Mirror in front of window or to side? Duplicate bathroom forum

onelady1dog2girlsMay 10, 2012

Hello, everyone. We have a new picture window that is in front of our vanity in our remodeled master bathroom. I love it, as it creates an outdoor sanctuary for my husband and I to enjoy as we enter the bathroom. I originally planned on a contemporary 16 x 36' mirror hung by a bar into the ceiling joists with pendants flanking the left and right...loosely (very loosely please excuse the angled mock up, it was just to give you an idea) seen here:

However, I didn't anticipate loving the window as much as I do. So, I investigated a second option involving the pendants only flanking the outside of the window. The mirrors would by 15 x 23 and swing out from the walls...again loosely depicted here:

I could really argue both ways. The first is somewhat more conventional, but obviously is obstructing the view somewhat. The other does not obstruct the view, but you have a bit more 'fussiness' in swiveling the mirror out of the wall to you.

What do you think?? I'll put a link to the mirrors below. Any thoughts appreciated.....

Here is a link that might be useful: swivel mirror

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Fori is not pleased

Swivel mirrors. You can't put in a glorious window like that and stick something in front of it. It's just wrong! :)

I bet you find it's not much trouble and you don't even bother swiveling them most of the time. Plus you can use them to see the back of your head!

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I might compromise and put one in the middle between the sinks (and maybe a very small swivel mirror on the wall next to each sink).

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I agree with fori, swivel! Blocking that view would be a sin :)

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I love the swivel mirror idea.

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Love the swivel mirror idea, would not do any pendants at all - or if you do, maybe ones above the height of the window?

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Wow, I have never seen anyone put a window in behind a vanity and that is absolutely gorgeous. Swivel mirrors for sure. They are a brilliant idea.

I wouldn't think pendants would give you the kind of lighting people usually want over their vanity.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Such a lovely view!

I'm concerned with how the swivel would work...If it lays flat against the wall until you use it, the way it would swing may be out to far to be both near the sink and at a comfortable viewing distance from the mirror.

I wonder if there isn't a way to mount a mirror at the bottom of the sill so when you stand at the sink and look down, you see your full face, but when you look up, it's low enough to enjoy the view. It would have to be on a tilt.

I think I would then mount sconces to the side walls and use a single pendant in the middle...something made out of glass or crystal as to not interfere with the view....unless there was also a cool way to mount a light or a lamp to the middle of the sill or the backsplash.

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Check out the link below of bathrooms where this has been done.

If you decided to go with swing-out mirrors on the side walls, look for a mirror that allows you to move it in different directions. For ex: http://www.amazon.com/CRL-Brushed-Nickel-Pivot-N-View-Mirror/dp/B001TALUS6

Here is a link that might be useful: mirror in front

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Definitely swivel. In our bathroom, I almost exclusively use the mirror on the inside of my med cabinet door, which would seem awkward , but it works great for seeing up close. Definitely worth it for the view!

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I like the idea of wall sconces and a center crystal pendant -- But whatever you do with the lighting, would swivel mirrors interfere with it?

While a small mirror would certainly work for tooth-brushing, shaving and face-washing, you do need a larger mirror nearby that's large enough to check out your whole head... Is there another spot nearby?

Fabulous window! And I can't wait to see what you decide --

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I would put nothing in front of that window. That view is gorgeous!

I agree to not do the pendants (a single pendant will give you uneven lighting, two pendants won't give the right kind of lighting...)..... and do the swivel mirrors.

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I love the idea to have the swivel mirrors. Maybe you could put a sconce on each of the side walls (depending upon where the mirrors would sit when they are against the wall Hard to tell if they would be too high above the mirrors there) and couple of recessed lights above the center on the ceiling (where the electrical is now) Just a thought.

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I think I wouLd go with this type on each side wall, linked below and then if I had the room have a full length mirror in another area of bathroom or the master bedroom.

Here is a link that might be useful: Look here

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I just want to thank all of you for your insights and suggestions. It looks like hands down we will be using the swivel mirror set up. I can't wait until this purgatory known as remodeling is over soon!!

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