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gmp3June 6, 2011

The realtor called with a showing for a realtor preview. I do the usual pre showing flurry of cleaning, straightening, making the shower door spotless, putting out clean towels, etc. Luckily my realtor told me it was fine to stay home during previews.

The realtor shows up and I recognize her, she lives a few streets over and she has her husband with her. I ask if she has a client or is looking at comps. She stammers and says "possible client". Possible client my butt. She wants to see the house. We are having an open house next weekend which is the appropriate time for the Lookie Lous.

This process is frustrating!

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If she is just an agent, call the broker and tell them how unhappy you are--but be ""nice"". After all she just might have someone who is really interested. I know, it leaves a sour taste in the mouth, when a professional acts like a child.
Even if she is looking at comps, or states something that I would like to see what you have--but to ''lie'' about it?

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I wouldn't mind if she was looking at comps, it is part of a realtor's legitimate business action, but she wouldn't need hubby for that would she?

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Or, maybe she's the possible client....

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Don't burn your bridges with a realtor while your home is listed. She has lots of contacts - other realtors and also buyers/sellers. She could easily badmouth your property/you if you T her off and you wouldn't even know it.

Just leave it alone, as much as you would like to rant to your agent.

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I dont know many husbands that want to go look at homes with their realtor wives unless there is a reason to see it. Sounds to me like she (and he) might be looking for themselves. (IE POSSIBLE CLIENT). Bite you tongue, leave it be. She could be your next offer.

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The more people, especially Realtors, who view your home, the better! You don't know when this agent will get a new client for whom your house is perfect. (if they don't already have such a client)

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I was very nice to her, and I don't think she has any "possible client", she looked a little weird when I asked her. She is probably mid 60s and my house is a big family type house, so I 100% don't think she's thinking of purchasing my home.

We live in a cluster of homes built by the same builder, so I think she wanted to see what I did with the house so she can gauge the value of her home, just like any nosy neighbor and their husband. However hopefully she was so wowed by the home she will call her friends.

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I'm surprised she didn't visit when your Realtor held your brokers' open house, which was expressly for this purpose....your Realtor did hold a brokers' open, yes?

Other realtor previews are usually with a specific buyer in mind.

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In over 25 years, I've had only one homeowner who instructed me not to allow a certain broker/neighbor to show or even to see her house;
there was bad feeling there from something the seller never shared with me...

Be very nice.

Whatever her reason for pre-viewing, this agent could sell your house for you.

I certainly wouldn't call her broker to fuss or tattle.

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Well, maybe her kids are looking for a house near mom and dad.

Besides, what do you care about nosy neighbors, you're moving, or hope to....

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I'd be nice to this person. Even if she is a realtor and is being nosy, she have a vested interest in her neighborhood. Probably wants to see how the place looks in case she runs into someone who would be a good fit for the area.

I'd be more concerned about making sure valuables are put away before allowing strangers in the house. Especially since you still live there.

A link that might be useful:

Open House Theft: Who Pays?

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Broker open houses don't go over in this neck of the woods. I asked my realtor about them and she said no one shows up. She is very aggressive so I am sure she'd do one if she thought it would work. She is having a regular open house this weekend and has done a great job with web presence, pictures, etc., presented at the realtor weekly meeting, etc.

I agree about not complaining, I didn't complain to anyone but this board.

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I would be ticked too! I always spent a couple of hours making sure that everything was pristine (and I just had a 2 br condo!) -- which I know is just a part of selling -- but, if you're right that she's just a looker, IMO, she should know better and have waited until the open house.

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We don't do realtor previews here, but I kind of wish they do because every realtor who has been through our house has loved it and pitched it to other clients. It's a pain to clean up, but it's always nice to have a clean house, right? Plus, I'd rather have my nice clean, newly listed house fresh in another realtor's mind.

About bringing her in Ohio, there have been two realtors murdered in the the last several months during a showing. Spouses coming along to showing and open houses is VERY common now.

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I'm an agent and I preview homes even when I don't have a buyer in mind. I preview partly to keep up with the areas where I work, my neighborhood included. It tells me so much more than photos on the internet can. Is the home priced well? Is it in good shape? (Poor? Excellent?) What special aspects does the home have that might appeal to one of my buyers?

To me, previewing is a part of my job. Both my sellers and my buyers benefit from the knowledge previewing gives me.

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We had a realtor "preview" that was very obviously fake and part of a Pi$$ing match between her and my agent. She spent 1.5 hours in the house, and I caught her opening furniture drawers. She then had the audacity to request 2 years worth of utility information and to see permits for additions. We had 4 REAL offers within 2 days of listing the house. My agent (who reports to the same manager) told her to pony up an offer or get lost. The offending agent does this to everyone in the neighborhood who doesn't list with her. It's gotten to the point where no one does list with her anymore.

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Holy moley, opening furniture drawers, that is completely inappropriate and it sounds like she was harassing you.

For the realtors, do you make it a practice to bring your spouse? We live in a suburban area with no crime and it was mid day. Also she had no listing sheet or anything to make notes. When our realtor gives us previews she has notes about condition, features, etc.

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There is no place that does not have crime. That is a naivete. No matter what her motives (and I'm sure they were selfish) that agent is just being smart and protecting herself. There have been many bulletins and industry articles about the buddy system.

We did have an agent who was murdered at a showing here, in a nearby small 'safe' suburban town not too long ago. The couple set up the showing, robbed her, killed her (possibly accidentally) and set fire to the house to cover it up.

From an article about her death: "While co-workers comforted each other after the murder, they also made some changes.

"You just don't up and run and do a showing at the last minute," a fellow agent says.

xxx is co-owner of the realty. He expects agents to operate under the buddy system permanently.

"A lot of the agents are having a family member, husband, go to open house or sit with them or go to the showings. We used to meet our clients at a home. Now we ask them to come to the office first," he says.

Most agents also carry pepper spray... a tough reminder of a new reality... without a dear friend."

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When I met my agent at a house, her husband was there. We live in the country where there is very little crime but I don't blame her. I thought it was very chivalrous for him to go along. She turned out to be the greatest agent.

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