faux 'glass mosaic' vinyl tile for backsplash

sonepiApril 29, 2009

I was watching an episode of Hidden Potential a week ago and they were doing a redesign of kitchen on a budget. They used this "glass mosaic" vinyl peel and stick tile for the backsplash instead of the real thing. In the computer rendition it looked fantastic and was like a 3 or 4 color random glass tile installation - peel and stick. My sister has a laminate backsplash that goes up the walls to the bottom of the cabinets and she is looking for a low cost alternative. It looked great on the show, but I can't seem to find it. Even went to the Hidden Potential website, but could not find the show listed.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I saw that too. Could it have been on Spice Up My Kitchen?

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Could you post a link for us? I'd love to see it. Thanks

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Real glass mosaic is so much cheaper now, that I wouldnt bother with a fake-look-a-like. You can real glass tiles for $5 per sq ft on craigslist/ebay.

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I'm not sure if this is what you saw, but Smart Tiles has a mosaic peel-n-stick product.

You can order them from Home Depot. As Pharaoh alludes, you can get real glass tile for less money. On the other hand, if you're not handy or don't want to install real tile yourself, peel-n-stick does save you traditional tile installation costs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Smart Tiles from Home Depot

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Hi Mom2reese, I think this is exactly what I saw on Hidden Potential. I clicked on your link and the Maya tile looks exactly like the one on the show. My sister's rental house is in a low income area, so real glass tiles would be an overdo for the area.

Pharaoh, good idea about ebay and craigslist. I didn't know the price had dropped so much. I'll definitely look into it for myself. Thanks everyone for the help.

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I've been checking ebay and most of the 12x12 sheets of glass mosaic tile is running about $14/sq foot. I found the faux tile. Its called Smart Tile Mosaic on the Home Depot website. It's $8/sq foot, but the convenience factor of peel and stick is tempting. I think I will go to HD to look at it in person. It's hard to get the full impact without seeing it in person. I just thought it would be less expensive than $8/sq foot. I may have to try my hand at doing regular 6x6 tile. They come in pretty designs now.

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Wow, I'll have to check these out, but our backspash is only about 18.5 square feet, so the glass mosaics are not going to run that much,and I'm not afraid to tile.

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You can get them at Home Depot, Smart Tiles or just put peel and stick tiles into search engine, also stick and go have a good range. They can all be purchased online. Good Luck, as I too am just in the process of choosing a colour/design before completing the same task.

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