New Rights for Texas Homeowners (HOA Communities)

sylviatexas1June 14, 2012

from my Texas Association of Realtors Newsletter

Nearly 20% of Texans live in neighborhoods that have homeowners associations

HOAs can no longer prevent homeowners from:

Installing a solar-energy device on the property.

Installing & using rain-harvesting devices.

Displaying certain religious items on the entry of the property.

Installing roof shingles that are wind and/or hail resistant, energy efficient, or solar generating.

Flying the U.S., Texas, or a branch of the U.S. armed forces flag.

Each of these rights apply to condos as well.

It's important to note that a homeowners association may place some parameters on these rights.

The reason these rights have been *granted* is that HOAs have denied them;

be sure to check HOA rules & history (does the HOA have a history of taking homeowners to court for minor infractions? etc) before you buy.

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moving on.

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Thanks, Sylvia. I'm surprised some HOAs don't require homeowners TO FLY the Texas flag. :)

Susan (in Texas)

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Fori is not pleased

Haha Susan! :P

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The FCC got into the game a long time ago over TV antennas, satellite dishes, and even ham radio antennas.

More than one HOA has found themselves on the receiving end of a Federal lawsuit.

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