Where does your stand mixer and food processor live?

purrusApril 5, 2013

I am going to leave both of mine on the counter, I think. They are both much-loved appliances and I hate the thought of taking up cabinet space with them when I use them constantly. What does everyone else do?

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Seems like a logical place if you use them all the time. KA mixer is on the counter now but will likely be housed in pantry for somewhat easy access after remodel. I use it only a few times a month. Our food processor is seldom used so it will also be housed in pantry (or maybe above the fridge).

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Our KA mixer and bread machine live on the counter. We don't have room for the mixer in our cabinets and it's too heavy to carry back and forth from the pantry when we want to use it which may be a few times a month but varies a lot. The bread machine is used at least once a week.

(Actually, we have a second bread machine that we keep in the pantry and bring out once a week - they are pretty light and my husband uses the pair to make challah for my son's family and us in parallel. But having on stay out is nice for other bread making during the week.)

Our food processor is kept under the prep sink. It is usually used on the island and I wouldn't want to leave it out there. The prep sink cabinet has nice room for it and the accessories are in an island cabinet around the corner from that.

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Hand mixer and processor are in the pantry cabinet on a ROTS with my other appliances. Now if I ever get a brightly colored stand mixer, that will go on my counter!

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I keep the mixer on the bottom roll-out shelf of the pantry. Before the remodel, we had a stub wall at the end of the kitchen and a space before the patio door. We put the trash compactor there and the mixer sat on top of it with a cover over to keep it clean. We got rid of the stub wall and now the pantry occupies that space. I like it in the pantry better even though I need to lift it from the bottom shelf. I'm not decrepit yet, so this works.

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Ours currently lives on the top shelf of the bakers rack, so I really don't use it. The mixer is too heavy for me to risk taking it down much. I had a small cabinet next to the oven in the remodel that was too small for a garbage can, and I have tray storage already, so I'm getting a mixer lift! Not much else to do with that 15 inches, so I'm hoping I will actually use the mixer now. We have a pasta maker attachment we want to break out, and it's next to the oven so I might actually make cookies!

Won't know how it works out for another 7 weeks or so, but I can report back.

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Holly- Kay

Our remodel will include a mixer base. I only use my stand mixer a plain white Kitchen Aid 3 or 4 times a year. I sure hate taking up precious cabinet space with it and if it was a pretty colored model I would be tempted to keep it out. I bought the food processor about six months ago to make homemade butter (that never happened) so my food processor will be tucked away in a high cabinet until I get serious about making butter, then I will put it in my appliance garage.

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holly-kay -- it's not too late to start making butter! Would love to learn how!

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I tried desperately to find some way to conceal my KA stand mixer, without success. Mine is a commercial unit so it's too heavy to move back and forth from anywhere. It lives on the counter in the corner at my baking zone next to my espresso machine. Both of my food processors are stored in the corner susan under the stand mixer. I tried to have bare counters and the FPs store well in a cab, but the stand mixer and espresso machines HAD to sit on the counter.

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How do you guy not use your FP all the time? They are so handy, I'm always using mine.

Nevertheless, I'll be keeping my FP in a corner lazy susan under my prep counter and the stand mixer will probably be in a tall pantry type cabinet but at counter height so I don't have to do more than grab it and transfer it to the open counter.

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I hate appliances on the counters so my KA mixer is in an appliance garage with my toaster oven that we use all the time. The garage is on the end of a peninsula and I can just slide them out and use in place when needed. Very handy.
I got rid of my large Cuisinart food processor and replaced it with a smaller one and that's kept in a cabinet.

Now I'm thinking about our remodel, possibly swapping the kitchen with the dining room. That would give me a bigger kitchen, but I'd probably lose the capability to have a garage with space infront to slide out the appliances and that's a deal breaker. So still on the drawing board.

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I purchased an appliance lift for my Kitchen aide and had my cabinet maker nephew build a cabinet for it.One of my first wonderful ideas that came from the GW website.
It was the only cabinet that did not get moved in the remodel.
Can't wait to bring it back up to its home this weekend.
I never have owned a Food Processor.

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We have an appliance garage for the blender/mixer combo and a couple of other appliances. The FP goes in what we thought might be difficult shelves on the other 12" of our 36" wide island, but they are great. That is where the food processor(s) live.

