marble counters right for you? depends on your personality type

feisty68April 28, 2014

Myers-Briggs fans may find this hilarious:

Living with Marble Countertops, a cautionary tale

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I will throw my INTJ opinion and say... I ain't cleaning that. :-)

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Byzantine, I'm INTJ too - nice to know I'm not alone. I'd get marble if it worked from a design standpoint. Love the stuff, as should you if you are truly Byzantine :)

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Another INTJ who has decided against marble. I could live with etching, but stains would bug me every time I saw them. We are going for soapstone. :)

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This INTJ wanted marble and got soapstone. I love my soapstone!

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Fori is not pleased

I picked my marble on its stain resistance. Does it etch? Sure, but you can't stain it. This is just a good reminder to all, test ANYthing you plan on using as a countertop. The name on the stone means nothing!

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This is great! As an ESFJ, I have to agree with her! I really enjoy the marble counter in my bathroom, but have noticed how easily it discolors and etches. I know there's no way I would be okay with that in my kitchen! (Of course, this didn't stop me from admiring and stopping to pet the gorgeous slabs at the slab yard last week.)

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What is it with all the INTJ's? That's me too, and looking at the close-ups on the blog was enough to kill any desire I have ever had for marble countertops!

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I'm INFP, and I know I could live with the patina...but I have to consider future buyers. Sigh. How dull.

I married an INTJ so I consider myself an expert on that fascinating type ;)

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I love Marble but I think I am an INTJ also and the staining will bother me. Thanks for sharing.

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OK, so all you INTJs with soapstone: How are you dealing with it? I know that staining, etching, chipping would make me stop cooking or drinking wine or basically doing anything that could mess up my counters.

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Well I don't have soapstone in a kitchen yet. I do have it in my master bathroom with zero damage in about 8 months of use so far.

I have had butcher block before and used it to cut on. I was totally fine with the patina from cutting. But the food coloring I spilled while making cookies and couldn't sand out (too deep) bothered me somewhat.

My research is that soapstone doesn't stain or etch. It can chip or scratch. Scratches can be oiled or, if deep, sanded out. Given that I was fine with butcher block (and am fine with a wide variety of antiques and vintage furniture pieces with patina of varying kinds), I feel confident that I will be fine with the scratches and any chips on soapstone.

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INTJ here and i love my marble!

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