New On-line Fabric Source?

K8OrlandoJuly 2, 2012

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with this web seller and have never used them!

Maybe some of you already know about this one but I just stumbled across it today. It's called Discount Sewing Supply. Have you used them? Are the fabrics OK?

I was looking for patriotic fabric for the QOV when I found their jelly rolls. I love some of the unusual and pretty color combinations, like the purple/yellow or pink/green or brown/teal/turquoise. Their jellies are only 20 strips instead of 40, with the expected reduction in price, so you wouldn't get stuck with a bunch of left over strips you can't use.

If you've ordered from them, please share information and let us know if it's worth a try!



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I haven't dealt with them before, but I did just deal with for the first time this past week, and had a great experience!

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Have never seen this site before.

I've discovered that most JR strips are basically $1.00 a strip. Do the math.....I don't know that it's ever 'worth' it, but sometimes I cannot resist. @:)


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At $16.99 they are about $12.22 per yard.
The advantage is the variety of fabrics, no waste,and time.
Disadvantage is limited choice of patterns that they are used in and with added postage they are a little expensive.
I have never ordered from them but the fabric choices seem pleasant and useful. Tempting but would like to beable to have the same fabrics in different size pkgs.

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I just noticed that has a lot of their $10-$12 fabric on sale for $4-$5 per yard.

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Thanks Lois! I like Blue Bamboo!

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OMW!!!! Of course they'd wait til I left town to do that!!! I'm going to check for JR's. heh heh heh

Here is a link that might be useful: close to where Lois lives!

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