Weekend ?July 30-31

lindaoh_gwJuly 30, 2011

Are you quilting this weekend?

I took two days of vacation, Thurs. & Fri.. On Thursday I went to Shipshewana with two friends. We also stopped at Emmatown, an Amish fabric store.

I finished my fourth row of the mystery quilt on Friday. I'm not sure if I will do any more quilting this weekend.

Are you quilting this weekend?

Linda OH

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Just curious, do they sell any wool fabric anymore at these Amish stores? I wonder if they even use it nowadays.

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I didn't check for wool. I looked at the cotton quilting fabrics. They did have a row of plain double knit that the Amish use. There may have been wool too.
Yoder's Dept. store has very nice wool but again I was only looking at the quilting fabric.
Linda OH

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Hubby is officially on vacation for the week and we will be tearing up the old laminate floors and replacing them along with painting walls. Fun days ahead, I tell ya! All my fabric and yarn are boxed up and stored away for now. I do have my hand quilting out and handy to work on when I have a spare minute. My DD's 9th birthday is today too, so I'm baking cupcakes!


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I have to get a quilt done for my nephew!! He's heading to college on Aug. 19th and needs this to go with him.

Got the first step done, and need to put 4-patches together. Laid those out a bit ago, and it won't take long to sew. Then a 42 block layout is next.

Wish me luck!

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I'm finishing up a mystery quilt wall hanging from New Year's Day. At least it was New Year's 2011, which makes it a bit more recent than some of my WIP's!


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At 100+ it's too hot for us to do anything lol!!!!! I plan to cut up more jeans and stay inside.

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Lord only knows why my body popped to alertness this morning before 3am. I took advantage and did about 75% of a binding on a baby quilt. I also started a Buzz Lightyear art smock for GS #1 who will start Kindergarten in September.

By the time my husband woke up I had worked all day!

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DH ended up bringing home a ton of work this weekend and is stuck in front of his computer, so I have had some unexpected time to sew. I got the last three paper pieced blocks and the last two patchwork blocks done for the Tavern quilt! Woo Hoo, that finishes the top! Tomorrow I'll work on the backing if I have more time.


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We spent the morning out looking, looking, looking at bathroom stuff - tile, cabinets, etc. We had lunch at Firehouse Subs, spent a couple hours at Lowe's, then I took a nap as soon as we got home! LOL

I did cut a few border squares for his surprise quilt, but probably not much sewing is going to happen. Just not in the mood, plus I feel like another nap is coming on.

Kate, are you going to the guild meeting Monday?


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Went to the Hershey Pa quilt show on Friday and for once I did not spend all my dollars!
Today I am trying to get my sewing room in some sort of order. Sunday will freeze the beets, such fun!

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I completed a block for the Birthday Block Exchange and am working on a UFO quilt. I love the quilt - just so many UFOs here that it is hard to get to all of them!
I hear you about the temperature, Rosa. It was 99 here the last time that I looked and it seems like our humidity has been high lately, too. I think I will pick up something for dinner. Too hot to cook!

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Yesterday was DHs bday so we went to see Harry Potter & dinner out. Cleaned house & we're off to a wedding this evening. DS is a groomsman & his GF is in wedding too ... hope she doesn't put too much pressure on him! Tomorrow we pick up our exchange student (for 3-weeks) at the airport & have a bbq when we get back to the house with friends & neighbros. WHEW! Sounds much busier when you write it all down! Today I did make 2 potholders to put in with a wedding shower gift for Tuesday. That might be all the sewing I get done for a while!


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I got the last border sewn on my 9 Patch Pizzaz - yay! the top is officially done. Now for the backing.
Kate and I seem to be on the same track with our tops - each of us had our fabric for over a year before cutting & started cutting on the same day - each of us thinking how happy we were to have waited the year to begin. Different fabric - completely different pattern - we are not in cahoots (is that a word?) just a big - big coincidence!

Everyone is so busy - it is unbelievably hot here - dangerously hot!

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I'm with Rosa.....I even took a nap and slept for almost 3 hours.....DH wanted to know if I was ok. Just hot and feel icky....heat index was 107*.....when we went out, I almost had to swim to the van the air is so heavy.

I have 2 quilts ready for sandwiching but won't be happening this week-end. I'm thinking about getting some applique out to work on while I sit here with the fan on me.


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I was in the garden today for the first time since my knee replacement 10 weeks ago! Doc told me to give it 12 weeks, but I couldn't wait. The weeds have taken over, even though DH has tried to keep the garden trimmed around the driveway and front door. He's not a garden guy or really even a yard guy, so it doesn't come naturally for him and honestly he's not very good at it. I pruned a couple shrubs, pulled about 1000 feet of weedy cardinal vine and cut down some tree-sized thistles. I don't think I was out there for even an hour but the heat just about killed me! The knee feels good though so I'm pretty excited to think I'll be able to get back into doing some gardening on a regular basis this Fall when the weather is nicer.

Now I'm going to go clean the pool filter, then jump in for a quick swim and then.... spend the afternoon working on my quilt!

What a great weekend!!! (and I even got to see the new Harry Potter movie in 3D last night!)

[Donna: I don't think I will be going to the guild meeting although I do need to get back into going. Maybe next month...]

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