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Our FP and KA stand mixer are both also in our pantry on a reinforced ROS. It was one of the things I was diligent about overseeing as I had a back injury ~5 months previous to the remodel. I knew I didn't want them living on the counter, so I mocked up exactly how high I wanted them so I could easily lift them out to place them on the adjacent counter. Both DH and I are PT's so it's something we were a little anal about.

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I don't use my stand mixer a lot, but it is heavy to move and looks nice, so it will probably still live on the perimeter counter in the new kitchen. I put a 36" wide, 2-door cabinet with heavy duty ROTs on the island (next to my prep sink cabinet) to store the FP, Vitamix, waffle maker, Crock Pot and other small appliances near the most likely point of use.

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I plucked a KA mixer on CL a few months ago
I have room for it in the pantry - but use it to cover one of the few outlets in our kitchen.
I never mastered FPs so mine is in a drawer - someday I will master along with my fancy slicer mandolin

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

My tilt-top KA mixer is on the baking counter, in its own 11x20 open cubby. The extra beaters hang from cup hooks behind it.

I don't use a FP often--it's in a lower cabinet.

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I do not have a butler pantry or enough space for many drawers so I have my toastmaster toaster, Osterizer chrome blender, KA mixer, Le Creuset 6.75qt. pot, and Toastmaster 2D2 chrome waffle iron on the counter.
Now where will mr. vitamix go if he comes over ?

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Our KA stand mixer lives on the counter in the pantry.

The FP lives in a lower corner cabinet.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

EATREALFOOD, move the Kitchenaid about eight feet up and put mr.vitamix on the counter with his friends.


Here is a link that might be useful: second pic

This post was edited by mama_goose on Fri, Apr 5, 13 at 19:52

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mama goose, that link you provided...unbelievable...

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Mama--KA needs to stay at eye level to compel me to make pizza dough and Greek biscuits regularly.:) I love the pink KA shown on the shelf.
I also love that link you posted...

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KA mixer lives on the counter. I like having it on the counter, cause baking is my thing :) It's black so it doesn't stick out. The FP and all other small appliances are stored in the Super susan. Before the reno, all appliance were down in the basement. I had to go up and down ever single time I needed something, KA included! Having this Super susan has changed our lives.

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KA and FP currently live on the counter. And I HATE it. I don't want them out. Even though the KA head locks to move it, I always worry when I move it that it's going to come loose and I'm going to drop it. I've never had it happen...but in the back of my mind, I always imagine it doing that. So, I'm giving up a cabinet to put in the appliance lift for it. Don't have it yet, but I imagine it to make me quite happy not needing to worry about my feet getting squashed by an unruly KA! haha

FP stays out also. Just because there's no place for it to be put away in the current kitchen. You all would recoil in horror seeing the "functionality" and mess of the current kitchen. But, it will get a new home in a concealed appliance area.

Our goal is clean, clear countertops, so appliances won't be sitting out.

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OK I've never owned a stand mixer or a food processer. But I still love kitchens and have really good knives...
I really do want to know how to make butter with a food processer.
New kitchen will have a dish pantry for serveware and small appliances and a appliance garage for the mixer I hope someone buys me for Christmas.

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My stand mixer, Breville juicer, blender all live in a big deep drawer right below the counter where they are used. In the old kitchen I had everything out and didn't like the clutter. So in the new kitchen I made sure I had a place for everything except the espresso machine-- which is used several times every day - and the convection/toaster oven,off the counter. Much happier this way. Having clear counters and lots of workspace was a major objective for me when we did the remodel as it is not a terribly large kitchen.

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Mama Goose. Great eye. I doubt I would have spotted that mixer perched so HIGH on that open shelf since there is so much other visual clutter and it's a somewhat unexpected locale....to say the least. No form or function happening on that wall. Ridiculous.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

I dredged up a picture for the thread about cookbook storage, so I'll post it here, too. When I installed these vintage cabinets, I realized that there would be just enough room for the KA between the corbel and wall. The bottom shelf lines up with a shelf inside the cabinet, and happens to be just the right height to accommodate the tilt-top.

As for visual clutter - hanging my head in shame. ;)

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What a cute cubbie! Not too much on your counter and your flours are in easy reach.

