RECIPE: thanx for the recommendation, gardenlad!

san_July 15, 2007

quite some time ago, i had asked if anyone had a cookbook based on vegetables that they liked and you thought marian morash's "victory garden cookbook" might be worthwhile. it just arrived yesterday so i haven't really gotten into it yet but i'm really impressed with what i've seen so far.

the chapters are laid out by the specific vegetable and begins with information on yield, storing and preserving, and how to treat leftovers. then she gives basic cooking instructions for each, such as steaming or baking or sauteeing...then she starts giving specific recipes for them and i'm really pretty excited that they don't look like the "same old, same old" and the chapter on parsnips looks particularly good to me--from vegetables stuffed with parsnip puree, parsnip-soffritto soup, parsnip and chicken casserole to parsnip-pecan cake! (we really like the sort of sweet and sort of peppery flavor of them and i'm just so happy to see such a range that i'd never considered!) anyway, i think this book is going to be just the sort of thing i was hoping for--thank you!

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Glad you like the book, San. But twern't me.

Although I have a shelf full of vegetarian cookbooks I've never seen that particular one. And, based on her appearances on The Victory Garden, I was never particularly impressed with her. I always figured the only reason she got that gig was because her husband produced the show.

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Not sure who recommended that book too you San, but it is one of my favourite Vegetable cookbooks. I've had mine since it came out around 1982. Lots of wonderful recipes that you will enjoy. Try the corn pudding.


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Like Ann, I too have this book since 1982. It's a great book and very informative. Some of my favorite recipes are:
Leek and Potato Soup
Cream of Spinach Soup
Aunt Pat's Summer Salad (love this one!)
Lynn Wilson's Squash Nut Bread
Old-Fashioned Squash Pie
Your post reminded me that I have this book and haven't looked at it in quite awhile. I hope you enjoy as much as I have.

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oh dear--i'm sorry i didn't remember who gave me that tip correctly...and i was not impressed with marion while watching the show either, gardenlad. but as i commented on the "next food network star" series on the cooking forum, that show has pointed out (at least to me) that it takes more than food knowledge to develop a fan base--i think your personality and panache are almost as important.

i'm very glad to hear that ann and debbie both really enjoyed the book--and i really appreciate the specific recommendations! there certainly are a ton of good-sounding recipes to choose from and i'm looking forward to start trying some out. thanx, guys!

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uh.... what book are we talking about?

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'Twas me, from across the sea!! I'm from New England but living temporarily in the Nederlands....glad you like the cookbook - I always did.


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oh lordie--i don't know how i could have POSSIBLY mixed you up with GL, seagrass! and glad you read this posting! thanx very much for the recommendation--i am very happy to have that book. best wishes to you and yours!

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