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magothyrivergirlJuly 31, 2011

An easy ~ silly question today :)

When is the last time you replaced your seam ripper and why?

Do you have so many it's not a big deal to locate one?

I replaced mine last Thursday. I picked a new one up for $1.99 a few weeks ago when I visited the Pfaff dealer a few weeks ago - forgot about it - it was still in my purse. My old one was cracked and really old. It is very, very old -years since I got a new one, says Japan & SKC on the metal part.

I needed to rip out some stitching on a block I sewed wrong, my quilt was layed out on a different floor & I remembered the new seam ripper in my purse. I did not realize seam rippers are sharp! Wow! Like why did I wait so long?????In dressmaking, when you rip out, you run that sharp little blade between the seams and slice/rip all those little stitches very fast - I could do that again! I can't believe how sharp this baby is~LOL

I don't collect seam rippers, I have one I use primarily, one that came with my machine that I do not like & I can think of one other seam ripper that is too large to be controlled easily somewhere in a drawer.

So, when is the last time you treated yourself to a new seam ripper?

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I've used lots of different kinds but my favorite is a scalpel I got from work. It was in a kit--the doc needed the other stuff in the kit but not the scalpel and I thought, "I wonder . . . "

Had it for years and it's still razor sharp. I am VERY careful using it to avoid ripped fabric and blood stains.

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I recently bought a new one because it was on sale and had the big rounded handle that ergonomically designed tools have. It was purely an impulse buy, but it's been a delight to use. I think I still have every one I've ever owned over 30 years of sewing! Don't know why I can't throw one out when it gets dull.


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Can't remember when. My newest came with my latest sewing machine a couple of years ago. Use different things but the ripper is always next to my sewing macine. My favoite tool. I also have some scalples, very sharp. Have one with a curved blade that is handy sometimes. Like my fine pointed siccors at times. Even use the rotory cutter like E Burns sometimes for long seams. I couldn't sew without my rippers.

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I have quite a few seam rippers.....apparently I unknowingly collect them to make sure there's always one at hand. @:)


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I got a new one last year when the arthritis in my hands was acting up. It's green (can't remember the brand) and is ergonomically shaped. It's comfortable to use and I was surprised how much sharper a point it had, making it faster work (as if ripping out can EVER be considered fast!).

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I buy them 2 or 3 at a time, and keep one by the sewing machine, one on the ironing board, and one by the longarm.

Yes, they get dull, and I replace them about yearly. About $7.00/year is worth it. Dull tools slip - and you don't want to poke a big hole in your fabric!

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Somehow I lose them. The one that came with my Janome is OK. My method is to use embroidery scissors and clip the threads then use an embroidery needle in the middle and pull out the section of thread. Using a ripper and then having to pull out all of those little threads on both sides drives me crazy. I haven't tried the mustache trimmer method.

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Fortunately mine aren't used enough to dull yet but I gather more each time I see one at a garage sale in a box of thread or something. I stick them next to every machine, in each sewing box, in each travel box and next to my chairs. I hate stopping to go find one. Wonderful tools to have around. I'd make more mistakes if I didn't have one.

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Oh my gosh.......here I come crawling out from under my rock again. I had no clue they were even supposed to be sharp, just like I had no clue that dealie on the left of my sewing machine head was actually a thread cutter. LOL I've been sewing all my life, practically.

Needless to say my seam ripper has to be almost antique as it never occured to me it would ever need to be replaced. I figured it performed its function simply by being pointed and able to lift up a thread and I just relied on the thread breaking when I pulled hard enough. (groaning)

I inherited another little seam cutter from my mother's sewing notions when she passed away and keep it handy in my machine drawer. I wondered why it poked me when I reached in to grab it. It was actually sharp. It's my mother's fault, obviously, for not educating me on this tool. ;-)

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After reading this, I guess I will be buying a new seam ripper, too! LOL

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What is so funny to me - about me - is I am quick to change needles, rotary blades, razor blades in tools, so not to replace my trusty seam ripper is odd. It has teeth marks where my greyhound tried to chew it, and she has been gone almost 10 years.
DH saw me dumping out my purse to find the new seam ripper and he said - you bought another one of those??? Don't you have one? lol
Yeah, my response was - how many electrical testers do you have????? (He is not an electrician.)

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MRG - ask him how often he changes his razor blade. Dragging razor on face or legs ... ouchie! Even if he uses an electric, those blades don't last forever either, LOL.

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I have many, many!! Like others, when I want one I want it now, right here. Most are dull,...so old. Then many are ok., because when I have coupons, and don't find fabric that I want, I buy a ripper.

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Didn't someone on here name their seam ripper 'Harold'?


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