from the fall and I am not quite sure what to put on here. Im thinking a big silver decorative bowl. Any suggestions?

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I would combine a few items with staggered heights. If you do a decorative bowl, make it medium sized and add taller candles or a taller sculpture plus a couple books.

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Is there a group sitting around the table often, or is it just all for decoration? I would put a big glass bowl, and fill it with seasonal color. Glass looks like a 'theme' in that little sitting area so I'd stick with it.

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Sasafras...for the most part it is decoration but I wouldn't mind in the least if it was used. I think the accent color in the room behind it is more silver. I just stuck the glass up there as I have nothing else to put there at the moment. I will eventually blow up a picture of my children from my brothers wedding and put that on the mantle in the middle. I have 2 mantles and it makes it a little difficult to come up with ideas to decorate:)

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if you use flower with flower vase, that would good and match decorative for your table

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I wouldn't use anything high such as candlesticks or a flower arrangement, unless it's horizontal. There are times someone might need to reach over the table, and it's awkward when there are things in the way. A tray, your silver bowl(filled with something!), and a couple of coffee table books would be enough.

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I'm a sucker for trays. You can get trays in all shapes and colors and put a little grouping on them.

I have a low grouping so nothing will block the TV.

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I agree with tray, silver bowl and books/pretties. Lovely room!

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You could do something somewhat unique and put a bowl with water and then floating flowers, candles, whatever, and change what is in there to suit the season/holiday.

Here is an every day one:

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Here is one with cranberries, maybe for around Thanksgiving. Other ideas, rocks, shellsâ¦.

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Something to brighten up the space, colorful, spring like for now.

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What is that mold growing in the bowl (jujubean71's photo)? I'm not just being flip, but honestly curious. What is that, or what is it supposed to be pretending to be in there?

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It's decorative moss. I didn't post that photo to highlight the actual items but rather to illustrate a collection of items in staggered heights. The taller items could be a sculpure, candles, plant, floral, etc.

Here's another example (but without a tray) ...

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I wasn't criticizing the photo choice; it shows exactly the illustration point you meant it to. I really didn't understand that was supposed to be moss. To a designer it probably might look like moss; to someone that has been in the horticulture industry since 1980, it did not at all. Frankly, something growing on extremely old fridge food, much enlarged, was all I could think of. I was curious, since I was certain that was not the designer's intent. lol

PS And now that I think about it, I seem to recall that type of moss bowl fooling me at least once before, and I had to ask for clarification then, too. I need to learn to view interiors more with an artist's eye.

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A big silver bowl would look nice on that table instead of glass. And I mean BIG. Fill it with anything else instead of a candle arrangement. That fire is lovely and a candle is not necessary. Invite use at the table, put some little retro games in the silver bowl - marbles, cards, jacks, pick up stix...you get the idea ;)

I love that little fireplace and mantle.

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