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grams33July 17, 2007

Sometime ago there was a post on here asking for recipes for chocolate syrup/sauce/ice cream topping and some one sent a recipe of her Grandma's that was called Grandma's Goop. It had marshmallows and a can of hershey's syrup for two of the ingredients. It was delish and I can't find the recipe. My Grandson's were here and said it is the best they have eaten. Please can anyone help me find this recipe? I have no idea who gave it, but it was about a year ago.

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New to this forum but I have a sauce I make for s'more sundaes that might be close. The amounts are approximate since I do it by feel most of the time.

6-8 large chocolate bars (not the huge ones)
1 to 1.5 C Milk

On low heat carefully melt chocolate in sauce pan

On med-low heat slowly add milk stirring constantly until the texture is smooth and slightly runnier than you'd use for chocolate sauce.

Add chopped (or torn up) marshmallows 3 or 4 at a time stirring until melted and incorporated into chocolate.

After about 4 additions of marshmallows use a cold plate test (plop some of the sauce on a plate you've chilled in the fridge) to check thickness of sauce. (Careful not to scorch the sauce that's on the burner while you're testing.)

Continue adding marshamallows 2 or 3 at a time and testing after each addition until you reach the desired consistancy.

I serve it on vanilla or chocolate ice cream topped with crushed graham crackers. It's also really good on strawberry ice cream.

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Oh, I hope that someone still has this recipe because I would love to make this for the grandkids for our homemade ice cream. I think that it will finish off the experience just perfectly.
I spent a long while using the search function to try and locate the recipe. I tried all of the terms that I could think of to search for, all with no luck.
If anyone still has this recipe, will you please share it with us?
Thank you so much!

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