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Not at all Mama!!
Nothing like some of the pictures in the thread you posted. Love how your mixer has a little home of it's own and it's not in the stratosphere!

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I just used this photo on the cookbook thread and I can use it here, too. My FP and KA stand mixer live on the counter in the pantry. I love them there as I never have to lift and move them, I just use them right there.

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Mixer is on counter, in a display type place, b/c I love it. Food processor is in cabinet just below.

The pooch snuck into this one:

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Madeline616, that is a gorgeous kitchen, mixer and pooch.

mama-goose, I love your glass-cabinet storage! That's not cluttery at all.

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Madeline616 !!
LOVE your kitchen & sweet baby!
who made your cabinets & BS? tried to find your kitchen but couldnt locate any! :(


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Thanks very much, gofigure!

I live near New Orleans. A local craftsman, who's really old school & meticulous, did cabs, counters and b-splash.

I haven't posted finished pics yet, b/c there's a window I want to have rebuilt first.

Many of my ideas were thanks to this forum!

My sweet baby is a therapy dog :-) We volunteer in all types environments with elderly, mentally challenged, hearing/visually impaired, and people rehabbing from events like strokes, etc. He spreads a lot of joy--I'm so proud of him :-)

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Holly- Kay

Andrea I have the same fear and also worry about pinching my finger if it accidentally came unlocked so I am having an appliance lift in my mixer base.

ppbenn, I bought a food processor for making butter but after I bought it I couldn't remember exactly what to do. I can't remember if I saw it on Pinterest or if it was on one of my chicken forums or blogs but hope to get serious about finding that recipe soon. I just wish I weren't so intimidated by that dang thing!

Madeline your mixer looks beautiful on the counter. I love the color of it. I want to buy the apple green model for my dd when she gets settled into her new home. I love your satndard poodle, what a beauty!

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Oh, thank you all! I really do like my stuff. Did you notice how many KA mixers were in the pics on the cookbook thread?

Lol, today I've had two KAs on the counter - mine and my daughter's. I gave her my 30yr old mixer, but somehow it hasn't made it to her place yet. I took them apart (partially) to clean out accumulated flour and grunge. I bought the newer one used, so neither is under warranty - not sure if taking the back cover off would void the warranty.

Spic n span:

Here is a link that might be useful: Where do you keep your cookbooks?

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Holly - I'm so glad to hear that someone else shares my "fears". We have bits and pieces already for our cabinets and one of the things already here is our appliance lift. We wound up deciding on the Knape & Vogt one even though it more expensive than the Rev-a-Shelf because the K&V has a gas cylinder assist, so I'm hoping it will be a smoother, easier lift than the RaS one. Which one have you decided on?

Madeline - what a sweet Standard Poodle. Don't see nearly as many of them as we should.

Now off to go see my cookbook post - apparently there's some cross referencing going on there. :)

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Mt mixer lives on the counter next to my ovens -- in my baking zone. The FP is in the upper cabinet above with the mixing bowls, measuring cups, extracts, etc. The flour and sugar, spices, chocolates, chips, dried fruit etc. are in the drawers below.

This post was edited by lascatx on Sat, Apr 6, 13 at 22:47

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Thanks, holly-kay and Andrea.

Holly-kay, a stand mixer in a fun color like lime green would be such a great gift for your DD! She'll have ti for years, and it'll be extra special b/c it was a gift from her mom.

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My FP(rarely used) and my KA live in the only base cabinet I have in the kitchen. There is not one of those little short shelves down there to block it from sliding to the back. They fit perfectly in there.

Madeline616, your picture makes me miss my Poodles. We have had a total of 7, at one time we had 4 in the house!!


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Yes, they're a great breed, springroz!! We have 2 and are tempted to get a 3rd.

Hopefully you'll have another in the future :)

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Like most of the previous posters, my KA mixer (Christmas present just this past Xmas), is on the counter, handy to my baking drawers and counter. I have had a hand mixer for 35+ years, so it's a real treat to finally have a stand mixer. My FP is close by in the Lazy Susan. Along with the Bread Maker. They rarely get used.

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Would you work in an office where you had to haul your computer and telephone out of a cabinet every morning and stash it every night just for appearance's sake?

