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K8OrlandoJuly 28, 2014

Have you used Insul-Bright and, if you have, what did you use it for?

Insul-Bright looks like batting and sews the same, but it's also an insulating material. Great for pot holders, lining curtains on sunny windows, or any place you want to reflect heat or cold. I've read that crafty campers like to make liners for the bottom of tents and sleeping bags.

I like to use it in place of regular batting on table runners so you always have a place to put that hot casserole. The company recommends using an extra layer of cotton batting on potholders to avoid burns but even with one layer of Insul-Bright it works if you are using a heavier fabric like Sunbrella for the pot holder.

NOTE: It contains mylar with a metal coating so you CAN NOT use it in a microwave! It would be sparky!

For table runners I put the thicker batting side down and the shiny metallic side up. Heat is reflected up so hot dishes retain heat better and the batting protects the table. Connecting Threads runs sales on all their batting from time to time and this one is included when they do.

I haven't done it yet, but I'm thinking of making simple blankets for the dog and cat beds - Sunbrella or other outdoor canvas material for the outside and Insul-Bright on the inside. Easy to clean and nice for old arthritic animals who could use a little extra warmth.


Here is a link that might be useful: Insul-Bright

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I've heard of this, but have never used it.

when I've done pot holders (for me) and have just used multiple layers of scrap batting. I've found this to be satisfactory.

I do like the idea of using it in table runners and maybe place mats. May have to remember this when the time comes...

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I have used it for potholders and like your idea of using it for table runners or hot pads, too.


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I've used it for a few hot pads. I find it too stiff and thick for my liking. I'm afraid taller things like glasses will topple over.


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I use it in potholders and really like it. I have never tried it in any other application, but it sounds like some good ideas!


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ooo....I've wanted to know about this stuff!! Love reading all the responses.....Christmas is coming and runners are great gifts....pot holders, too....esp for hostess gifts...

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This post makes me feel guilty...I have some to make pot holders...had it for about a year now....still sitting in bag staring at me :>:

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Donna, you might want to check it out again. The stuff I just bought is very thin and light, not stiff at all.


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I used Insul-Bright with cotton batting to make pot holders. Kate thanks for sharing that you use it for table runners - I had not thought of doing that before and am in the process of making some table runners (still in the cutting fabric stage of this project).

Best to you and thanks bunches,

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I'll have to check...maybe what I have isn't Insul Bright. :)

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Just ordered a couple of packages....had an order pending on Amazon. Not sure if I got a great price or not, but it rounded the order to no shipping fees! This way, I'll have it on hand when the spirit moves to make those Christmas table runners!

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FlamingO in AR

I used some to make a travel holder for mini iron and also one for my Clover iron stick thing. Also, a small ironing pad for when I'm at my mother's but have some time to work on something while she naps.... I like sewing with it, it's stiff and holds a nice shape. Also used some in potholders along with a cotton batting.

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Those are really cute. I love the colors. I've just been working on quilting a quilt for my son in the same colors.

I guess I'd better break out the yard of insulbright I got over a year ago and put it to work.

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Turns out mine is Insul Bright...it's not as thick as I remembered, so I must have used multiple layers. It does crinkle, though. :)


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I made an ironing pad/carry case for my travel iron. I had it at the retreat last year and will bring it again this year. I love it and it works wonderfully :-)


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