FREE scraps....any takers?

teresa_nc7July 26, 2011

Due to the state of my sewing room (and the rest of my house), I've decided to re-home some of my scraps and fabrics that I know I won't use. I will pack up three boxes of scraps to the first 3 forum members who email me with their mailing address.

Know that these boxes will be a mix of all kinds of scraps and fabric pieces including: homespun plaids, children's prints, small calico prints, batiks, stripes, holiday, and other categories.

I will pay the postage and you don't pay me a thing! Go to My Page by my forum name to send me an email thru the GW.


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Teresa, that's a great offer! You may also want to think about those North Dakota quilters we've been reading about who lost all their stash in the recent floods. I've got a box ready to go for them, just waiting on the address to mail them to.


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Teresa - you've got mail (I hope - I have trouble with GW)
You are so kind!

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You've got mail!

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I'm not asking for your scraps (although I was tempted!) but I want to tell you how much I appreciate you and the other members here who give so much to make this forum feel like a group of friends. It is so generous of you to offer to send your scraps to other members. I received a box of scraps from Beverly when I first joined this forum and it made me feel so welcome. In addition to the monetary value of the fabric that you are sending, it is such a kind gesture. I like to associate with people who do nice things for each other.

On the note of thanking people, I also want to thank the members here who take the time to look at the posts and respond to the problems that others are having. Giving your time and your knowledge and your constructively worded critiques has made me a better quilter.

So Teresa, thank you for making me smile today. Thank you for being so generous with your time and your scraps.


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Thank you all for your kind words. At this time I have my volunteers to adopt my scraps. I will offer again in the future once I send this batch off.


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