I worked for a long time in laboratories ... everything had its place, and the place for equipment that was used daily was on the counter. I do the same for my kitchens.

Frequently used things live on the counters for my convenience. So will heavy things like the mixer and the flour and rice jars, for the sake of my back. Smaller stuff, used less often, can go in cabinets close to their point of use.

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Holly- Kay

Andrea, my KD has it figured in our price of the kichen so I don't know which model he is using. I will ask him. I am going to research them and ask him to upgrade if he is including the rev a shelf one.

I agree about the mixer for dd Madeline. I bought the candy apple red one for my other dd one year for her birthday. I know the items that I treasure the most are things my mom either bought for me or passed down to me. I miss her dearly!

mamagoose, I love your kitchen! You must enjoy being in a room so lovely. The bead board painted in the beautiful green shade really is stunning. I love how beautifully you meshed elegance with coziness!

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beachlily z9a

In my recently replaced kitchen, the Hobart and the food processor set on a large butcherblock stand. The good thing about this is that the butcherblock is a door stop for the fridge. With the kitchen update, the microwave goes to the bottom of the stand, the large food processor is stashed in a cabinet and the bread machine will be on the top along with the mixer. Have to keep the stuff out that is really used!

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Holly - from the KDs I talked with, all of them were figuring the Rev-a-shelf, so I wouldn't be surprised if yours is too. Most of them didn't even seem aware that K&V made one, let alone that it had the gas cylinder. I haven't used the Knape & Vogt one, so I honestly don't know how much of a difference there is between the two...I'm just going by other things that I've had the gas assist cylinder available for in life and those worked more smoothly. I'd hate to steer you toward something that I have no first hand experience with...so, definitely look into it more. I didn't find a lot of info out there on the K&V. I did wind up buying mine online through Home Depot, but I didn't see it at the stores (when it arrived, it was shipped directly from K&V, I think) - it seemed that they had the best price that I was finding on it overall. Still more expensive than the R-a-S one though.

Here's the HD link: http://www.homedepot.com/p/t/203303465?catalogId=10053&langId=-1&keyword=knape+vogt+appliance&storeId=10051&N=5yc1v&R=203303465#.UWGPBVejslU

And here it is from Kitchensource: http://www.kitchensource.com/cau/kv-hal-1.htm#body_page_header

As near as I can tell, the R-a-S one has a pull-bar type mechanism that runs under the board where the mixer rests and the K&V one has the "buttons" to release built in along the sides of the mechanism - they are the two darker grey things you see at the bottom front of the mechanism. Mine's sitting in my basement just waiting...I wish that there was an easy way to test it.

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I just have to say that I'm ashamed of my terrible grammar in the title of this post. I know it should read where DO your stand mixer and food processor live... at first I was only going to ask about the mixer. LOL. I just didn't want everyone to think I didn't realize my error especially now that this thread is getting so long!

great responses everyone. I'm going to keep mine out as well, and I need to double check with my KD that the addition of lights and valances beneath the cabinets won't keep my KA professional mixer from living underneath them in comfort since I am NOT planning storage space for it in the cabinets. (Like many of you said, it's just too heavy for me to lift when I use it, and if I stored it I wouldn't use it as much for that reason.)

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Oh, dang it. Now I think I need a standard poodle. (I have goldendoodles because of DH, but grew up with standards.... love them!)

My mixer lives in a cabinet with a mixer lift; however, I would leave it on the counter if I used it more than once every couple months.

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Holly- Kay

Andrea, thanks for the info and no problem. The bane of my existence is the fact that I have to research everything to death. I wouldn't be surprised if my KD doesn't know about the manufacturer that you referenced, but he really has been wonderful when I make change requests. I know I am a PITA but this a once and done. I know I will still make mistakes and bad choices but at least they will be well informed choices that may end up as mistakes!

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Yes, holly-kay, I too have such a sentimental attachment to the kitchen gadgets, bowls, and equipment passed down from my mom and grandmother.

Makes me want to start a thread where we can share out sentimental kitchen things.

Lolauren--you definitely do need a standard poodle!! We've seriously considered labradoodles, but I'm afraid I'll turn out to be allergic and that would be heartbreaking.

Feel free to email me if you'd like any more standard poodle info :)

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