Don't EVER Do This!

ritaweedaJuly 15, 2012

I changed my foot from free-motion to the one for decorative stitches, set the stitch for an eyelet stitch, (thankfully I used the small test sandwich to try it out). Unfortunately, I forgot to raise the feed-dogs. Well, I thought I would never get that mess straightened out. The thread got into a huge, hard knot underneath the stitch plate. Finally I had to cut the sandwich off of the top of the jammed-in part, remove the foot, unscrew the stitch plate and cut the knot off. Don't ever do that.

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What I forget to do is change the foot from the 1/4 to a regular foot when doing anything zig-zaggy. Have broken more needles that way. You would think I would learn. "Old dog".

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Have done simular things with the same results---never a happy day--but unfortunately I let it happen again just the process of never learning I guess.

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Oh Rita!!! What a mess! Take the time to clean under the plate really, really well & change the needle.

I have a window on my machine that gives all the settings related to any given stitch - I pay close attention to the detail, and use it as a check list, even for the decorative stitches I use all the time (like the antique or blanket stitch). I just can't remember everything---like raising the feed dogs!!
Our new machines are not simple-and mine is less complicated than most.

Your example is a good reminder to always do a test on a sample!

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I don't use my decorative stitches enough to run into problems lol!!!

But my machine wants the top thread to be the same as the bobbin and I have had to cut out that jammed up mess with scissors before too.

I think it is wise to always use a test piece.

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BTDT!! And I usually have a few choice words I mutter while I clean up the mess.


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Truly frustrating!....especially the third time!! Using a machine for over 50 years (way over).....still learning!

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LOL...did the same as nannykins just last night...went to do zig zag w/ my 1/4 inch foot and snapped the sewing needle in spectacular fashion...The machines are so smart these days...I have expect it to yell at me before I press the foot pedal!

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It probably did you just didn't listen. lol

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