Forest service quilt

grammypJuly 2, 2014

We spent last week at my mom's so Tim could take the grands one at a time on an overnight canoe trip. Didn't have my machine but I took the strip twist blocks for the forest service quilt to work on. I got most of them cut apart and trimmed. Here are some of them laid out to test the pattern. This is about 1/3 of them. I still have to make the applique block with the names of the wilderness areas to go in the middle. I sent them a picture and they are pleased with it.


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Very nice, Beverly! Is that Bonnie Hunter's strip twist pattern?


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Beverly, I really like that pattern, especially with all greens. I think it is a great way to use scraps of one or two colors. Looks like that one will go on my "to-do" list.

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Putting it on my to-do list, too. First you got me started on depression block quilts and now this. I don't need books - I can just check to see what you've made lately.

Nice job. It would look great in any color palette.

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Loving all that green. Good job.

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Thanks for the kind comments. I did forget to thank all my wonderful friends for donating their green strips and thread for my project. The Mary (at the forest service) couldn't believe I haven't spent any money yet.

Yes, Donna, it is Bonnie Hunter's strip twist pattern. The picture they brought me to see was black and white strips in a diamond pattern. It would have been way harder than I wanted to figure out, but they are happy with this one.

Linda and Lois, I do what I can to keep everyone busy.


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Looks great!!

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Turned out great! They will love it. You are so generous.

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Lookin' good usual. And, as usual, you're doing a good job of keeping everyone else busy, too. lol

I have a list of Bonnie's free quilt patterns and marking them off as I go. I don't always like the colors or the scrappiness not being controlled, but I'm working my way through them and making them my way. I have completed or made the tops to 9 of them and have 3 or 4 as WIP.


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Very nice Bev...i really like that pattern.
I wasn't able to send any strips this was and still is not in my stash. Need to fix that!

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Really nice, it's gonna be great! Wonderful contrast, graphic quality, not to mention some of my favorite colors. Just terrific, look forward to seeing it when done.

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I think it looks really cool! Happy 4th of July!

Best to you,

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